Livestream Highlights

Thank you to everyone who attended the stream. This includes Dark Jackel, Izerio (still don’t know you you are), Aberdeus, and Lime. Thank you guys, I’m REALLY glad that you came to the stream. Seriously, you four made it fun.

How did you make it fun? Simple, we talked about web novels, light novel translations, and YGOTAS (Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged). It brought plenty of life into the stream. Yeah, I realized when rewatching it that I mixed Arifureta and Tate no Yuusha once or twice. My bad 😦 Anywho, I really wish you guys would attend the next one.

Speaking of that, I’m thinking about doing another one tonight. But… I want you guys to decide on something. Yeah, it’s more Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Duelist. However, it’s about the deck I use. I’m giving three choices here.

  1. My IRL Deck again
  2. The IRL deck with the modifications that I plan on using after buying the cards needed from
  3. That Blackwing Deck I used on Mai Valentine for sweet, sweet revenge.
  4. The original Yugi Starter Deck

That’s right, I own more than one deck in real life. Even if it was after I built that deck I originally built IRL and used in the stream after modifying, that year for Christmas I got the old Yugi Starter Deck. I would never use that thing as it has Change of Heart (the card I had to remove from my actual deck because it’s banned) and Monster Reborn. Because of those two cards, I can’t even use the recipe online. Still, that deck is a viable option.

As for the Blackwings, I actually do so much better with that deck. That’s why I’m thinking about saving the money and gradually buying the cards to make it IRL. Don’t worry, I’ll still keep my 2006 deck around. It’s actually nice to have more than one deck (not counting that starter deck), especially one for when I play seriously. As much as I dislike Synchro Summoning (It’s basically Ritual Summoning without the Ritual Spell cards), I like the Blackwings. Actually, I think I might make my own Blackwing Deck recipe so I can call it my own. Like add my Panda to it just to make some more “Panda-monium” as Dark Jackel called it. I know, I’m worse than he is for laughing at his bad puns.

So guys, tell me what you think? Just remember, I’m gonna have to restart from the first duel if I use a different deck. Also, don’t forget to link me to some of those novel translations like I asked in the stream?

As for an update, I’ll see if I can have a new chapter out tonight. I’ve… actually been sick most of the week and pretty much got over it on Thursday. So I didn’t really write too much. In the mean time, I need to get some writing in as well as make a Blackwing deck recipe.

5 thoughts on “Livestream Highlights

      1. The reason why using my 2006 deck had so much meaning was because it’s the actual deck I have IRL. I can’t even use my IRL deck at the moment because I need new sleeves. True I could make a new deck from scratch or even use the Blackwings, but where’s the meaning? It’s the game’s deck, not my own.

        I will be honest here, I’m not the best deck builder around. My 2006 deck was made with help from a friend. Like… they did most of the building, I came up with the Bayou theme (zombies and water monsters). Those edits I did to it before the stream after the deck became a decade old, those were mine.


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