Livestream highlights of #BlackWingsMatter

Well peeps, here’s the highlights for the stream. As you all know, I used an in-game deck recipe to beat the Duel Monsters (original series) campaign. It was a Blackwing deck, which was slightly cheating as Izerio said because it has Synchro Summoning. However, I did lose two duels. One to the Rare Hunter with the cheating Exodia deck (which is possible no matter what deck you use) and once in the final duel again Yami Yugi (which was my own fault). And no, because the RNG Gods didn’t favor Yami Yugi for once does not make it a pity win.

Still, it was fun. I liked everyone showing up (sans Lime as he didn’t show). And the Abridged Series jokes as well as more Light Novel talk. To those who actually sent me some novel links, thanks. I can’t wait for the next one, which will be on Friday at 9:00 PM EST.

As per Dark Jackel’s request, I made a deck that has the panda. All I did was add one to that Blackwing deck that I used in the stream so I don’t mess up the deck makeup too badly. And… replaced a few cards that I know what I can do without. I call the deck that I’ll start using in the next stream “2017 Blackwing Panda-monium” because of Dark Jackel’s one pun 😛

Anywho, I uploaded the stream in 15 minute segments on YouTube because it was over 3 hours long. Almost 3 and a half really. If you missed anything, the Playlist version of the stream is on this page.

I’m thinking in a future stream of doing it with a deck that all of us made. As in you guys help make the deck. It was one of Lime’s suggestions, but it still sounds nice. Not sure how many duels it will win me, but it does sound nice.

Still, it was fun guys. Thank you to everyone who attended. Now, I gotta get to work on another chapter. I’ll be mainly working on LGDK this week, so sorry to everyone wanting another LSPL chapter.

Just two reminders before I go. Number one, I’ll be using the Blackwing Panda-monium deck in the GX campaign on Friday and if I manage to complete it that night I’ll be using it in the 5D’s campaign on Saturday. And two, we better be seeing that model motorcycle soon Dark Jackel.

On an extra note, #BlackWingsMatter

6 thoughts on “Livestream highlights of #BlackWingsMatter

  1. Lol, I’m looking at the blogs you follow, and a lot of them look very familiar… X)

    But you asked for links, so here’s a few:

    Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
    An ordinary baker boy has a dream, in which he learns that his four ex-girlfriends from his last incarnation, who happen to be extreme god-like existences, are looking for him so they can kill him again. This translation just started, but it’s already become one of my favorites. Oh, and often quite lewd. 😉

    Oh, and on that same site,, “Great Dao Commander” and “It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute” are also quite good.

    The Tutorial Is Too Hard
    A man gets pulled into “The Tutorial”, a mysterious training program for creating heroes to protect Earth. But while drunk, he selected “Hell” difficulty, and now he’s trapped in the Tutorial, and can’t return to Earth. Very interesting, so far.

    The Wolf Lord’s Lady
    Poignant to an extreme degree. Every single chapter nearly makes me cry. It’s really, really good, though. A villainess girl is killed along with her evil noble family, by the young man she was in love with who was actually infiltrating their manor to revolt against them. But she reincarnates with her memories, and fifteen years later, through a series of coincidences, they meet again. No seriously, read this. ;_; (Psst, you should read “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi” on the same site. It’s very different from a typical JN…)

    A Livestreamer’s New Game+
    My favorite VRMMORPG novel. Not perfect, maybe, but I like it. Basically, a loner highschooler who is actually the most popular livestreamer in a certain game, who gets pulled into making an alt so that he can adventure with a girl he likes. Well, it’s better than I made it sound, though… 😉

    Let’s see, what else… I know the site was mentioned in the stream last night, but just in case, The New Gate is at Incidentally? The very first translation site I ever followed. Reigokai was the third. 😉

    Oh, yeah, and then there’s I Shall Seal The Heavens… . Currently over 1200 chapters translated. My biggest problem with it is that it’s too good, and each time I read it I end up losing days of time… because I’m still not caught up to date. (Somewhere in the 900s right now. 😛 ) They’re not exactly short chapters, either… Oh well, it’s still the best pure Xianxia I’ve ever read. 😀


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