Looks like me and my phone are going to be besties for a while…

Well… I just called to cancel AT&T’s services. Meaning that now I’m just waiting on them to shut everything down. I won’t be able to pay them in time anyway, even if I miraculously got a job and started tomorrow. Time Warner’s service changed to Spectrum and I just tried to get their services. But… they wanted way more than the advertised offer we got in the mail for a combo of internet, TV, and Phone. Not to mention they wanted me to pay my first bill in advanced. So yeah, I had to politely decline them.

By the looks of things, I won’t have proper internet for a few weeks. Bright side, I still get net on my phone. Thus I can still read stuff. If I managed to whip together a new chapter, I’m going to have to tether to my phone to post it as I can’t afford to really pay for a hotspot app to use my phone as a wi-fi hotspot. So yeah, I’m screwed for a while.

In the mean time, I’m just going to be applying for jobs and using my phone when possible for internet. I will try to have the internet back by March. Just don’t be expecting weekly updates as I use the net a lot to look up things.

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