LSPL Chapter 4 – Is it Over? Or is Something New about to Begin?

Author’s Note: Peeps, we are finally at the fourth part of the Quadruple Update and the fourth chapter of LSPL. I figured since there were two “fours”, that the one without anything next yet should be the fourth of four. No, this has nothing to do with the underlying theme of the number four in LGDK, I figured I’d finish dishing out the remaining three parts of “The History of Lost Justice” first. Anywho, please enjoy?

LSPL Chapter 4 – Is it Over? Or is Something New about to Begin?

Ugh… why does this always happen? I had just woke up, and my arm was almost asleep. Why you ask? Simple, a certain little sister from my past life. She was in my bed and cuddled against me. This isn’t the first time in the five months that I’ve been training her, but I wish she wouldn’t do this. I mean… it’s out of control! And my patience is running thinner than paper now.

Chloe told me about it, Miyuki sleep walks. But back at the palace… she just roamed around the castle halls in her sleep. Ever since I moved into the mansion… she’s always somehow ended up in my bed. The first few times the Princess called me a foolish pervert. So as an experiment, I went back to Evergreen Village and slept the night at the inn. Somehow… she found my room in her sleep and I woke up there in this situation. She was embarrassed to have to walk back in her pajamas and a cloak, but there was no way to call Chloe and the Princess to have clothes sent over as phones don’t exist in this world. The last experiment was putting a whole bunch of locks on my door. The next morning… all the locks were broken and she was in my bed. The three of us were dumbfounded and Miyuki didn’t know what was going on. I personally thought her “big brother” radar might be locked on me or something?

Eventually, Chloe came to my room to help me out. She lifted up Miyuki enough for me to get my arm free. As my left arm was a little numb, I went to the water pump and filled a bucket with my right. Chloe knew what I was up to and tried to talk me out of it.

“Niko… isn’t this going a little too far?” (Chloe)

“So you want me to get her out of my bed without pouring a bucket of water on her face, correct?”

“Well… nothing too ostentatious.” (Chloe)

“Fine, but I’m still gonna be rough.”

I went back to my room and yanked off the blanket. I will admit that she looked slightly seductive, but she was still my little sister in my mind. She wasn’t getting up, but she mumbled in her sleep.

“Onii-chan…” (Miyuki)

“That’s it, no more mister nice guy.”

I grabbed her foot and yanked her out of the bed. It was hard to not laugh at the shock she received.

“Niko! What did you do that for!?” (Miyuki)

“Because I promised Chloe that I wouldn’t use cold water.”

“Wait… I did it again, didn’t I?” (Miyuki)

“As this is my room… what do you think?”

“I’m sorry.” (Miyuki)

“Whatever, just go back to your room and get dressed. Time for the morning jog.”

“Yes, sir.” (Miyuki)

She then left, thus allowing me to get dressed. I only slept in a sleeveless shirt and my underwear, so this was always embarrassing for me. Thus why the Princess always called me a pervert when she caught Miyuki in my bed. But not long after I got dressed, Miyuki returned. Apparently when she came to this world, she was holding the bag she kept her gym clothes in as well as her school bag. No, there’s no bloomers. Just sweats and running shoes.

“So, ya ready?”

“Yes, sir.” (Miyuki)

During lessons, she called me by “sir” and the Princess by her title. The rule is that while we’re teaching her… we’re her teachers, not her friends. And the jogging route was the usual, all the way to Evergreen Village, circle it once, and then back to the mansion. I was always sure to bring separate canteens due to the fact of indirect kisses. As I couldn’t tell the Princess that it was the reason, I said it was so we didn’t fight over the other drinking all the water. I need to keep the fact that I’m a reincarnated person a secret after all.

When we got back, we both had worked up a sweat. Chloe was sure to have the bath ready and Miyuki went first. Well… she joins the Princess for her morning baths with Chloe. My turn was always after them. I normally only bathed every other day, but the Princess demanded that I do it daily as she didn’t want to smell my sweat. I just sat in the drawing room reading a book until my turn so I wouldn’t be accused of peeking. As soon as the girls were dressed and out, I got up.

“I am surprised that you’re not foolish enough to peek, fool.” (Ana)

“Not really, I just don’t wanna hear you call me a pervert. It would be too annoying.”

“You… fool!” (Ana)

The other usual morning routine, me making the Princess mad. And as usual, Chloe would tell me that breakfast would be ready after my bath. I just took scrubbed myself fast and soaked a little to rinse myself before getting dressed again.

“To believe… Chloe wakes up every morning to fill this thing and heat it?”

I couldn’t even hold that in, that girl is amazing.

Breakfast consisted of ham and eggs, which wasn’t bad. But I was getting tired of ham. I am just grateful that there’s other smoked meats that come in with the supplies. After breakfast, the Princess declared a meeting.

All right, I’m sure that you’re all curious on why I called this meeting.” (Ana)

“Not really. I’m just here so you won’t yell at me later.”

“Fool… do you always have to say something like that?” (Ana)

“It depends on the mood.”

Miyuki ended up snickering while Chloe was trying to calm things down. After a bit, the Princess continued.

“Now before I was rudely interrupted by a certain fool, here’s why I gathered all of you here. A messenger arrived yesterday about Miyuki’s training. My father the king has read the results that we had been sending him and he thinks it’s time.” (Ana)


“You heard me fool, it’s time for Miyuki’s journey to begin.” (Ana)

To be honest… I didn’t even have a rebuttal or a retort for that. Miyuki has came a long way from when she started five months ago. Between the magic lessons from the Princess, my training in ki and mana control, and even lessons in swordsmanship from Chloe… I’d say she could take care of herself now. I’ve taught her everything I know with the exception of my custom Bullet Number Twos. She’s learned the regular version, but I wanted to at least keep something exclusive to Punching Wizards. Overall… I’d say she’s ready.

“As much as I hate agreeing with you Princess, you’re right.”

“But… this is wrong!” (Miyuki)

Both me and the Princess were caught off-guard by that outburst.

“What’s wrong?” (Ana)

“Even if the king says I’m ready, I still haven’t had a graduation yet.” (Miyuki)

“Wait, is that what this is all about?”

That girl… she’s must have watched too much anime or something.

“Well yeah. I mean, how can I be ready without the recognition of my teachers?” (Miyuki)

“Miyuki, we all recognize your talents.” (Ana)

“Why else do you think I said that I agreed with the Princess?”

“But… without some kind of graduation ritual or something, it feels wrong.” (Miyuki)

“In that case… why don’t we come up with graduation rituals?” (Chloe)

Chloe… bad timing.

“Sure, why not? I mean if it will help the hero, I do not see a reason why we shouldn’t.” (Ana)

Dammit… I’m not prepared for this. But it’s better to go with the flow.

“Just give us a few hours and we’ll prepare them for ya.”

“Thank you, everyone.” (Miyuki)

Now great… I gotta come up with a test that isn’t too obvious on the fact that I want to get rid of her. Both Chloe and the Princess already seem like they’re coming up with them. Wait… that might work? Yeah… time to be a jerk.

An hour later, the graduation rituals began. For the Princess’, it was to cast a barrier that could withhold her strongest spells for each element one after the other. I could tell that she wasn’t going all out, but Miyuki couldn’t as she was happy about passing. For Chloe, it was a duel of disarmament. That one was harder than the Princess’, but Miyuki passed it. It was finally my turn.

“All right, today is the day to see if you have what it’s takes. Are you ready?”

“Sir, yes sir.” (Miyuki)

“I can’t hear you!”

“SIR, YES SIR!” (Miyuki)

Damn… she didn’t need to yell it.

“For my test, you’re gonna have to use everything that I’ve taught ya. I will not accept failure. Do I make myself clear?”

“Sir, yes sir!” (Miyuki)

“Good. Now for your test, you must impress me with an outstanding attack.”

“What, sir?” (Miyuki)

“You heard me, brat. You must use an attack that will impress me. If I’m impressed, you’re no longer a brat.”

I still called her that as a ruse to make her work harder. But… why is she looking confident?

“Then watch this.” (Miyuki)

She then aimed her sword at a boulder. I could see her manipulate her ki… but why is she mixing mana into it into her sword. Oh don’t tell me…

“Air Slasher!” (Miyuki)

I couldn’t believe it, she slashed with her sword and a blade of wind came out and cut deeply into the boulder. Even Chloe and the Princess were impressed.

“Impressive enough?” (Miyuki)

“What the hell?”

“I remembered your custom Bullet attacks from when you saved us from the Gore Grizzly. You said that you found a way to launch your Ice Bullet. So I kept working on doing the same with my sword until I was able to do it. But that attack was inspired by the Gore Grizzly’s wind sword.” (Miyuki)

I just couldn’t believe it… she mastered my move without me teaching her. All I could do was put my hand on her shoulder.

“Miyuki, you pass. Congratulations, you’ve finally graduated from brat.”

She about cried before hugging me. This… was embarrassing, and it’s not because she was my little sister in my past life.

“Okay… you can stop now…”

“It’s just… I’ve had fun these past five months. I just wish the four of us could continue on.” (Miyuki)

“Well… I had fun too. But I don’t wish that.”

“What?” (Miyuki)

She finally let go… thank goodness.

“You heard me. It’s true that I had fun, but there’s a point in time for all of us to grow up.”

“Fool…” (Ana)

What now!?

“Yes, Princess?”

“You’re a jerk!” (Ana)

It finally happened, she slapped me.


“Miyuki is not the only one feeling this pain right now.” (Ana)

I could see the tears that were going down her face. The same with Chloe. Just… what is with these girls!?

“Well sorry if I can’t really read the mood.”

“Is that all you can say, fool!?” (Ana)

She tried to slap me again, but I stopped her arm.

“Look, I’m not the brightest light bulb in the package. But I do know that the job’s over. We all knew this day would come, Princess.”

She looked at me for a moment after I had let go of her wrist.

“Fool… what’s a light bulb?” (Ana)

Oh crap, I did it again! After all this time trying to be careful, I just fucked up.

“It’s a glass… I don’t know how to describe the shape, it’s similar to a gourd maybe? Anyway it uses electricity to produce light.” (Miyuki)

“But how does the fool know what it is?” (Ana)

Crap… think dammit! I’ve done all I can so far to keep my secret and there’s no way in hell am I going to let all that work go to waste? Wait… third tactic. Pass the blame.

“I think I heard Miyuki say that expression before?”

Come on… fall for it!?

“Well… Miyuki thinks that she probably said it a few times around Niko.” (Miyuki)

Don’t talk in third person dammit!!!

“Makes sense.” (Ana)

At least they bought it…

“I think that I’ll go and get lunch ready.” (Chloe)

Awkwardly, we all went our separate ways into the house. I went back to reading that book in the drawing room, I didn’t even pay attention to what the Princess and Miyuki were doing. After a lunch of roast beef sandwiches, I decided to go on a walk. My destination, Evergreen Village. I normally go there on my morning jogs with Miyuki, but I rarely get to just go there to pass time anymore. As my job’s pretty much over, I will get the mansion to myself. As for the rest of the payment… I think I’ll just see if I could get money instead.

As I was walking through the village… I ran into a certain trio walking outside of the local Adventurers’ Guild.

“Well… if it isn’t Niko? How ya doing, mate?” (Mundy)

“Mundy? Ivan and Laurel too? It’s been so long.”

“It has been, mate. We were just passing through and thought that we’d go by the orphanage to see ya. You do help with the little tykes and all.” (Mundy)

“Oh… you guys haven’t heard, have ya?”

“Heard what, little man?” (Ivan)

“I was kicked out going on five months ago.”

“What!?” (Mundy, Ivan, and Laurel)

“Let’s talk about it at the tavern?”

We all went to the tavern and managed to find an empty table. The barmaid asked for our orders, we all just ordered a pint of ale. I told them that I had taken a job outside of the village doing odd jobs. They started telling me about their adventures since we had last met. Including the reason why they’re back at Evergreen, turns out that they were on their way to the capitol.

“So why go to the capitol?”

“Little man doesn’t know?” (Ivan)

Does he have to keep calling me that?

“Ivan, I’m sure he wouldn’t be asking if he knew.” (Laurel)

“Then let’s tell him. You know about the hero, right?” (Mundy)


I know, but I wasn’t going to tell them that I spent the past five months helping with her training. Or that she’s really my little sister from my past life either.

“The king has put out a notice to all the Adventurers’ Guild locations, the hero’s journey will be starting soon. So he wants all adventurers who have in interest to come to the capitol. Who knows, we might just be the lucky ones to help the hero in the war against the demons?” (Mundy)

All I could do was scoff.

“Who’d wanna do that?”

“Any adventurer with their mettle, mate. Hell, you should try out for it? Ya may be a Punching Wizard, but your skills are real.” (Mundy)

How can I refuse without letting out that I was training the hero?

“I’ll think about it.”

“Don’t think about it for too long, the size limit for a party is four. We just might beat ya to it?” (Mundy)

All I could do was smirk before leaving my share of the bill on the table and getting up.

“In that case, I wish you three the best of luck.”

And with that, I left. I spent too much time around the hero as it is, I just wanna get back to a somewhat peaceful life now. As the sun was starting to set, I walked back to the mansion. All I knew was that the job’s over… or so I thought. I saw Sir Fredrick’s carriage pass by me going in the opposite direction, so I got curious. I ran back to the mansion, wondering if they left yet. But to my surprise, they were still there.

“Hey, I just saw Sir Fredrick’s carriage leave. What’s going on?”

“Fool, we just received our summons to go back to the capital.” (Ana)


“Yes. We’re leaving tomorrow.” (Ana)

Okay… this was too good to be true.

“In that case, I’m not sure if I will miss ya.”

“You don’t get it, do you fool?” (Ana)

“Get what… princess?”

“You have been summoned too.” (Ana)


Oh no, the job should be over. I should just be able to tell them to get outta my house right now.

“If you were here, then you would have known. The king wants to meet the hero’s other teacher, the one he’s paying for it.” (Ana)

Okay… that makes sense.

“I have no retort.”

“Good. Now get packed, we’re leaving this place tomorrow morning.” (Ana)

Damn she’s bossy. Still, I went back to my room and packed most of my things. Just enough for travel, I didn’t really have much. It made me wonder… will they be taking back the furniture? What about the dishes and the table wear? Too much to think about, it’s probably better that I just wait until the place is officially mine to find out?

Either way, I saw Chloe putting the Princess’ luggage in the drawing room. And damn… there’s more than I thought there would be.

“So Chloe… ya gonna miss this place?”

“Niko, I will. However… I enjoyed our time here. With you, the princess, and the hero. Life at the castle is just too boring, it was always lively here everyday.” (Chloe)

I gotta admit… she’s right. Even though I had to put up with Miyuki somehow finding her way to my bed in her sleep, the Princess calling me a fool on an hourly bases, and all sorts of other shenanigans… it was fun. It would be nice if things could go on like that, but even I knew that it would end eventually.

“I’ll miss it too.”

She actually smiled in reply. Dammit… she’s too cute. Maybe I could just have her as the bride that the king promised me? Nope, not a good idea. If it were just the two of us… it would never be the same. An even worse idea… the Princess being the one. It’s true that Chloe would come with the deal, but without Miyuki it still wouldn’t be the same. Besides… I don’t want to be stuck with her.

That night’s dinner was beef stew with carrots, potatoes, and onions. Even though it might be the last dinner that we eat together… it was silent at the dinner table. No one spoke a word, which wash highly unusual for us. Normally we would talk about Miyuki’s training and other things. But not tonight. And frankly… I couldn’t stand it.

“What the hell?”

“What, fool?” (Ana)

“What the hell are we doing? You would think that we just attended a wake or something?”

“Niko, it’s just that we’re all going to be separated soon. So I don’t think the mood is that good right now?” (Miyuki)

“Miyuki, you should be the one most against this mood right now.”

“What?” (Miyuki)

“It’s true that we’re going to be separated soon. However… today was the day you graduated from your training. We should be celebrating right now.”

“I think the fool is right.” (Ana)

“Princess… Niko is not a fool. However, I do agree as well.” (Chloe)

“That settles it, let’s celebrate. Even if this becomes the last meal we have together, let’s at least make it a good memory!”

Right there, the mood changed. I went back to my room to grab some things. First was a small barrel of ale that I bought last week because I knew that Miyuki was about to graduate. And then there was something that I hadn’t touched in a long time, my lute. I bought it from a traveling merchant a few years ago just for the hell of it. Not to mention that sometime later, a traveling musician entered the village on his way to the capital. Just because he wasn’t making much money from the locals, he gave me lessons in trade for what pocket money I could give.

When I returned, I asked Chloe to grab some cups. Apparently only the Princess, Chloe, and myself even had experience with alcohol. Miyuki was still a minor according to Japan’s laws, but she still wanted to try some. We all spent the night drinking as I played some rifts on the lute. Surprisingly the Princess was a good singer… when drunk. All that I played were songs that I learned from this world, so she was able to sing them without problems. That night after dinner, we all enjoyed ourselves.

The next morning… we had a little bit of a mess to clean up. I woke up with not only Miyuki wrapped around me, but the Princess as well. It was twice as awkward. Luckily for me… she got up. We made an agreement before waking up Miyuki and Chloe that we were to never talk about this.

“You better keep your word… you fool.” (Ana)

And why is she red?

“Trust me, I’d rather forget that this ever happened.”

After waking up Chloe and Miyuki, I offered to clean up the place while Chloe prepared the bath. It would save time. After their bath was over, I hurried with mine because we didn’t know when the carriage would come for us. Surprisingly we managed to get everything done and eat breakfast before our ride came.

“Niko, I missed you yesterday.” (Fredrick)

“I was out on an errand, but her highness managed to tell me about the summons.”


Not really. I’d rather had just been handed the deed and not leave. But at least my role ends when we reach the capitol, right? Right?

After Note: And that was the fourth chapter, peeps. And as you all know, I just like torturing my MCs. Well… mainly Niko. Why else would I be sicking her bro-con imouto from his past life on him? I just have more fun torturing Niko than I do Coy. Anyway, this was the final part of the Quadruple Update. I hope that you guys have enjoyed it?

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8 thoughts on “LSPL Chapter 4 – Is it Over? Or is Something New about to Begin?

  1. Good chapter. As I said before, I really like the interactions between Niko and the princess. And what the hell? How can Miyuki track down Niko even while sleep? XD. Besides that, is the villages’ name ‘evergreen’ or ‘wintergreen’? I saw the name changing during the chapter.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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      1. i wonder what would have happened if niko stayed in the village. would the hero sleepwalk the distance of their first day travel back to nikos bed, or not? i mean the distance would be too far for sleepwalking… right?

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  2. With Miyuki’s sleepwalking radar there’s no place for Niko to hide from her , neither a door that could stop her.😂
    I feel that even if Niko managed to get approval from the King to refuse joining the Hero’s party, he would end up joining because of her sleepwalking habits. (I hope I didn’t spoil anything by chance 😅)

    1- I went back to reading that book in the -drawling- room, I didn’t even pay attention to what the Princess and Miyuki were doing. 
    I went back to reading that book in the (drawing) room, I didn’t even pay attention to what the Princess and Miyuki were doing. 

    Thanks for the chapter.

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