It’s my Birthday…

Normally, I would be doing a live stream highlights. However, it’s my birthday. So I decided to do something else instead.

As most of you know, I’m officially 30 years old right now. However, what were things like this time last year? LGDK had an anime in the works, but I haven’t really talked to the guy doing it for a while. In truth, we had a hard time finding voice actors. I was trying to recruit, but it failed. Don’t worry about it too much, the animation was going to be similar to the second season of Knights of Sidonia. What else? I actually had gotten started doing live streams last year, but didn’t advertise them. It was only a few months ago that I even advertised them on my WordPress. And let me tell you, my Twitch channel now has a unique community. Instead of coming for the games, you guys come to talk about novels in the chat. We have a few unique individuals. Dark Jackel who attends from his phone while making his metal models to Lime who comes from the land down under, I love all of you guys (in a heterosexual way of two men loving, bro love not bromance).

Not much has changed from last year. Now I’m doing two novels and reading a lot more of them. I’ve made friends with some of the most interesting people. And I’m almost sure by now that I’m a former editor for Reigokai: Isekai Translations.

What does the future hold? Let me give you all a peek:

On the left is Overwatch. I actually spent my money on it. But as a birthday favor, my sister helped me get it with her Target discount. On the right is a PlayStation Camera for the PlayStation 4. Meaning now when I do live streams, you have a face to go with the voice. The same sister bought that for me as a present. I know I originally said that I had a friend who was going to buy Overwatch for me, but he didn’t keep his job for too long. I mainly got it for something to Stream after the Story Mode in Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist was over. I know I shouldn’t really take advice from other people, but winrander5 was right. I do need to start streaming games that are more popular. As for why I wanted the camera, it was because I’ve always wanted one. Live Streamers whom can be seen while playing actually get more hits.

Yeah, I’ve wanted to be a pro-streamer before to get some cash and fame. However, I’m still going to continue writing. Why? Because that’s my true roots. Besides, I have too many unfinished fan fictions. I don’t want my original works to become the same. So yeah, I’m gonna stick with both LGDK and LSPL until the end. As for a change in my Twitch channel’s community, I really don’t want it to change. I like that it’s a place for people to discuss different novels. Or that if Reigokai or someone else does an update in the same night, we can talk about it. That’s what makes the community special.

I do have one request for everyone, try advertising my live streams? That winrander5 guy did have a point in one of his replies to a comment I made in the latest translation of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, I should advertise because of the community. I’ve already mentioned what really goes on in my streams twice already, so you know why. More people should come and talk about other novels. They should know of a place to talk about them with people who share their interests. That’s why I am requesting you guys to advertise.

Live streaming aside, the only other things I have done today was eat a nice birthday dinner of fried chicken and jojos (potato wedges for those who have never heard the term before). And I’ve been awake for over 24 hours. I’m mainly waiting on the cake to be done before going to sleep.

Anywho, I’m gonna sign off for now. See ya, space cowboys.

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