LGDK/LSPL Boxing Day Special?

Author’s Note: A Boxing Day Special? What madness is this!? Simple, it’s something that was originally going to be part of the Christmas Special, but I had to wait for permission. You know, professionalism and all that. Anywho, please enjoy?

LGDK/LSPL Boxing Day Special?

It was the day after Christmas and both the main cast of “Let’s Go Devil King!” and “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!” were having a belated Christmas get together.

“Man, I’m just glad that it’s over.” (Niko)

“Tell me about it, I hate dealing with Spoiler-san.” (Coy)

“Coy-kun, no one likes dealing with that Joker-ized Bob Ross wannabe.” (Yuki)

“True. Still… what was up with all the banana factories?” (Coy)

As Coy looked around, everyone was in agreement.

“I’m just glad that I had some actual lines.” (Wells)

“At least you had lines.” (Kimiko)

“Better than playing the wife of a fool.” (Ana)

“Princess, Niko is not a fool.” (Chloe)

“That reminds me, are you a tsundere?” (Kimiko)

“A… what?” (Ana)

“Our favorite piece of shipper-trash means that you’re not being honest with your feelings.” (Yuki)

“What are you talking about! I mean, who would want to be married to that fool?” (Ana)

Note, the Princess said that while blushing.

“I think Niko is wonderful. He reminds me of onii-chan.” (Miyuki)

Everyone just looked at Miyuki, speechless for a few seconds. Niko on the other hand, was noticeably shaking.

“What is up with the author and sibling complexes?” (Yuki)

“Yuki, are ya still on that?” (Coy)

“Well, you have a sister complex and Miyuki has a brother complex.” (Yuki)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

And everyone was waiting on him to say his infamous catchphrase.

“No hiding it Coy, you love your sister as more than a sister.” (Yuki)

“What the actual hell?” (Coy)

“Sis-con.” (Niko)

“Hey, I don’t have a sister complex. I just want to find her because we’re family, that’s it.” (Coy)

“Coy, it’s okay. I know the love is forbidden, but that’s what makes it so sweet.” (Miyuki)

And right there, Niko hit Miyuki over the head.

“I may not exactly like Coy, but don’t lump him in with you.” (Niko)

“Ouchie. Miyuki is sorry.” (Miyuki)

“Whatever, I’m just glad that no one convenient to the plot of LGDK was around.” (Coy)

“Breaking the fourth wall?” (Yuki)

“We’re not in story right now, so not ever Spoiler-san could complain if he were here.” (Coy)

Everyone nodded in agreement. They all had decided that today’s party would also be in celebration of Spoiler-san getting his just desserts. But not long after, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” (Coy)

Coy answered the door to see a man wearing a UPS uniform standing there. The UPS guy made Coy sign something before handing him a package. Coy returned to the others with a confused look on his face.

“We got a package?” (Yuki)

“It was addressed to you, me, the Shrine Maid, Nyra, Wells, Cecil, Niko, Chloe, Ana, and Miyuki.” (Coy)

“Wait… what!?” (Everyone else)

The whole room had stolen Coy’s catchphrase, including Nyra and Cecil who were silent this whole time. Coy carefully opened it to find a DVD and a letter. The letter read the following:

Dear casts of LGDK and LSPL,

In the spirit of the holiday season, I decided to give you a present.

Please enjoy,

– a friend.

“Wait… they gave us a present and didn’t even leave a name?” (Coy)

“Looks like it. But I wonder what’s on the DVD?” (Niko)

Niko was lucky that outside of the continuity of LSPL that no one could question how he knows of such things.

“We won’t know until we watch it.” (Yuki)

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” (Coy)

Everyone nodded in agreement while Yuki set up the DVD-player. Kimiko and Chloe decided to do their duties as maids and served the popcorn and drinks. It didn’t seem like it would be too bad… until they got to the DVD’s title screen.

“Wait… what!? The “Stop Calling Me a Demon King” Christmas Special!?” (Coy)

“Hey, I may not read SCDK… but why is Coy mad?” (Niko)

“He hates Xander with a passion.” (Yuki)

“Wait… he actually hates Xander? I thought Coy would be a fan of his?” (Miyuki)

“It’s for personal reasons.” (Yuki)

“That slaving bastard…” (Coy)

“So that explains it? Coy does hate slavery.” (Ana)

“And how would you know that, Princess?” (Niko)

“Because unlike a certain fool, I actually read LGDK.” (Ana)

Everyone looked at Ana for a second in silence.

“What? I figured since we’re under the same author, that we would have a crossover someday. So it would be better to know who we’re working with.” (Ana)

Everyone stopped looking at her as it made too much sense. Ana was a royal Princess after all, so she’s well educated. Anyway, they finally hit play, which started off with the beginning musical number by Chazz’s special Chaos Choir.

“Did they really cross out ‘Spectacular’ with green paint?” (Coy)

“Maybe they thought it was more festive?” (Yuki)

“All I know is that this is the weirdest cover of “The 12 Days of Christmas” that I’ve ever seen performed.” (Niko)

Everyone nodded in agreement as the tubby midget exploded.

“Which reminds me, who would you guys pick out of the four potential waifus?” (Kimiko)

The piece of shipper-trash couldn’t keep her mouth shut on that one.

“I’d say Aase as she seems the most level-headed.” (Niko)

The three girls in the room from LSPL then gave him the death glare.

“What? I was just answering a question. It’s not like she’s my type or anything.” (Niko)

“Fool.” (Ana)

“Honestly, it’s Mercy for me.” (Cecil)

Everyone looked at Cecil like he was insane. Like he was part of a freakshow.

“What? I just like the naive and curious type, ya know?” (Cecil)

For some strange reason, Wells was scribbling something on a notepad while no one was paying attention. That’s because everyone was looking at Coy.

“Don’t look at me, I’m a happily married man.” (Coy)

“Wait… there is no way that you can’t have a waifu.” (Kimiko)

“Sorry Shrine Maid, but it’s true. Especially in the case of SCDK.” (Coy)

“Does he hate SCDK so much that he doesn’t really like any of the girls?” (Miyuki)

“That or he just doesn’t want to get in a fight with his wife?” (Chloe)

That had set Yuki off.

“Coy, are you lying to avoid a fight with me!?” (Yuki)

“No, I’m not. None of the girls in SCDK catch my fancy.” (Coy)

“I think I know why?” (Nyra)

Everyone stopped to pay attention to the legal loli.

“It’s because Mr. Coy’s a thigh guy.” (Nyra)

Everyone then looked at Coy.

“Hey, I don’t pay attention to the thighs of every girl I see. Even if that is the best part of women, it would make me look like a pervert if I did that.” (Coy)

“Whatever, thigh fetish.” (Niko)

“And you don’t have a fetish?” (Coy)

It was mainly the LSPL female trio looking at Niko. But of course, he had tactic number one at his disposal.

“Let’s just watch the DVD?” (Niko)

Everyone knew what he was up to, but agreed just to end the conversation. The next part was “Callic the Red Nosed Raindog”. Yuki of all people knew that the coyote half-man she married was not gonna like this. And she was right.

“Okay, I swear that bastard Xander wrote this script.” (Coy)

“Why, because the props are terrible?” (Niko)

“No, that’s just the writer complaining about the lack of funds through Patreon.” (Yuki)

“Oh. Then because of the ‘mutation’ thing?” (Niko)

“Oh yeah.” (Coy)

After the scenes of Xander interrupting Iyleen’s lines, they saw the terribly made Santa Suit that Xander was wearing.

“Were the funds through the Patreon donations really that piss poor?” (Niko)

“Apparently they were.” (Yuki)

“They could had saved more money reusing sets like we had. Hell, we didn’t even have the budget they got.” (Coy)

It was true. The “Maid Cafe” was actually Stony’s Tavern in Anthill Bay. What they did was remove all the alcoholic propaganda and just had Kimiko and Chloe go around in their usual maid uniforms. For Coy and Yuki’s apartment, they just used Coy’s former apartment in Anthill Bay as well. Hell, most of the LGDK/LSPL Christmas crossover Special was shot in Anthill Bay. Both the interior of Lost’s office, Yuki and Miyuki’s school, and Jacob Host’s banana factory were actually filmed in the Walton Trading Company warehouse. For both the banana factory and the fish cannery, they just wrote “bananas” and “fish” on empty cardboard boxes with sharpies for props. The interior for Lost’s room was shot in the mansion that Niko got for training Miyuki. The scene for Niko’s family was shot in the kitchen to represent his family’s whole house in the story.

“Maybe they just didn’t think as frugal as we did?” (Wells)

Everyone agreed to that one. But when it got to the part of Xander whipping Callic, Coy got up.

“That’s it, I’m going over to SCDK and shooting that bastard!” (Coy)

“Mr. Coy, don’t!” (Nyra)

“Coy, calm down!” (Yuki)

“Oh how can I stay calm? Though Xander is using the events of “Welcome to Maoujanai High” as an excuse, he deserved all those things that happened to him in the first chapter. He had all of it coming to him.” (Coy)

“That may be true, but you cannot just go invading other web novels.” (Yuki)

Coy stopped to think for a moment. Yuki was right, and he knew it.

“Then maybe we can invite him over?” (Coy)

“Don’t do it.” (Yuki)

“Why not? We actually got to use Zedda from ALW for our Christmas Special?” (Coy)

“Because he was invited for a totally different reason than why you want to invite Xander.” (Yuki)

“Fine… but I still hate the guy.” (Coy)

He then sat back down and crossed his arms while pouting. Yuki wasn’t the only one fearing that Coy would end up starting a war. Other than the main cast of LGDK, the one of LSPL were afraid because they might get dragged into it.

The next part was Chaz with the Sorting Hat he was holding against it’s will. They all laughed at some of the stuff that Chaz read to the viewers.

“Okay… how can ya hate Xander and like Chaz?” (Niko)

“That’s because Chaz is actually funny?” (Coy)

“But ain’t he an existence like Spoiler-san?” (Niko)

“Niko, never say that again. They are more different than you can imagine. Chaz is a personification of Chaos. Spoiler-san is just some annoying being from the Fifth Dimension who likes to possess our author and speak in third person. So no, they are not the same kind of existence.” (Coy)

Coy was right, those two are more different than anyone can imagine. No one even knows where Chaz comes from.

Anyway, the next scene was “Wyatt and the Toy Factory”. This one really angered the casts of both LGDK and LSPL. It was not Xander’s bastardization of Santa Claus. No, this was for a different reason.

“Okay… they complained about the costume budget and Xander is wearing such a nice suit? I think Xander embezzled it all for his skit.” (Coy)

“And where’s your proof?” (Niko)

“Niko, I’ve been around longer. Not to mention that I was in a mafia-style gang. So I know corruption within the workplace when I see it.” (Coy)

“Still doesn’t explain why you sound like Joey Wheeler from the 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh.” (Niko)

“Blame the author for that one.” (Coy)

“Fair enough.” (Niko)

They watched the whole skit, all of them still sickened by the bastardization of Santa Claus. They watched the whole thing feeling a little sick to their stomachs. Yeah, it was funny. But it was still Xander in charge. And then came the grand finale. They were in shock.

“Wait… what!? They managed to get Jesus Christ as a guest!?” (Coy)

“Coy-kun, you’re not the only one shocked by that.” (Yuki)

They watched it. Surprisingly, it was not offensive at all. It was the best part of the whole SCDK Christmas Special.

“To believe…” (Coy)

“Hey, don’t forget that we had the real Santa as a guest in our crossover Christmas Special.” (Niko)

“Niko-kun, that’s not the point.” (Yuki)

“Then what is?” (Niko)

“It’s that in the end… they managed to push the true meaning of Christmas.” (Yuki)

“So? Our special was still better.” (Niko)

“It doesn’t matter if it was or not if no one reads it.” (Coy)

“What do ya mean?” (Niko)

“The author for SCDK’s WordPress has more followers than our author’s does.” (Coy)

“Wait… what!?” (Niko)

“Don’t go stealing my catchphrase!” (Coy)

“Sorry.” (Niko)

“You’re forgiven. Anyway, that means that SCDK has a bigger following than we do. Therefore we’re the loser if it were a contest.” (Coy)

Coy was right, BakaGrapler’s WordPress does have more follower’s than OhMarioWV’s does. Therefore SCDK has a bigger fan base than LGDK and LSPL does. The bigger difference is that no one donates for either LGDK or LSPL. OhMarioWV doesn’t even have a Patreon.

Meanwhile, neither cast knew that they were being watched on a small television screen far away. The person sitting around and eating popcorn… was a man dressed in a burgundy colored suit and tie of glossy silk, with a pure black shirt, that accented his style. His hair was a light consuming black at the roots that gained color in the reds until it was the glowing hot color of a super heated metal… wait, it’s Chaz!?

“Why hello folks? Just everyone’s favorite personification of Chaos here.” (Chaz)

He set the popcorn down on the coffee table in front of him.

“What? Were you expecting that hack, Spoiler-san? Well too bad. Anyway, I enjoyed the chaos that SCDK’s Christmas Special caused for both the casts of LGDK and LSPL. Hey, this is a fourth wall break within a fourth wall break. So does that mean it’s a sixteen wall break?” (Chaz)

He then picked up a filled brandy glass, waving it in a circular motion. It didn’t seem to go well with popcorn.

“Anyway, that’s all folks!” (Chaz)

After Note: And that peeps was the 2016 Boxing Day Special. Yeah, this was originally going to be part of the Christmas Special. But Christmas was already over when BakaGrapler gave me the go ahead. And I wasn’t gonna write anything without his permission. So I figured out when I read his reply that it could be a Boxing Day Special. Hey, it’s a legit holiday… in some parts of the world.

But yeah, I read the SCDK Christmas Special and it made me want to do this. I will admit, I like the MC (Xander). But Coy on the other hand… would definitely hate him. They have similarities, they’re both assholes. Neither one of them have a problem with killing someone who deserves it either. And both of them seem to know that sometimes to do some good you have to be the bad guy. However… they had different childhoods. And they’re different races. To be honest… I’d be scared to see what would happen if Coy and Xander would just happen to be in the same room.

Anywho, I’d like to thank BakaGrapler again for allowing this to happen. Chaz’s inclusion was Baka’s request for the record. But Chaz calling Spoiler-san a “hack” was my own idea. If you want to read SCDK, it’s on my “Recommended Reads” page. If you want to support BakaGrapler, the links in this special under “Patreon” lead to his Patreon. I’m still iffy on the idea of using Patreon myself, no one even donates through PayPal. Anywho, have a nice day.

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