Trivia and minor confessions about LGDK!

Trivia and minor confessions about LGDK!

I know, you’re all wondering why I’m making this post. Well… I haven’t been well lately. I came down with a bug on Monday and still not over it. I’m going back to resting soon, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the next chapter finished in time for Saturday. Hell, I’m not sure if I’ll be live streaming this weekend either. Anywho, without further adieu… here’s some trivia and minor confessions about LGDK.

For starters, Coy’s character. I reason I picked what I call a “half-man” is due to the lack of protagonists (or MCs) that are some sort of beast man. And I picked his animal part being a coyote because… of multiple reasons. One, wolves are so overrated. And two, I used to have two dogs that were Great Pyrenees/Coyote hybrids, their names were Marcel and Belle. Belle died years ago and I ended up babying Marcel more than I already did. I’d even pick that big dog up, surprising people around me. But… all that is a story for another time. And originally, Coy’s name was going to be Marcel after my little half-coyote. But… I decided on Coy so I could use it for a pun later on (which I did).

When it came to settings and the protagonist’s character, I’ve had a few ideas. One of them ended up being used for “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!”, the one about the protagonist being the summoned character’s family before being reincarnated. I basically created LSPL to fill that need. Another one came from my love of old westerns (the movie genre). I thought of the protagonist being like a sheriff’s deputy in the old west being summoned to another world or being of the current world that the story takes place in. But even though it would had worked with the world I ended up making for LGDK… I’d have to work more on writing accents. The only thing that stuck from that idea was Coy being gifted with single-action revolvers. I ended up making Coy an ex-mafia-style gangster inspired by both my Sicilian heritage (I’m half) and my main Grand Theft Auto Online character. The reason for the later is that I normally have him dressed as a 1930’s gangster. For some odd reason, having an animal person character dressed like that worked in my head.

Things about Coy, including his heritage was something that I added as I wrote the story. I was mainly inspired by Mayou (Mayou Maou Yuusha) and other manga/novels that I have read. I even reference Mayou a lot in LGDK, in all but name. Another big inspiration was the Fallout series of video games (as I’m sure anyone could tell). But getting back to Coy himself, I had a hard time deciding on what kind of protagonist I wanted him to be. I thought about an absolute hell raiser, but it just didn’t click with me. Coy being someone who was more comfortable with his life and hating the change just… it just felt right. He’s clever, that’s a given. But his main motivation other than being reunited with his long lost sister is just to get it over with. Going on an adventure, challenging the Devil King, none of that was something that he would ever want. He was content with his role in life… even if it was being a criminal.

As for his relationship with Yuki… he actually thinks of her more like a stray kitten you see in a box. She’s someone from another world with no way to return home, even with her role of Devil King… she’s technically alone in this world as she has no family. And he does think she’s cute, but that’s about all.

Now for Yuki aka Sea Green. As everyone knows, Chuunibyou (or 8th Grader’s Syndrome) is something that’s more known in Japan than the rest of the world. Yeah I wanted to make her an otaku to help with the fourth wall breaks, but I figured an ex-chuuni would make for a more interesting character. I picked the name Yuki because I always liked it. It’s a cute name. I did everything I could to make sure that she wasn’t the stereotypical female protagonist. She’s not overly sexy or overly beautiful, just pretty much an average girl. But her main purpose is for the comedic effect for each time her expectations get ruined. Also as an unfamiliar pair of eyes with the world of LGDK to make at least one protagonist easier to relate with the reader.

I picked the first-person prospective when writing for multiple reasons. This way you could read the character’s emotions a little easier. But most of this being from Yuki’s “sideline” point of view was inspired by yet another manga, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. Even though the title was named after Haruhi, the story was always from Kyon’s point of view. But the reason why I use both Coy and Yuki’s points of view is so I can actually have the characters separated at points in the story and still be able to continue. And because some things are easier to explain from the other one’s point of view.

I have other references to pop culture hidden within the story. For starters, the name of Coy’s hometown. Anthill Bay and (partly) Coy’s former occupation came from the Anthill Mob, characters that appeared in both Hanna Barbara’s Wacky Races and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. It’s something that most people don’t get as they didn’t watch those old cartoons when they were young like me… and they were old back then. The “more that meets the eye” out of the whole “more than meets the eye at hand” recurring theme came from Transformers. As in the original 80’s cartoon, not the crappy movies with Shia LaBeouf. I’ve already mentioned the names of car makers in the LGDK world in the past, so no need to mention those again. Lost Justice’s appearance was somewhat based on Clint Eastwood’s character known as The Man with No Name. Other pop icon characters out there are all guilty of the same crime, including Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X, Jesse McCree from Overwatch, and even John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. Even though his back story was somewhat based on the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, I prefer his cowboy mercenary background better. Even the character of the Mysterious Stranger comes from two different video games. As everyone knows, there’s a perk in the Fallout games called “Mysterious Stranger” where depending on your luck… there’s a chance of him appearing with his .44 magnum revolver and possibly killing whatever you were shooting at in V.A.T.S. But his appearance and demeanor come from a character just called the Stranger from Red Dead Redemption. He sends you on side quests that test your morality. People even refer to him as “the devil” when trying to figure him out.

The darkest secret was actually in the names of the countries, I just took names of cigarette brands and re-arranged them. Portnew = Newport, Stinwin = Winston (I also replaced the ‘o’ with another ‘i’), Boromarl = Marlboro, Melca = Camel, and finally Ritme = Merit (which is an international cigarette brand that’s also sold in Japan). This was all something I was actually hoping someone would point out. Even the “holy capital” Tholman (pronounced toll-man) is actually menthol rearranged. I am a smoker after all… though I do not encourage taking up the habit. It’s hard to quit once you get hooked. So please, don’t smoke?

I also have a few other anime and manga references that were mentioned in all but name. When Coy called Kimiko “one hell of a maid”, it was a reference to Black Butler. And his conversation about “inevitability” with Inarihime was based on what Yuuko likes to say about the subject in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. I probably have more that I’ve actually hidden in there, but you must find those on your own.

The final part is on the LGDK world. The “Old World” is definitely inspired by Fallout. I love those games, even if I’ve only played New Vegas and 4. I’ve read up on the lore itself and fell in love with it. But I wanted something that would work. So what better way to describe a world in the current shape it’s in? Let 2,000 years pass since the world did something so stupid and nuked everything. Most of the difference in technology came from Robert William Host who brought his knowledge from the Old World with him. Stinwin is actually the most technologically advanced country in the LGDK world as it’s where he’s currently based. Even if it were through his ruthless tactics, they have hydroelectric dams to produce electricity. As for making cars run on something that’s not steam, that was based on something in real life. There are countries out there that make diesel fuel from lumber, it’s where the inspiration for liquid charcoal came from. The world had healed from the final war, even if it was from help with the Deity. So the possibilities are endless.

Some of Coy and Yuki’s setup from the beginning of the story came from an old idea for an original story I had years ago. It was about a bank robber who ended up taking a foreign girl as a hostage for a getaway and she ended up traveling with him in his robbing spree during the Prohibition era. Coy and Yuki mainly traveling around in his car after he rescued her from the Devil King’s Castle came from that old idea that never left the ground.

That’s all the trivia and confessions I’m giving right now. Any more… and it would all be spoilers.


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