Changing things around (or back) and stream news.

Okay… I just lost like 4 followers. As I have a low follower count, it stings a little. I think I know why, it’s because of the recent chapter pf LSPL. I decided to make Niko a character that breaks the fourth wall too much. Just a reminder, that was an experiment. So far, the experiment has failed. So starting the next chapter, he’s going back to how he was. Also, I’m going to fix that mistake in the last chapter that two people have pointed out by the time you’re done reading this post. Again, I’m sorry for doing something so stupid.

On a side note, I tested the deck I’ll be using in Friday’s live stream. So far, there seems to be no problems. I only tested it in the Duel Monsters campaign and part of the GX one. Looks like replacing a few cards and adding Gyaku-Gire Panda didn’t hurt the recipe too much. So be expecting me to use the Blackwing Panda-monium deck on Friday.

On a side note, I want to thank Dark Jackel for not only giving me a shout out, but also sending me some links for more novels to read. I’ll get to reading those soon. Also, thank you to Izerio for emailing me a few as well. Again, I’ll get to reading those soon.

Now to everyone else. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but if you have problems with how I operate… then tell me. Yeah, I took advantage of the fact I’m a writer to advertise my live streams. And yeah, my Yu-Gi-Oh live streams may have taken up some valuable time from other writers. However, sorry for trying to set my own bar. I’ve always wanted to be a live streamer. Well… not always. It started a few years ago when I started attending other people’s streams. I was jealous because my computer was not up to the task. Even when I managed a way to capture game play from my Xbox 360 and created “lag-o-vision” as a joke for stuff I uploaded to YouTube, my computer (and internet connection at the time) couldn’t handle both the 360 and OBS. So when I got the PS4, it was like a blessing as I could finally do it.

I’m both a writer and a live streamer. I will never claim to be the best at either one. It’s all about doing it because it’s what I want to do. Just like the other writers out there, they write because they want to do it. It’s not about fortune or fame, it’s all about doing what you love. And I love writing and live streaming. And yes, even at my age… I still love Yu-gi-Oh!


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