Highlights of the #BlackWingsMatter GX Campaign Live Stream!!!

Here’s the highlights. Yeah, I posted it on YouTube in 15 minute segments because it would be faster than posting the whole thing. So I just embed the Playlist. Anywho, let’s begin.

For this one, I went with the GX campaign as last time I was doing the Duel Monsters one. But this was with my improved version of the deck I used in the last stream. All I did was replace a trap and added Gyaku-Gire Panda into the main deck for Dark Jackel, and I changed some monsters in the extra deck around. Including a powerful dragon with 4000 ATK. But it’s actually hard to summon it. And lastly I threw in a few Xyz monsters.

Still, I didn’t even go through the whole campaign. I ended it at the last duel of GX season 2 before stopping for the night. This means I only went through the Shadow Riders and the Society of Light (as called in the dub). I’m still mad that GX’s fourth season was not included because it wasn’t dubbed. Anywho, it was not an easy one.

There were a few duels that had me on the ropes. I barely defeated Society of Light Chazz. Izerio will even attest to that. If I hadn’t had Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, I would had lost when he sent a 2800 atk monster against the one I had with equal atk before whipping me out. I was lucky to have my panda the next turn, or else I would had been done for. The reason I say this… he used MST (Mystical Space Typhoon) on the Scrap-Iron Scarecrow after I got the panda on the field and then killed the panda. But that allowed me to use Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon’s effect of discarding cards at the top of my deck when I receive damage to increase it’s atk. That’s what turned that duel around for me.

Still, that was the only intense duel in the whole stream. For everything else, I had “The Spleen of the Cards” as Dark Jackel called it and I somehow beat most of the campaign without too much trouble. I still have to complete the final eight duels before going on to the 5D’s campaign. I might just do that as a short stream on Friday and then start anew with the 5D’s campaign on Saturday.

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m gonna start streaming after I complete the ZEXAL campaign. I don’t exactly have the money to start buying the DLC (which is the only way to do any of the Arc-V campaign) to continue afterwards. I do have a friend who got a job recently that wants to buy me Overwatch so we can start playing together, but would you guys even be interested in seeing that? It’s no longer a new game. Even though my Birthday’s this month, I’m not really expecting anything as our car needs a new rack and pinion as well as engine work. I’m going to try to sell my RV soon as I need a car. Right now I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to make it to my donations as that’s my only income right now. I’m officially the one paying for the internet and I have my phone to worry about. It’s just a bad time for my family this month. But I will try to have a chapter out by Saturday, just not sure which story is getting  an update just yet.


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