No chapter tonight…

Sorry peeps, I just haven’t been in the mood to write. I haven’t had any motivation due to limited internet. Hell, I’m almost platinum in SAO: Lost Song because I haven’t been able to do much. Due to not being able to access PSN and my sister’s console being the one that my account is registered to, I haven’t been able to play my downloaded games. I only own like three disc games, four if you include that I bought a Taken King edition of Destiny last year. The only difference between it and vanilla Destiny is that it came with the download codes for the content. The disc that came with the Taken King edition is just a regular Destiny disc.

The other two that I have discs for are SAO: Lost Song and the Uncharted Collection that came with my PS4. No matter how hard I try, I can never get in the mood to play the latter of the two. I have nothing against the Uncharted games, it’s just to play certain games you have to be in the mood.

As for SAO: Lost Song, it’s not a bad game. There are things that the developers could had done to make it better though. Actually, I think I might wright a game review on it. This way I can properly rant on how it’s not bad and how it is bad? It’s tempting, I’ll say that much. Still, I ended up doing a NG+ (New Game Plus) on it because just doing the post game stuff is boring. I only need two trophies in that game to get the platinum trophy for it now. In SAO: ReHollow Fragment I have many trophies that I still need to get. But if I can get the platinum trophy for Lost Song, it would be my third platinum overall and my first one from a PS4 game. My two PS3 platinum trophies are from WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. The first one, anyone can get platinum and it doesn’t require online play to do so. The second… it’s a bunch of hard work. Trust my, it took me a long time to do it.

Still, no new chapter this week because of my lack of motivation and possibly depression as well. I’m sorry peeps, I really am 😦


4 thoughts on “No chapter tonight…

  1. Trust me, I get it.

    Incidentally, my platinum trophies are all from Lego games and Rachet & Clank PS3 releases. I am one trophy away from platinum in La Mulana on the PS Vita, though.

    Actually, I might have a couple others, but nothing too time consuming. I’m kinda not willing to sink hundreds of hours into a single game anymore… 😅


    1. Since I know you have a vita and a 3, do you have a PS4? Also, we should probably add each other. My PSN’s HighwaymanMyth. I’m not really active on the PS3 anymore, I lent mine to one of my sisters and now it doesn’t even want to work.

      Know that feeling, I’m only doing this because I pretty much have nothing else to do. Usually, reading manga and watching anime motivates me. But sadly I can’t access KissManga or KissAnime while my internet is like this.

      Also, I decided to do a game review for Lost Song. I will be posting it later. It’s better than no content, right?


      1. I have a PS 4, but… Because of the limits of my own internet access, I haven’t even connected it to my account yet. Still, I can play Tales of Berseria, so it fulfills it’s function. 😅


      2. When you do get it functional, let’s play a little bit together. Be warned when going through AT&T, the deals only last for so long and then they stick you big time. When I’m able to pay them, I’m switching the deal to internet only.

        Also… now I’m one trophy away from platinum for that SAO game.


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