L.G.D.K! Chapter 24 – Kiss from a Rose?

fAuthor’s Note: Well… here’s chapter 24 of LGDK. Sorry about no LSPL this week. Also, tonight’s live stream has been canceled on the account of bad bowel movements. Aside from all that, please enjoy?

WARNING: Reading this chapter may cause you to get diabetes.

Chapter 24 – Kiss from a Rose?

Well… this is a first for me. Coy passed out from the heat of the hot spring after Inarihime’s antics and I’m giving him a lap pillow while fanning him off. I had never really given a lap pillow before, but this is still slightly awkward. Eventually Coy started to wake up.

“Yuki…” (Coy)

“Rise and shine.”

“What… happened?” (Coy)

“You passed out from being in the spring for too long. Not to mention… Inarihime’s antics.”

Right there, he made a shocked expression.

“I wish you would had left that part out.” (Coy)

“Well… you would had remembered eventually.”

In truth, Inarihime’s towel fell off. When he tried to escape, he ended up slipping and his face was planted into Asuka’s chest. She went “It’s too soon, Hayate-sama” and pushed him off. He slipped backwards this time and ended up underwater. That’s when the heat actually caught up to him and he passed out.

“I thought I was gonna die…” (Coy)

“Most guys your age would give anything to experience that.”

One thing I remembered all too well, boys who would be reading harem-genre manga and complain about the protagonist trying to be pure. In reality, those situations would never happen because a lot of boys are not that pure and not that lucky.

“Well… I know DJ would kill to have had that experience, but I’m not him.” (Coy)

Oh yeah, that’s his half-elf friend who’s father had to pay hush money to his groping victims. Still…

“Coy, why wouldn’t you want that situation?”

“I’ve noticed that you dropped the suffix.” (Coy)

He’s actually right. Normally I would drop it if he’s making me aggravated. Now I rarely even call him ‘Coy-kun’ anymore.

“Maybe it’s the fact we’re married now? But don’t change the subject.”

“Heh, you’re right. I guess it’s due to the fact that I’m just different? I mean, I was one of the few who didn’t wanna become the Hero, but it did happen. To be honest, I never expected to live as long as I have so far. But… life always has other plans.” (Coy)

“Really? And what were your plans?”

“Well… I did plan on eventually going on a journey to find my long lost sister. But… that’s changed.” (Coy)

That sis-con… he’s still looking for her. But…


“Let’s just say that now that I know that she’s alive and well, I don’t really have much to do on the subject. But now, I’m trying to change the country from where I was born. Not to mention, we have a war to end.” (Coy)

“Sounds like someone’s trying to grow up?”

I just had to tease that a little.

“Oh how you jest. Life is a mysterious thing, Yuki. It has it’s ups and it’s downs, but I’m glad that it ended up this way now.” (Coy)

“Wait… you’re glad?”

“Because if I had never became the Hero, I would have never met you.” (Coy)

Okay… now I’m the one who’s REALLY red right now. Did his brain get damaged from everything that’s happened today?

“Um… what do you mean by that?”

“Ever since my sister was taken away, I felt lonely. Even with Clair and her acting like an older sister, she was adopted eventually. And then I got kicked out of the orphanage. Yeah, I was lucky that Boss Walton took me in, but I still felt like the odd man out. Even before I became the Hero, I was at a crossroads all the time between the path of self-preservation and the path of self-destruction. That’s always been the case. Don’t forget, I did have that temper.” (Coy)

“Yeah, I know that temper.”

“After Nanashi betrayed me, that was the last straw. I just wanted to kill the Devil King and then hunt him down. I didn’t care if I died, as long as I lived long enough to get back at him. But then… I met you.” (Coy)

“Wait… what?”

I know, I stole his catch phrase yet again.

“When I met you, I remembered that there’s people out there who got it worse than I do. There you were, far from home in another world that’s not your own. You wanted to be the Devil King as much as I wanted to be the Hero. We were in the same boat in that sense. Thanks to you, I found a new purpose in life.” (Coy)

Okay… my heart’s just beating too fast right now.

“A… new purpose?”

“Yeah, I wanted to help you.” (Coy)

“Help me?”

“Yuki, ever see a kitten in a box on the side of the road?” (Coy)

I can’t say that I haven’t.


“That’s kind of what I thought of you at first. I just wanted to help you. But… you’ve helped me instead.” (Coy)

“Why do I feel a little insulted by that first part?”

“I don’t blame ya there. But still, you changed me.” (Coy)

“I… changed you?”

“Remember when we first met Wells and her people?” (Coy)


“If it weren’t for you, I probably would had killed them when I found out about the final great war. And then when I found out the origins of the half-man race. But you stopped me. Without you, I probably would had been on the path of self-destruction.” (Coy)

“I didn’t know that.”

Seriously, I never knew how I had impacted his life. Or that I could have such an impact on anyone to be honest.

“Well, now you do. And… there’s another thing I must tell you.” (Coy)

“Wait… what?”

He then stood up. He seemed a little woozy, but he kept his composure. He then grabbed my shoulders.

“Yuki… I never said this to anyone before. But… I love you.” (Coy)

“Wait… wha–”

He then caught me off guard and gave me my first kiss. I couldn’t believe it, I was dumbstruck from it. But still… he managed to stop me from stealing his catchphrase again.

“I know I’m a little late on that, but I had to do it.” (Coy)

“That’s kinda unfair, ya know!”

Great… he’s got me stealing Cecil’s catchphrase.

“I know, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” (Coy)

“But wasn’t it a month ago that you were conflicted on your own feelings about me?”

“Time changes all things, Yuki. I finally managed to get my feelings for you straightened out. Even… if I should had done that before proposing to you. Let alone, marrying you.” (Coy)

“Well yeah. I mean, it was unfair of you to do that.”

“It was, and I’m sorry.” (Coy)

“Well… you better take responsibility.”

“Well… I already married ya. So if there’s anything else you want me to do, then your wish is my command.” (Coy)

Dammit, he has me there! But wait…

“What about Nakano? Or even Nyra and Wells? Do you have feelings for any of them as well?”

“Yuki, one thing at a time.” (Coy)

“No, that won’t do.”

“It won’t?” (Coy)

“Coy, you must promise me one thing.”

“What is it?” (Coy)

I know I’m probably going to regret this, but I never even expected to be part of the harem route either. It’s only fair that I make him promise this.

“You must treat us all equally. I don’t know about Wells, but I do know that Nakano and Nyra both love you as well. You must return those feelings. Otherwise, I will never forgive you.”

I actually said it. I couldn’t believe it, but I said it.

“You have my word. Not as Hayate Inuharu, but as the same man who rescued you from the Devil King’s castle. I will always return those feelings.” (Coy)


That moment, a sliding door fell over. It was Nakano and Inarihime, they had fallen on top of it and I guess that they were eavesdropping.

“What the hell’s this about?” (Coy)

I don’t know why, but I feel relieved that ‘that’ Coy is back.

“Well young Hayate, I spotted young Nakano listening in and I could not resist.” (Inarihime)

“Please forgive me!?” (Nakano)

Nakano said that while doing a dogeza.

““Get up.”” (Coy and I)

“Huh?” (Nakano)

She listened to us and got back up.

“Nakano, it’s all right.”

“Yuki has a point, you didn’t do anything wrong.” (Coy)

“All right…” (Nakano)

“I will admit that I am surprised, is young Yuki not greedy?” (Inarihime)

“It has nothing to do with being greedy.”

I had to retort that. It’s only fair that if Coy’s going to be dumb enough to marry all of us, that he treats us equally.

“Yuki-san…” (Nakano)

“Nakano, we’re both his wives. You don’t need to add the ‘san’ to my name anymore.”

“Then Yuki… there’s something you must know.” (Nakano)


Just… what must I know?

“I will explain it. Young Yuki, it is known that even with polygamy that there is normally a main wife.” (Inarihime)

“A main wife?”

“That is correct. That is the wife that gets the most attention and affection.” (Inarihime)

“But… isn’t that wrong?”

It does feel wrong. Especially to an otaku like myself who’s familiar with the harem-genre.

“It is how it has always been.” (Inarihime)

“And… the others and I have accepted that you are the main wife, Yuki.” (Nakano)

“Wait… what!?”

That time, I couldn’t even help it. I had to steal Coy’s catchphrase. This isn’t how the harem-genre’s supposed to work!

“It’s true. Yuki, you were the first one that Hayate proposed to. And out of all of us, you are the closest one to him. So that makes you the main wife.” (Nakano)

“But… what about that promise that I made Coy give?”

“It’s all right.” (Nakano)

“Young Yuki, it takes time for feelings to be fully explored. It even took me a few years to fully return the Ox King’s affections towards me.” (Inarihime)


“When Hayate is ready to return my affections, I will accept them. But for now, it’s your turn.” (Nakano)

I just can’t accept this! No, I can’t accept it. It feels like I’m getting the most expensive item on the menu and they’re stuck with the salad bar.

“Yuki.” (Coy)

What does he want now?

“Yes, Coy?”

“Remember that promise you just had me make?” (Coy)


“Wouldn’t accepting this be returning those feelings?” (Coy)

Wait… why does he have a point? I mean, it’s wrong for him to not treat us equally. But at the same time… it’s right that he does wait.

“Fine… I give up.”

“Wise move, young Yuki.” (Inarihime)

Wait… this does lead to another question.

“Inarihime, why did you drop the suffixes?”

“Oh… that. You are married now, so that makes you an adult. But I will keep calling all of you ‘young’ because you are still in between, yes?” (Inarihime)

Why must she always be that way? Not to mention she’s such a… oh, I think I found a nickname for her.

“Whatever you say, Pervy Fox.”

“Wait… Pervy Fox?” (Inarihime)

“Actually… that’s a good one Yuki, it suits her.” (Coy)

“Et tu, Young Hayate?” (Inarihime)

“Let’s see… you threatened me by telling me about my parents life in the bedroom. Not to mention the fiasco in the spring.” (Coy)

Oh how Coy’s right about that one.

“But… isn’t that being disrespectful to Inarihime-sama?” (Nakano)

“It is all right, Young Nakano. I think I might get used to it.” (Inarihime)

““What kind of twisted logic is that!?”” (Coy and I)

She even made Coy and I say it at the same time. Just what is with her? I know she’s a kitsune, but come on!?

“It is not everyday that someone is willing to give me such a nickname. So I will treasure it.” (Inarihime)

“Whatever.” (Coy)

After saying that, he headed straight back to the room. Coy really has changed. Normally, he would had been firing warning shots with his revolver or something, not caring who it was. I guess I’ve impacted him better than I thought I had.

“Young Yuki, please join him? I think he could use another lap pillow.” (Inarihime)


“Do not worry, young Nakano and I will just be having tea. We will not intrude again.” (Inarihime)

It’s really hard to trust her, but I’m sure she was just trying to give us some time alone. So I headed straight for the room myself. But when I got there… he was already smoking a cigarette.

“Coy, put out the cigarette.”

“But I really need it?” (Coy)

I then sat in a seiza.

“If you don’t, then you do not get another lap pillow.”

Surprisingly… or not, he put out the cigarette and was already resting his head on my lap. Is it his thigh fetish or something? Still… he did look a little more relieved.

“Do you like thighs that much or something?”

“Well… I’ll leave that up to your imagination. But for right now, let’s try not to ruin the mood.” (Coy)

“Wow… I’m a little surprised by this.”

“Just because I like thighs, doesn’t make me a pervert like DJ. This just feels… nice. And nostalgic.” (Coy)


“I can’t explain it, you’re the first person to give me one of these. At least the first that I can recall anyway. Still… it feels nice.” (Coy)

I decided to stroke his hair a little. But that caused him to lay on his side and face away.


“Blame my tail.” (Coy)

I then looked down and noticed it wagging. Even if it’s not it’s original dark ginger color, it’s still kind of cute. I couldn’t help but to smile.

“I guess it’s hard to wag your tail when laying on your back?”

“It is. Sometimes we half-men can’t help it, it’s like our tails have a mind of their own.” (Coy)

I couldn’t resist, I had to scratch behind his canine ears. It was wagging even more.

“Does that feel good?”

“It… it does. It’s a little embarrassing, but it feels good.” (Coy)

He’s even blushing. It’s too cute, my otaku senses are on overload right now.

“Do you brush your tail?”

“Usually when I’m done bathing. Believe it or not, we half-men take pride in maintaining our tails. I normally brush it after every bath.” (Coy)

“Didn’t you forget to brush it after your soak in the hot spring?”

“That’s because I passed out.” (Coy)

“Can… um… can I try brushing it?”

Coy went beet red right there. Is it that embarrassing?

“Yuki… half-men having their tail brushed by the opposite gender is normally a form of intimacy.” (Coy)

“Really now?”

I couldn’t resist asking to do it, my otaku self is already squealing on the inside.

“But… we are married. And I already confessed. So… there’s no problem with it. Just… be gentle?” (Coy)

If he would had said that as Coy-chan, that would had been too moe. Heck, I’m actually fighting off a nose bleed right now.


He then opened his inventory window and pulled out a hand brush. As in a brush without a handle. He then got his head off of my lap and laid down on his belly. After taking the brush, I started. It reminded me of brushing a dog. But he was calm the whole time. And… it seemed like he was enjoying it. After I was finished, he got up on his knees.

“Thank… thank you.” (Coy)

He’s still blushing? I almost wanna eat him up right now. Not too long after, Nakano entered.

“Did something happen?” (Nakano)

“I just got done brushing Coy’s tail.”

“His tail!?” (Nakano)

She was blushing from it. By that shade of red, I could only assume that Coy was right about the opposite gender brushing a half-man’s tail was a form of intimacy.

“Nakano, how about I brush yours?” (Coy)

“But… it’s Yuki’s turn to be intimate.” (Nakano)

“Nakano, don’t forget we’re all here on our honeymoon. So there’s no reason for you to be left out.”

There is no reason for her to be left out, this is our honeymoon. As much as I liked that she was giving me time alone with Coy, it’s not fair that she doesn’t have anything from this. She should just accept his offer.

“Are you sure, Yuki?” (Nakano)

“I’m sure.”

She then did what Coy did and laid down on her stomach. Coy started brushing her tail, and she seemed to be in a moment of ecstasy. All I could do was admire the sight before my eyes. It made me wish that I had a tail as well. After Coy finished, she got up.

“Thank you.” (Nakano)

It wasn’t what I had imagined for our honeymoon so far, but it was nice. Coy wasn’t neglecting Nakano nor myself. And I got to live out one of my dreams on this day, brushing an animal person’s tail. Hey, there’s no otaku who wouldn’t want to do that. All I knew was that it was good to get always from the normal chaos and have moments like this. Too bad that tomorrow we would be getting back to Coy’s scheme when it comes to his old party.

After Note: And that was the 24th chapter, folks. I didn’t know what came over me when I started writing it, but I couldn’t stop. Still, I just hope all of you enjoyed it.

Again, sorry about canceling the live stream. Please forgive me?

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13 thoughts on “L.G.D.K! Chapter 24 – Kiss from a Rose?

  1. So sweet~💞
    Hopefully I have good sweetness resistance, if not I would’ve melted before finishing (though I half melted internally when imagining the scenes😍).

    1- Let’s just say that now that I know -that’s- she’s alive and well, I don’t really have much to do on the subject.
    Let’s just say that now that I know (that) she’s alive and well, I don’t really have much to do on the subject.

    2- “I… -change- you?”
    “I… (changed) you?”

    3- “I will admit that I am -surprise-, is young Yuki not greedy?” (Inarihime)
    “I will admit that I am (surprised), is young Yuki not greedy?” (Inarihime)

    4- I mean, it’s wrong for him to not treat -use- equally.
    I mean, it’s wrong for him to not treat (us) equally. 

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! It seemed a bit abrupt to me…but then, the whole novel has a lot of abruptness to it, so at least it’s consistent. 😛

    I’m happy for Yuki… I think? She’s still not on the same page as everyone else, but at least she’s getting some affection from everyone. Also, Coy is *so* awkward at times, it’s just too cute… 😀

    Anyhow, looking forward to the tormenting of Nanaki! Give ’em hell, y’all! 😀

    P.S. Kiss From a Rose is one of my favorite songs ever. In fact, I’m gonna go listen to the album right now… 😉

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    1. You’re welcome. Dont’ forget, the randomness in this novel is what makes it what it is. Did I somehow creat consistent randomness?

      Well… this is one of the rare times where you see both her girl side and otaku side. It was time I used those. Now… if I could get to her chunni side, I’d feel better. As Coy doesn’t really have relationship experience, of course he’s awkward. In truth, the only girl he ever had feelings for became more of a sister figure, and she left the orphanage before he did. Besides, his desire to meet with his real sister again had been his driving point for years. Even if he’s not really a sis-con.

      Um… that guy’s name is Nanashi, it’s Japanese for “no name”. And as a friendly spoiler, Coy’s going for psychological warfare.

      I first heard that song when I first saw Batman Forever, which I seen in a drive-in when it was in theaters. I was going between this and “Eternity” by Big & Rich. But go listen to Kiss from a Rose, it might bring motivation and inspiration to you. It’s actually on the play list I listen to when I’m writing, I normally write with my headphones on.

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