L.G.D.K! Chapter 22 – Lost in this Moment?

Author’s Note: I Know, this is WAY later than I had intended. But I’ve been distracted by a few things and haven’t been feeling well. But it’s finally here, the 22nd chapter of “Let’s Go Devil King!”. Please enjoy?

L.G.D.K! Chapter 22 – Lost in this Moment?

Well… the ceremony is finally over. To my surprise, Coy’s friends from his hometown really did show up to the wedding. His former boss was a scary middle-aged man, it was like I could feel his gangster aura just by seeing him. That man’s son on the other hand… seemed like an idiot. He was a half-elf, so I expected him to be somewhat intelligent. But his intelligence is worse than Coy’s dull moments. The dwarf was a big drinker, which was somewhat expected. He’s even in a drinking contest with the Emperor… something that shocked everyone. Well… it was the Emperor who challenged him, but it was still shocking none-the-less. The other two were a really tall wolf half-man and a female cow half-man. The guy reminded me of a character from a three part anime who was really violent. The girl on the other hand… I expected a cow half-man to have them big, but that was ridiculous! No female should have them that big!!! Right now, Coy’s introducing me to her.

“Yuki, this is Clair. We were at the same orphanage when we were kids.” (Coy)

Wait… childhood friend? It’s like my otaku senses are detecting harem route and not detecting it at the same time.

“So you’re the girl that managed to tame Coy?” (Clair)

“Wait… tame?”

“Well… he didn’t really raise too much hell as a kid. But he’s never shown interest in any of the girls back in Anthill Bay as well.” (Clair)

What is up with that jiggle!? Seriously, it’s frustrating. Not to mention that she looks like her chest’s about to pop out of that kimono she was loaned. But… what she said does make a little sense. Coy was definitely not a perverted main character.

“I sometimes wonder what he saw in me.”

“Well Yuki, you’re really out of this world.” (Coy)

Really? He just made a pun about the fact I’m from another world? But… I’m sure that even without telling everyone the truth that it would make a good lazy answer.

“Really now? Well, you must be something to land him of all men.” (Clair)

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“Well, there’s something magical about Yuki.” (Coy)

Again!? And this time it’s a pun on the fact I’m a magical girl? I’m gonna slap him later.

“Coy, be sure to take care of her then. But does that mean you’re finally settling down?” (Clair)

“Not happening.”

He answered just in time to stop me from mentally stealing his catchphrase.

“And why not?” (Clair)

“Because I still have plenty of work to do.” (Coy)

“Coy, what have we talked about in the past?” (Clair)

“What are you talking about?”

I was very curious. Hopefully it will allow my otaku senses to calm down.

“Ever since he was a kid, Coy would take up too many tasks at once. Even back then I was scared that it would be the death of him.” (Clair)

Are my otaku senses leaning towards harem route after all?

“Clair, I’m not a kid anymore. I’ve learned from more than enough of my past mistakes. So ya don’t have to worry about me anymore.” (Coy)

“Wait… what is the story between you two anyway?”

I know I stole his catchphrase there, but it was necessary to ask that question.

“Clair was always like a big sister to me and the other orphans.” (Coy)

Wait… she’s a big sister-type?

“Blame my instincts.” (Clair)


“I better explain it. Cow half-men like Clair are born with motherly instincts. When the find things smaller than them, they tend to act all motherly.” (Coy)

Why does that make too much sense. But wait…

“Yeah, it’s been hard not to give ya a big ol’ hug.” (Clair)

Crap, I’m shorter than her. And smaller… in more ways than one. Maybe it’s a good thing that Nyra isn’t around right now? I’d feel sorry for that legal loli for a change.

“Please refrain from doing anything like that?” (Coy)

“All right. Still, you married two women?” (Clair)

She asked it with a stern look on her face, like she’s really dealt with him like an older sister would many times before.

“Well… Ritme is a country that allows polygamy. I mainly married Nakano to please my family, but she’s a good girl herself.” (Coy)

Now he’s sounding too much like a playboy!

“Coy, are you trying to get yourself hurt?” (Clair)

“Clair, I said that you don’t have to worry about me anymore.” (Coy)

She then sighed.

“Geez, what am I gonna do with you?” (Clair)

“I don’t know, but would you like to talk to Nakano for a while?” (Coy)

“That’s right, I still have to talk to her. But we’re not finished.” (Clair)

She then walked away. I swear… most of the men were staring at her. I still wish my otaku senses would settle themselves when it comes to her.

“I’m sorry about that, Yuki.” (Coy)

He’s apologizing? Did hell freeze over or something?

“It’s no problem.”

“No, the people from back in Anthill Bay… can be a little awkward to deal with.” (Coy)

The only thing that bothered me about Clair other than my otaku senses going haywire are her breasts. But what did he mean by awkward anyway? Speaking of which, his boss and boss’s son are coming.

“Well Coy, you’re one lucky dog.” (DJ)

That was the half-elf and son of Coy’s boss, DJ.

“Really now?” (Coy)

“Well yeah, you got two wives without breaking any laws.” (DJ)

“Son… I’m sure Coy’s not going to have as good of a time as you’re thinking.” (Walton)

And that was Boss Walton. I cannot seem to keep calm around him, he’s just that scary.

“You’re right, pa. That one isn’t bouncy at all–” (DJ)

Right there, Coy grabbed DJ by his collar and pulled him close.

“What were you just about to say about my wife?” (Coy)

Coy’s ‘tsun’ face is showing. I know it’s more yandere than tsundere, but calling it a ‘yan’ face just feels weird.

“Nothing…” (DJ)

Coy then let go of DJ’s collar and the ‘tsun’ face disappeared.

“That’s what I thought.” (Coy)

“Coy, he actually deserved a punch in the face for that one. You know I’d allow it.” (Walton)

Okay… the fact that a criminal kingpin just gave an ex-employee permission to punch his son is scary.

“You know how strong I am, sir. DJ may be a pervert and an idiot, but I don’t wanna kill him. Even by accident.” (Coy)

“Well… his mother wouldn’t be too appreciative if you killed him either. But he can’t go unpunished. I know, let the wife he just insulted decide?” (Walton)

Oh boy… did Coy’s former boss have to put me on the spot like that? I’m just scared… but I need to think. Just what could I pick for a punishment? Wait… would this idea even work?

“Maybe we could just… um… make him eat wasabi?”

“What’s that?” (Walton)

“It’s a special sauce here in Ritme. It’s really spicy.” (Coy)

“Wait… not that!” (DJ)

I had to ask Coy.

“Does he not like spicy foods?”

“His mother is a forest elf. Unlike night elves, forest elves hate spicy foods.” (Coy)

“I didn’t know that.”

“I think it’s perfect. Now… where can I find some of this wasabi?” (Walton)

“Pa, please don’t?” (DJ)

“The punishment always suits the crime, son.” (Walton)

“I’ll have a vassal bring some.” (Coy)

Coy then asked one of the Inuharu clan’s vassals to bring some. The vassal came back with a bigger jar than I thought.

“Is this enough?” (Vassal)

“That will be perfect.” (Walton)

“Wait… that much would kill a man. Just a scoopful, that would be more than enough.”

Walton stopped for a second.

“As I did say you could come up with the punishment, then only that much.” (Walton)

That… was scary. I honestly felt sorry for DJ when he was forced to eat the wasabi. He was begging for something to drink. And knowing Coy… he gave the poor guy some sake.

“Thanks…” (DJ)

“You won’t be thanking me later.” (Coy)

And with that, DJ passed out.

“Is that stuff that potent?” (Walton)

“Nope, I just laced it with sleeping draught. I think it’s better that he sleep this one out.” (Coy)

“Coy, you don’t know how much I agree with you on that.” (Walton)

“Um… just how bad is he anyway?”

“Yuki… he’s the kind of guy that shouldn’t be around women.” (Coy)

“Trust me, I’ve had to pay out more than my fair share of hush money to a lot of women in Anthill Bay to keep him out of trouble. I’m just glad that it’s never gone further than groping.” (Walton)

Damn… DJ is an enemy of women.

Before we could say anything else, we heard someone crash through a table. We turned around to see the wolf half-man called Lobo through a table.

“What the hell, Lobo!?” (Coy)

“That emperor… is good.” (Lobo)

And with that, he passed out with a smile on his face.

“The kid’s not bad, but strength isn’t everything in a match!” (Emperor)

Wait… that was the emperor!?

“You’re majesty, could you please explain why you were fighting that idiot at my wedding?” (Coy)

“He looked like a strong kid, so I was curious how well he does. And boy, I haven’t had that much fun in years.” (Emperor)

Just what is with this country!? I mean, Lobo does look scary, and his size doesn’t help as he and the emperor are about the same height. But still…

“Shun…” (Nagisa)

Oh no, Coy’s mother has the ‘tsun’ face right now.

“Nagisa… please don’t get mad? I just wanted to fight someone who seemed like a good opponent.” (Emperor)

“This is unbecoming of an emperor. I finally get to attend the wedding of my long lost son and you’re challenging his friends. So do everyone a favor and stop.” (Nagisa)

“Yes.” (Emperor)

“Just how scary is she?”

Crap, I let it leak out.

“Kid, you have no idea.” (Lost)


He scared me. How does he do that? I mean, he has complete stealth.

“Lost… I mean dad, is that how you ended up marrying her?” (Coy)

“I was too scared not to.” (Lost)

And why do I believe that?

“Looks like Lost Justice is a normal man after all.” (Walton)

“Dale, I told you not to call me that.” (Lost)

“Sorry Abel, my own grudges have yet to go away.” (Walton)

“We can worry about that later. How about a drink?” (Lost)

“I feel like I could use one.” (Walton)

And with that, those two left.

“Coy… I know it’s too late to ask, but has your life always been this strange?”

“Yuki, this is normal for me.” (Coy)

I should had known that he would say that. I mean, my expectations have been shattered one after another ever since I’ve entered this world. If I could go back in time to when the Deity made me that offer, I’d tell the me then that this adventure would do nothing but ruin her expectations. But there’s no way to travel back to the past. Let alone, back to that world.

Not long after, night fell. Lobo, DJ, and Zeke were all put into a corner while passed out. Clair seemed to have gotten along with Nakano, which I didn’t really care about. Both Coy’s father and his former boss were still drinking together and with the exception of the emperor, those were the only guests left. Or so I thought. I had left to… relieve myself and I came back to a sight that I didn’t expect. It was Koneko, Coy’s feline cousin and Nakano’s half-sister from Kenshiro. I decided to hide behind a corner and eavesdrop on her as she decided to talk to my husband. I… can’t belief I just called Coy that mentally.

“So you are the long lost Hayate?” (Koneko)

“And what about it?” (Coy)

“I was only curious of my opponent.” (Koneko)

“Opponent?” (Coy)

He took the words right out of my mouth.

“You are the heir to Yottsu, am I correct?” (Koneko)

“Yeah, I am.” (Coy)

“Then I have come to issue a challenge.” (Koneko)

A challenge? Just what is going on here?

“Really?” (Coy)

“Really. I have heard things. Including that you’re trying to end Ritme’s isolation policy.” (Koneko)

She knew?

“Where did you hear that?” (Coy)

“I did not. It was a prediction.” (Koneko)

Wait… how did she predict that? Does she have some sort of powers? Or are my expectations going to get shattered again?

“Look, I don’t believe in foresight.” (Coy)

“It is nothing like that. My prediction was through your character.” (Koneko)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

I could not have said that better myself.

“You were raised far away from Ritme. So you were raised around humans and all sorts of other races. Not to mention that you were chosen to be the Hero by the Deity. You are nothing more than a traveler, someone who has seen too much of the outside world. There is no way you can be content with staying within the walls of Ritme. So there is no way you would have accepted becoming the next lord of Yottsu without ending the isolation policy as your main objective.” (Koneko)

What in the name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? She’s one of those types?

“I see that you had a good hunch.” (Coy)

“I do not believe in such things as ‘hunches’.” (Koneko)

“So… what does this have to do with your challenge?” (Coy)

“It is more of a wager.” (Koneko)

“A wager?” (Coy)

“Yes, a wager. I wager that you cannot end the isolation policy.” (Koneko)

Wait… I had to stop myself there. But what is she planning?

“And what is the wager?” (Coy)

“If you cannot end the isolation policy, then you must marry me.” (Koneko)

Wait… what!? Damn, she got me to say it mentally.

“Seems interesting. But what if I win?” (Coy)

“That will I leave to your own discretion. Because I know that I will not lose.” (Koneko)

What is that thieving cat up to? Get it, thieving cat? Because she’s a feline half-man. Okay… I shouldn’t really try breaking the fourth wall. Is there even a fourth wall to break?
“Before I accept your wager, what are you up to?” (Coy)

“You will find that out when you lose.” (Koneko)

And with that, she left. Just what is she up to anyway?

“This is interesting, yes?” (Inarihime)

“Wait… how long have you been there?”

Seriously, I didn’t even notice her behind me. At least she doesn’t scare me when she does that, like Coy’s father does.

“Long enough. Looks like young Hayate has his work cut out for him, yes?” (Inarihime)

“It does. But do you know what she’s up to?”

“For this I do not. However, a surprise every once in a while is good.” (Inarihime)

“Okay… what are you planning now?”

“Nothing, Yuki-chan. For once I am just going to sit back and watch events unfold. But do not worry, I am on your side and not the side of the thieving cat.” (Inarihime)


“You cannot say that you did not think of that one, yes?” (Inarihime)

She has me there.

“So… should we pretend that we didn’t see this or what?”

“I say pretend. It would be more interesting to watch this unfold.” (Inarihime)

“As much as I want to know why he accepted that wager, I’ll refrain from confronting him about it for now.”

“This is good.” (Inarihime)

She then left before I could notice it. Just… why am I less surprised when she sneaks up on me than when Coy’s father does it? Still, I did come up to Coy.

“Did I miss anything?”

“Ah, Yuki. Sorry, but nothing interesting has happened.” (Coy)

Go figure, Coy is playing coy with me. Is that a fourth wall break? Nope, just a pun.

“Go figure.”

“Still, it’s time for the next part of my ‘three birds with one stone’ scheme. And I’m going to really need your help with this one.” (Coy)


“Don’t forget, we still have to have our honeymoon.” (Coy)

“Our honeymoon?”

That… was the part that I had been dreading. Just what is he planning? And why do I feel my heart beating faster? Is he going to finally… do that? Am I even mentally prepared for it? And what about Nakano? Oh please don’t tell me that my first time will be in a threesome?

“Yep, our honeymoon. And I picked the best place. Itsutsu.” (Coy)

“Wait… Itsutsu?”

“Yep, the territory of the rodent half-men. That place have the best hot springs according to Inarihime.” (Coy)

Wait… other than going somewhere named after the number five in Japanese, we’re going to a hot spring? Is it even time for the mandatory ‘hot spring episode’? And what does this have to do with his scheme?

“I see.”

To be honest, I do not know what’s going through his head right now? All I do know is that I’m being taken for one hell of a ride.

After Note: And that was chapter twenty-two. The title is named after a Big & Rich song that was popular around the time I graduated high school… which was ten years ago. I REALLY need to see when my high school reunion is, I’ve moved between states since then.  Anyway, it’s a wedding song. So what better time to use it as a title? Still, I need to get back to work on LSPL. I’m gonna try to make a schedule for each novel to update.

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  1. So, next chapter is the mandatory hot springs chapter :3
    Why didn’t surprise me that Lobo and the Emperor ended in a strength match. XD
    I feel that Nagisa would be able to turn a raging dragon into a tame lizard with that ‘tsun’ stare.

    I’m just glad that it’s never gone further than -grouping-.” (Walton)
    I’m just glad that it’s never gone further than (groping).” (Walton)

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    1. Hey, it had to have one at some point. I mean, it’s kinda a tradition when it comes to web novels, light novels, manga, and anime. And for those lacking, we normally get a beach episode.
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      I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, Nagisa’s ‘tsun’ stare may be more pure than Coy’s… but I doubt it’s that strong.

      Fixed the only error that you have found, thank you for finding it. It only means I’m getting somewhat better.

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