LSPL Chapter 5 – Shipping or Non-shipping?

Author’s Note: I’ve actually had this written a week ago, but things happened. Like Destiny’s “The Dawning” event was about to close. But why the new LSPL instead of LGDK? And why not on a weekend? Simple, people like LSPL better. Anywho, I will mention more in the “After Note”. So for now, please enjoy?

LSPL Chapter 5 – Shipping or Non-shipping?

And that one a bumpy ride if I ever had one. Seriously, we took a carriage all the way to the capitol. I swear that Sir Fredrick needs to have the suspension fixed on that thing. The only bright side is that I didn’t get motion sickness this time. When we arrived, we were all led to the throne room by his majesty’s vassals. The king was somewhat what I expected, an older man with long hair and a long beard. Both were once black, now showing signs of graying. His eyes were the same pale blue as the Princess’s, which was to be expected. As for his attire… just what you would imagine for a king to be wearing. Especially the crown, golden with jewels that looked like they were worth more than any bounty that I had ever collected. I just hope that my filter is actually functional this time.

“Ana my daughter, I am relieved to see your safe return.” (King)

“I am sorry if I have worried you, father.” (Ana)

She then did one of those bows where she grabbed the skirt area of her dress. I tried my best not to snicker.

“It’s all right as long as you’re safe.” (King)

Sir Fredrick then did a small cough, the kind to remind someone that there’s more to the matter. The King then regained his composure after realizing that he was forgetting something.

“Hero Miyuki, I am relieved that you have returned as well. How was your training?” (King)

“It was not easy, your majesty. But according to my teachers, I am ready.” (Miyuki)

For once, I feel proud of her. Not just as her teacher, but as her former older brother as well. For once see looked like she’s matured.

“Splendid, Hero Miyuki. I’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing this.” (King)

And I’ll sleep better knowing that she won’t be sleep walking into my bed ever again. Man, keeping that in my head is hard.

Before anything else was said, the doors to the throne room slammed open. It was a young man barely older than my current self. He was adorned in shining white armor with engravings near the seems, with the royal crest engraved on the chest piece. He had long and flowing blond hair, that seemed to be flowing with his red cape despite the lack of wind. His eyes were pale blue like the king’s and this man had a face that even a straight guy like me thought was handsome. But… I could easily tell that I was not going to like this guy.

“Issac my son, what is the matter?” (King)

So this was Prince Issac?

“Father, I have gotten word from the vassals that a ruffian has gotten inside of the palace.” (Issac)

Funny… I didn’t see any ruffians. Wait… crap, that describes my appearance at the moment.

That moment, he spotted me. Using a quick summoning spell, he summoned his weapon. It was a mystic lance, I could tell by the engravings. He looked like he would charge me at any moment, which not surprisingly he did. He used Bullet Number 3, but didn’t prepare any spells into his lance. I barely had enough time to enforce my hands and feet with ki before grabbing it, causing him to make a complete stop.

“Huh?” (Issac)

I was tempted to hit him in his stupid handsome face, but the King interfered.

“Issac!” (King)

“Yes… father?” (Issac)

“That man is a guest!” (King)

“What!?” (Issac)

I then let go of the lance.

“The name’s Niko, nice to meet ya.”

I offered my hand, but he refused it.

“Father, why is this ruffian here?” (Issac)

Should had known he’d ignore me.

“That so-called ‘ruffian’ is Hero Miyuki’s teacher.” (King)

I can’t even hide my smirk right now.

“Sister, is this true?” (Issac)

“It is true, brother. Niko is Miyuki’s teacher in the control of both mana and ki.” (Ana)

He then sized me up. Man, that smirk on my face must really piss him off?

“I will not accept this, ruffian.” (Issac)

“Accept what?”

“That such riffraff could be chosen over me to be Hero Miyuki’s teacher.” (Issac)

Okay… I can’t hold myself back anymore, the real me is coming out.

“Really now? I thought that it was the fact that I was about to knock your face in when ya attacked me for no reason, but that’s just how I see it.”

Oh… just seeing the color on his face change to a bright shade of angry red was just too satisfying.

“I shall smite you for that, knave!” (Issac)

“ISSAC!!!” (King)

And his royal majesty just had to interfere? Go figure.

“Father, this disrespectful knave needs to be taught a lesson in respect.” (Issac)

“This coming from the same man who shows none?” (King)

“Huh?” (Issac)

“How many times do I have to remind you that it is the job of the king to serve the people, not the other way around. The people look up to the king because it is the king’s job to both help and lead them. A king cannot just go around insulting or assaulting his subjects.” (King)

And that’s King Victor Wintergreen for you, a man of the people. I never mentioned it, the country’s name is Wintergreen. Anyway, people from all over the Kingdom of Wintergreen revere him for his selflessness. As soon as a village would suffer from a disaster, he would send aid. If there were a famine, he would send food. Why do I not care for him as much as everyone else? Simple, liking monarchs goes against my nature. And no matter how nice a person is, they’re always hiding something. A kind king of Victor Wintergreen is the most suspicious of all.

“But father, I am the crown prince. It’s the job of the plebeians to show me respect.” (Issac)

“That’s not how it works.”

“What did you say?” (Issac)

“Respect is something to be earned, it’s not a birthright. You may be the prince of Wintergreen, but that’s nothing more than a title that was given at birth. Do ya think it’s in the will of the spirits that we have to respect you? No, it’s not.”

And goodbye filter…

Right there, I heard clapping. I looked around to see that the source of the clapping was coming from the King himself.

“Splendid.” (King)

I could see the vassals in the throne room all having their jaws hit the floor. This included the Prince. The Princess, Chloe, and Miyuki on the other hand, they just looked a little confused. Only Sir Fredrick seemed to be acknowledging what was going on.

“Father… why are you supporting this riffraff?” (Issac)

“Because he is right. Respect is something that must be earned, it is not given at birth. Not even to members of the royal family.” (King)

Even I cannot believe what I’m hearing. No, more like I don’t want to believe it. I still find a ruler as benevolent as Victor Wintergreen suspicious.

“I… refuse to believe the words of riffraff!” (Issac)

Just how stubborn is this jackass?

“Do ya even know the difference between you and the King, Prince?”

“Yeah, he is on the throne and I am not.” (Issac)

I face-palmed at that remark.

“It’s your attitude.”

“Attitude?” (Issac)

“Think about it, your father’s a king loved and respected by all. Have ya ever wondered why he’s gained so much respect? It’s because of his attitude towards the people. He helps his subjects when they’re in need, listens to their pleas, and rules fairly. He doesn’t go around like a tyrant making demands.”

“I see someone gets it. Right, Sir Fredrick?” (King)

“That is right, your highness.” (Fredrick)

Okay… being backed up by Sir Fredrick leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

“I will never acknowledge a plebeian like you, riffraff.” (Issac)

Okay… now I want to beat the sense I just made into him.

“That man is no longer a plebeian, my son.” (King)

“What?” (Issac)

“That man is the new Count of Evergreen.” (King)

Wait… I remembered that other than the Royal Summer Home, that being given a title was part of the payment. But the Count of Evergreen? Is that even a real title?

“He’s a Count? This riffraff?” (Issac)

“I haven’t officially given him the title yet. That is one of the reasons he is here.” (King)

Issac just glared at me over this news. It’s true that I’m not officially the Count of Evergreen just yet. And that I’m still ranked below him in nobility. But to someone who is self-centered on the concept of nobility such as the Prince, this was an insult to all he stood for. And I can feel myself grin right now.

“Count or not, I refuse to acknowledge you. You were born as nothing more than a lowly plebeian.” (Issac)

And with that, he left. I could just feel that atmosphere lighten when he stormed out of the throne room.

“Now back to business. Sorry about my son.” (King)

“It’s all good, your majesty.”

“You’re very easygoing… I like that.” (King)

Is this man really the King?

“I live to impress.”

With that, I heard a snort from the Princess.

“Is something the matter, Ana my daughter?” (King)

“It’s nothing, father.” (Ana)

“All right then. Anyways, Niko… um, do you have a family name?” (King)

“Given the fact that I was found on a doorstep, I don’t.”

Damn my filter… it never works when I need it to!

“In that case, I shall just call you Count Niko of Evergreen.” (King)

Okay… I expected him to do something like give me “Evergreen” as a surname or something. Does he not read the mood or anything? Whatever, I just wanna get this over with.

“I am honored, your majesty.”

“Good. Now, about the final part of your payment?” (King)

I was waiting for this.

“Your majesty, I’m content with both my new home and title. However, I don’t agree with the final part of the payment.”

He looked surprised.

“Are you sure? I mean, I was sure that you would take having a wife as well.” (King)

“Your majesty, it goes against my principles to accept that.”

“Your principles?” (King)

“If I were to be married, I’d want it to be done through love and not duty.”

He then smiled. Okay… what is he plotting? As benevolent as he is, he’s still the King. And kings are always plotting something.

“I was sure that something would had happened between you and my daughter Ana during Hero Miyuki’s training, but I guess I was wrong.” (King)

Okay… I could feel the color disappear from my face. I looked over at the Princess, and she was starting to blush. It was silent for a full ten seconds. I couldn’t take it, especially with the Princess blushing. I had to say something.

“Your majesty… please don’t tell me what I think ya just told me?”

“I am sorry, but I did say it. I was sure that you and my daughter would have had something between you within the past five months.” (King)

Okay… forget all formalities now.

“Your majesty–”

“Father, what is the meaning of this!?” (Ana)

Wow… she cut me off just to protest.

“Simple Ana my daughter, I was sure that this young man would had caught your fancy.” (King)

Oh boy… his royal majesty’s digging his own grave right now.

“Father, this man is no more than a fool!” (Ana)

And I was waiting for her to call me that ever since we arrived.

“Ana my daughter, how is he a fool? Do not tell me, he and your maid fell in love?” (king)

If I were drinking something right now, I would had choked on it.

“Your majesty, that is not the case.” (Chloe)

Why does that almost hurt? It’s not stabbing like both her and the Princess’s remarks on how I looked in my past life, but still…

“Hmm… then I do not know what happened.” (King)

Oh thank goodness he didn’t even include–

“What about Miyuki?” (Miyuki)

Oh don’t you dare…

“Pardon, Hero Miyuki?” (King)

“Why not suspect Miyuki!?” (Miyuki)

I couldn’t stop myself, I had to hit her over the head.

“Ouch.” (Miyuki)

“What are ya thinking, brat!”

“Hey, you said Miyuki’s no longer a brat.” (Miyuki)

“That’s beside the point!”

“Well… he suspected that either Ana or Chloe were in a romantic relationship with you, but he left Miyuki out.” (Miyuki)

Damn it all…

“This ain’t no rom-com, you stupid brat! Do I look like some sort of harem MC to you or something!? Seriously, grow up!”

Everyone was silent as I scolded Miyuki. Then again… I think I was forgetting something again.

“Fool, what do you mean by those words?” (Ana)

Crap… I slipped up again! Time for a quick look around. So far everyone seems silent and confused… wait. Crap, Sir Fredrick is smirking. I hate that guy…

“I… don’t even know.”

“More like Niko broke the fourth wall.” (Miyuki)

I REALLY wanted to hit her over the head again.

“Fourth wall?” (Ana)

“Miyuki will explain it to Ana later.” (Miyuki)

Time for tactic number one right now.

“Hey, no speaking in third person!”

“Oops, I did it again.” (Miyuki)

At least she didn’t play with my heart? Wait… am I breaking the fourth wall right now or making a reference to a 90’s American pop song? Whatever.

“Try not to do it again. A Hero shouldn’t speak like that, it makes them look too full of themselves.”

“Yes, sir.” (Miyuki)


And right there… I could hear laughter. I looked at the source to find it coming from the King. What is with this guy?

“Father?” (Ana)

“I’m sorry, but this is funny. Niko, you are an interesting person. Are you sure that you will not marry my daughter?” (King)

I face-palmed again.

“As I’m sure that I don’t like getting called a fool on an hourly basis… what do you think, your majesty?”

“I think that you’re the best potential candidate.” (King)

That’s it, now I know he’s plotting something!

“Father, you cannot be serious?” (Ana)

“I am. I will tell you all what, let’s make a deal.” (King)


“Ya can’t be serious, your majesty.”

“Oh, I am serious. I am a man of his word, Niko. If I promise you a wife, you’re getting one. So here is the deal, if you cannot find the woman that you want to marry… then you must marry my Ana.” (King)

“Wait… don’t I get a say in this!?”

“That’s my line, fool!” (Ana)

“A king must keep his word.” (King)

He had us there. But there was one thing that he left out.

“Your majesty, surely there must be a time limit on how long it is before I am forced to marry your daughter?”

“I will give you until the Hero Miyuki finishes her journey.” (King)

Oh good, that should be plenty of time.

“I see…”

“I still do not get why you’re both against this, I think you’re both compatible with each other.” (King)

“How are we compatible!?” (Me and Ana)

Crap… we just spoke in unison.

“If you cannot see it, then it is your problem. The King has spoken.” (King)

Just why does the king think that we’re compatible? Better yet, why is this happening to me? Seriously, this bites more than a festival full of zombies. All I know is one thing, I need to find a wife before Miyuki finishes her journey. But as for her journey… let’s just say that another surprise is about to occur.

After Note: And that’s the long awaited chapter five peeps. I know, using a title based on the old restaurant “Smoking or Non-smoking” sectional policy was not the best idea. The original chapter title was “No Harems, Please?”, but this chapter was not about the harem.

Anywho, expect the next LGDK on Saturday. I’m still thinking about Patreon, it would be nice to actually get paid to write with “sponsored chapters”. Then again, I’m not sure if I’m good enough to do that. It would require more chapters per week.

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  1. Lol, I didn’t expect that the king had it all planed. 😂
    What could be the reason he tries to force Nico to marry Ana? (Not watching Fredrick… 👀 plus other plausible reasons)

    BTW, 4th Wall-kun should consider wearing full body protection gear while working in works with characters with some knowledge of games, novels, anime, etc. Some hits must hurt.

    For errors:
    1- And -goodby- filter…
    And (goodbye) filter…

    2- Just how stubborn -his- this jackass?
    Just how stubborn (is) this jackass?


    1. Oh trust me, monarchs are the most suspicious characters in the world.
      As for the reason… it will be revealed later.

      4th Wall-kun takes more damage in one single comic book page that has Deadpool in it than he does from whole light novels, I’m sure that he’s used to it.

      Errors fixed. I’m surprised that there were only two. Or that my writing program didn’t detect that first one.


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