New Chapter later tonight and another Livestream?

Sup Peeps? Nothing much going on here. I’m just going to update “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!” tonight. Sorry, no new “Let’s Go Devil King!” tonight. I’ve decided that it would be easier to do one at a time per week. Unless I decide to go Patreon and do sponsored chapters, it would be pointless as I pretty much do this for free. Anywho, the LSPL chapter will be coming out in an hour.

And in less than an hour, I’m going to do another livestream. I’ve been wanting to be a livestreamer for a while, but I could never come up with a schedule. And… apparently I like doing the Yu-Gi-Oh livestreams, the chat becomes a discussion about all sorts of things. It happens only when my readers attend, but I like it. I know everyone might be busy, but it will still start tonight at 9:00 PM EST. Unless something happens, that’s what’s going on. Instead of the 2006 Bayou deck, I’m running the Blackwings tonight. Why? Simple, my Bayou deck as I like to call it is just not good enough. Which… there’s something I must confess.

I actually ran the original campaign earlier this week using the Bayou deck. I managed to beat it, though I did have to repeat a few duels due to losing. I lucked out and was able to summon the panda in all the duels against Mai Valentine. That losing streak I had against her on last night’s stream was due to not being able to summon the panda. The panda failed me last night. It makes me a sad panda 😦

Anywho, tonight’s stream will be named “#BlackWingsMatter”. Blame YugiTuber (a YouTuber who only does Yu-Gi-Oh! related things) Davinator1212 for the name, I watched one of his videos about how older archetypes needing new support and he wrote it in the comments. Anywho, be sure to attend. It will be on my Twitch channel again and it will be announced on my Twitter page. Thank you to everyone who attended my last stream, I would like it if you attended again. If you can’t or don’t feel like it, I understand. Anywho, will be updating LSPL soon.

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