Livestream tonight!!!

Sorry, this has nothing to do with “Let’s Go Devil King” and “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!”. Tonight I decided to do a livestream. Before anyone gets too excited, it’s nothing special. It’s Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Duelist. That’s right, I’m doing a video game about a trading card game. What’s the point? Let me tell you first.

First off, I’ll be using my real life deck. Meaning it’s my actual Yu-Gi-Oh TCG deck. This thing was first made in 2006 with help from one of the few players I went to school with. I went to High School in West Virginia, don’t be too surprised. Anyway, that’s when it was originally made. It’s nothing special, especially when compared to today’s meta. I own more cards than what’s in the deck in real life, but I have nothing made in 2007 or later. So it means I have no Synchro, Xyz, or Pendulum monsters in the deck. Hell, I don’t even have any Fusion monsters. And the actual deck I have is so old that it some of the Spell cards still say “Magic” instead.

I’ve actually edited the deck recently. I mean, I made recipes in experimentation of what could work while using the current TCG format. This includes having to remove Change of Heart as it’s been banned since the year the deck was made. Originally it was a 41 card deck, but now it’s a 43 card deck. Don’t ask how that happened, I barely managed to replace some cards without adding too many.

Before you ask, I didn’t know about a few of the current rules in Yu-Gi-Oh. This includes the rule of the person who gets the first turn not being allowed to draw or the fact that two Field Spell cards can be in play at the same time. When I first played Legacy of the Duelist, I didn’t know about that and some of my old stratagems didn’t work. I know some people on my PSN friend list who hate the Two Field Spell rule. And by the way, that rule just means that both players can have one out at the same time. It’s nothing stupid like being able to play two at once.

The second reason, I wanna see how far I can get with my “over a decade” old deck. It’s not any of the archetypes, just something that you would had probably seen in the first series of the anime. I’m talking about “Duel Monsters”, not Season Zero. As in the series before GX. I’ll be starting from the “Duel Monsters” campaign and working my way up. I already know that I’m going to hit bumps when I get to the “GX” campaign and that the “5D’s” campaign will be a hassle. So don’t get your hopes up for the “Zexal” campaign, or the “Arc-V” campaign as I don’t have any of the DLC.

I’m telling everyone now, I originally beat the game with a customized Pendulum/Xyz deck as it’s OP in some parts of the story. I couldn’t even beat Rex Goodwin without it. Thanks to my spamming Scrap Iron Scarecrow, he eventually suicided to avoid losing by running out of cards. So yeah, no problems on his end with my old school deck.

Anyway, the stream starts at 9:00 PM EST. If you wanna attend, then good. If not, oh well. And yes, I will have something posted tomorrow story wise.


I forgot to link my Twitch channel. Also, it will be announced when the stream begins on my Twitter as well.


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