Nothing tonight either…

Sorry peeps, but I got nothing. Haven’t been in much of a writing mood. So far having no net sucks. So far since my net’s been off, I got platinum on Lost Song and beat the Uncharted Collection. I am not going for platinum on the latter, it was actually difficult to beat them on Normal difficulty. The first three Uncharted games were actually good.

In brighter news, I will be calling about internet in a week from Monday. I will have money by then. 


2 thoughts on “Nothing tonight either…

  1. I *almost* picked up Last Song, since it was pretty cheap (on sale). I just… never really got into SAO.

    In the end, I picked up the FFX bundle (again!) and Azure Nights (which actually had pretty weak reviews, but w/e). And then immediately sat down to play more Berseria. Why did I buy new games again…? 🤔

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