I’m Back!!!

Well, I just got the new internet installed earlier today. I had other things to do, like set up devices on the new wifi network and all that. Not to mention if you checked my twitter… I’ve uploaded all the trophies that I’ve earned when my net was down. So yeah, I am back.

Thing is… I have so much to catch up on. Last night… my phone finally realized that I had surpassed my data limit. So I really couldn’t do anything on it. Not to mention there’s a lot of anime and manga that I need to catch up on. So if you guys don’t mind… can we do the live stream tomorrow? I’m sorry, but there’s still things going on. Such as the fact that mom’s car’s rack and pinion are probably shot. We’re having my sister’s cousin’s husband check it out. What? I don’t share the same father with my sisters. My mom was not a loose woman, she just had bad luck with men. Still, this guy is certified as a mechanic unlike myself and knows more about cars.

Other than that, this is the month that I hit 30 years of age. As I was past 25 when I moved back to Ohio, I never bothered to transfer my license. Now I need to do that. And I need to make sure that I somehow get to the plasma center and make all my donations this month. Plus other things that I cannot share.

Before I go, I need to say a few things. Dark Jackel, I accepted your PSN friend request. Everyone reading who reads on Reigokai’s site, Spoiler-san is not really returning just yet. And finally, I’m glad to be back.


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