L.G.D.K! Chapter 25 – The Doctor is Dying?

Author’s Note: Hey peeps, finally an update on LGDK. But this one is… just read it! It will all be explained later…

Chapter 25 – The Doctor is Dying?

Hello, my name is Shiro Wantanabe. I was a high school student in Tokyo, but that was a few lives ago. Before you ask, I have died. Not just once, or twice… but three times already. I was Shiro in the first one. In that life… I had albinism. Thus why my parents gave me a name that meant “white”. Growing up, I always had to wear long sleeves when outdoors. But… I had two friends throughout my childhood from the same neighborhood. First was Yuto Sasaki, a guy who felt like my brother. Second was Kuromi Yoshida, the one who could be considered our sister. But we would jokingly call her “Kuro”, a more masculine name because she used to have short hair when she was little. We were inseparable. Or… that’s what I thought.

Growing up, we mainly went to the same schools. From elementary to high school, we always hung out. When Yuto and I started to discover our actual interest in girls… we made a man’s pact. Despite Kuro being like a sister, neither of us were to approach her unless the other one had a girlfriend. That was the one taboo that we must never do. And note, Kuro actually became one of the more attractive girls when we reached high school. Long silky back hair, a modest bust with a slim figure, she was a real Yamato Nadashiko. Even the ex-delinquient head of the disciplinary committee and that ex-chuuni of a stuco president were jealous. Of course there was this one guy who could easily become the protagonist of a harem-genre manga, but we kept him at bay.

Despite our closeness, we all did take different after school activities. Yuto was in the kendo club because he liked the way of the sword. Kuro joined the girls volleyball club because she was somewhat competitive. As for me, I joined the archery club out of boredom. I wasn’t passionate as my two friends were about their clubs, but I was a fan of American comic book hero Gr**n Arrow. Besides… it was either that or the karate club, and harem boy was in that one. I preferred kung-fu anyway, so it wasn’t a loss.

Our after school clubs was mainly based on the RPGs we played together in middle school on our handheld games. Yuto was always the guy with the sword, Kuro was the mage, and I got stuck with being an archer. The other reason Kuro joined girl’s volleyball was due to no real life magic. We joked about the possibilities of going to another world were she could be a mage, but we never expected for that to actually happen. No, there wasn’t a truck involved. We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. We were just walking our usual route home from school when we got caught up in an explosion. We didn’t even know where it came from, all we knew is that it was already too late.

I had expected the Sanzu River and seeing my relatives on the other side, but I was dead wrong. Instead I was with Yuto and Kuro in a strange room. It was strange because all around us looked a panoramic view of the universe. And before we could even ask anything, a gender-neutral voice from nowhere spoke.

“You three will do nicely.” (Voice)

“Who are you?” (Yuto)

Yuto, you loud mouth…

“All you need to know is that I am one of many gods. Just not one you would be familiar with. I would tell you my name, but it cannot be pronounced in any human language.” (Voice)

“Kami-sama… why are we here?” (Kuro)

“You three have recently died. Normally you would go to whichever afterlife suites you best. However… you three are special. I could use three people with your skills.” (Voice)

“Doing what exactly?” (Yuto)

“There are worlds that need heroes. Not just to fight demon kings, but to also advance said worlds as they have gone stagnant in terms of progress. You three possess skills that could do both.” (Voice)

I couldn’t even believe that Yuto and Kuro were even asking, those two have read more web and light novels than I ever had. I was more of a manga person… but that’s beside the point. Yuto’s father was a prosecutor and was the grandson of a politician on his mother’s side. So he’s studied law as a requirement to follow either one’s footsteps. Kuro’s parents were both doctors and she wanted to become a pediatrician. As for me… my parents are both a normal salary man and an office lady. But I wanted to become a teacher. In truth, I was usually the one helping those two with studying and homework. Yuto had looks and charisma, he was actually harem boy’s main rival in both departments. So he could easily follow his grandfather’s footsteps if he studied enough. I on the other hand was more average looking. But when it comes to combat… Yuto and I have fought against and beside each other. Being an albino is not easy, but it’s nice when you have a friend to back you up.

“Do we have a choice?”

I asked that because it’s in my nature.

“You do. If any of you do not want to come, then you are free to go to the afterlife. But be warned, there is no going back after your choice is made.” (Voice)

So it’s a damned if I don’t and damned if I do scenario?

“Kami-sama, will we be together?” (Kuro)

Does she even have to ask?

“You will all be reincarnated into new forms, but you shall be born in the same world together. And you shall always be reunited by fate.” (Voice)

Called it.

“Can you let us discuss this with each other real quick?” (Yuto)

“I shall allow it.” (Voice)

We then went into a huddle.

“Guys, we should really take him up on his offer.” (Yuto)

“But… what about our families, Yuto?” (Kuro)

“We’re dead, so it doesn’t matter.” (Yuto)

“Yuto… you idiot.”

“What was that, Shiro?” (Yuto)

“Think about it, we will be reborn into worlds far different from our own. Not to mention that so-called god said there’s no turning back. Don’t forget, our families will be at least expecting to see us again in the afterlife. If we go, we’ll probably keep getting reincarnated when we die. That god did say ‘worlds’ after all, meaning plural. So who knows how long this will keep going? Don’t forget that discussion we had about immortality before.”

We had that discussion last week.

“But this is different from immortality, we will still be mortal.” (Yuto)

“You don’t get it, do you? Just let me ask that god a question.”

I then got out of the huddle.

“God or whatever you are, I have a question.”

“Ask away.” (Voice)

“Will we be incarnated with our memories intact?”

“With time before you are adults, your memories of your previous life shall return.” (Voice)


I then rejoined the other two.

“See what I mean?”

“So, what’s your point?” (Yuto)

“Yuto, Shiro means that it wouldn’t be too different from being an immortal. Meaning that we will always have memories of friends that we will no longer see again. Whether it be lovers, family, we will always remember them. And eventually that will get to us.” (Kuro)

“See, Kuro gets it.”

“Fine Shiro, but look at it another way? We will finally have a chance to fight monsters and learn magic. Kuro, haven’t you always wanted to be a mage?” (Yuto)

“Well…” (Kuro)

“Weren’t you so interested in magic that you would actually talk to our current stuco president back in middle school when she was a chuuni?” (Yuto)

“I will confess, you have me there.” (Kuro)

“And Shiro, we promised each other that we’d always have each others backs. Right?” (Yuto)

Damn it, he has me there. I did make that promise back when we were kids, when he first helped me when I was getting bullied over my albinism. And that was one promise other than that on we made about Kuro that I swore that I would never break.

“Fine… but eventually I will give you a ‘told you so’, okay?”

“Fine with me.” (Yuto)

I’ve always wondered… how come he always seemed like the leader in our trio?

“We accept.” (Yuto)

“Then it shall be.” (Voice)

The next thing we had noticed, there was a light that enveloped us all.

When the time came, I was the first one sent back to the room.

“That asshole!!! I wanna kill him!!!”

When we were reincarnated we ended up in different villages in a kingdom. I regained my memories when I reached the age of thirteen. My new parents already had problems with me being reborn an albino as well, but the sudden maturity scared them a little. Despite never holding a bow before, I became the best hunter in the village by the time I was sixteen. It really amazed the other villagers as I was from a farming family, but we never went hungry. A few months before I reached seventeen, I received my oracle to journey to the palace. It was there that I had met my friends again. Yuto had been reborn as the son of a soldier and was considered a prodigy with the blade. Kuro was reborn as the daughter of a renown mage. We were actually considered the best in our fields in the whole world.

Our journey was the stereotypical defeat the demon king who had kidnapped the princess. No one knew that we had known each other in our past lives. They only thought that we had just clicked with each other. We traveled the lands as the three heroes and completed our tasks. When we had finished, Yuto himself was proclaimed as the next king and was to marry the princess. Even I thought she was beautiful, but I still preferred Kuro more. It was the night before the wedding, we drank together on a balcony.

“Cheers” (Yuto and I)

We hadn’t taken a drink yet, so I decided to remind him.

“Remember our promise in our past life?”

“Yeah, that we would always have each others backs?” (Yuto)

“No… the one about Kuro.”

He immediately changed his expression to one that looked a little sour.

“I remember.” (Yuto)

“Well… I love her. I always have. It’s just that my promises with you were too important to break.”

“Well… I am to be married to the princess. So now there’s nothing stopping you.” (Yuto)

“You’re right.”

I then took a swig of my wine. But I wondered why Yuto didn’t drink his? Or… why he was watching intently and then smirking until it was too late.


I choked a little as it was poisoned. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

“Yuto… help…”

I could barely say it.

“No, I don’t think so.” (Yuto)

I couldn’t believe it, my best friend was refusing to help me.


“You see, as much as I love the princess… I too love Kuro. Despite my popularity in our past lives, why else do you think I kept turning girls down? It’s because I wanted Kuro for myself.” (Yuto)


“In this world, polygamy is legal. It’s not often practiced outside of royalty, but I’m about to become royalty myself. Therefore I can take her as my second wife. But don’t worry, I was sure to poison both our cups so no one will ever suspect it was me.” (Yuto)

I could only remember his last words before I lost all consciousness.

“This has always been in my nature. My father is in law and my grandfather is in politics, so deceit is in both sides of my family from my previous life. So sayonara, old friend.” (Yuto)

And that’s how I ended up back here.

“So you died already?” (Voice)

“Hey, I was betrayed by the guy who was supposed to be my best friend. So of course I’m dead!”

“That is such a pity, I was hoping that you would become a teacher.” (Voice)

“Oh shut it, I want my vengeance!”

“I am sorry, but I cannot allow it.” (Voice)


“Despite what Yuto Sasaki has done, he will still be the one to change the political structure of that world. Thus allowing it to evolve. And Kuromi Yoshida will change how medical care is done in that world.” (Voice)

This can’t be happening.

“Wait… you’re just going to let Yuto get away with this!? What about justice!?”

“I have no control over justice. But I do have control over you.” (Voice)


“I am going to send you to the next world. With the exception of the knowledge that you possess, you will not regain your memories of your past two lives. It’s the least I can do for you.” (Voice)

“Wait, don’t–”

It was too late, I was enveloped by that damn light again. And one life later, I was back.

“Why did you do that to me!?”

I was reborn as a forest elf in my last life. I was called ‘the forest spirit’ because I was again born with albinism. In turn, I ended up both a hunter and a teacher, teaching children how to read and write in my village. But… the three of us are linked be destiny. Despite having my skills from the life before as well as my level, I died because of Yuto again. I didn’t remember him or Kuro, but she was insistent that I was their friend from their past two lives. She even tried to show me some kanji to make me remember, but looking at it gave me a headache.

This time, Yuto had traveled around with a party that consisted of Kuro and many other girls. They were looking for an archer. I had refused them, so he went after my fiancé. When I went to confront him in private, he stabbed me to death. Before I died this time, I regained all of my memories.

“I am sorry, but I had no idea on what would happen.” (Voice)

“And you call yourself a god? Did you forget that we were bound by destiny?”

“I had only intended to free you from the burden of revenge. I had no idea that Yuto Sasaki would murder you.” (Voice)

“Don’t make excuses, you crappy god! Did you even try to inform them that I had my memories taken away before reincarnating them again?”

“I did not think it was necessary.” (Voice)

“Try thinking for a change!? He knows that his memories return with each life. Thus the same is supposed to happen with all three of us. Therefore he could only assume that I remembered that he killed me before. As he couldn’t have Kuro know the truth, he had to silence me!”

You would think that a god would figure that out easier than a mortal?

“Could you please not be so loud?” (Voice)

“Wait… isn’t this your domain?”

“It is… but it is a complicated story and we do not have much time.” (Voice)

“But as a god, shouldn’t you have all eternity?”

“Normally that is the case, but–” (Voice)

The god was cut off by the ground(?) shaking. My hatred was immediately exchanged with fear. Cracks began to form around me before a doorway was created. I was scared when I saw a human silhouette. But when it came through, it was a little girl. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Her hair looked like it was curled to resemble a judge’s wig. She was also wearing a judge’s robe and had a gavel in her hand. I just stood there dumbstruck before I let something slip from my lips.

“A loli?”

“Be quiet, Shiro Wantanabe. I am Pauline, judge, juror, and executioner of the dead.” (Pauline)

“Like Saint Paul from Christianity?”

“I get that a lot, but I am Saint Paul. Anyway, I will deal with you later. Right now I have to judge a god who has interfered with my work.” (Pauline)

All I could do was gulp. I could feel the pressure coming from this loli, I was even more scared than before.

“Pauline… what brings you here?” (Voice)

“You know why I’m here, Sigmund. You know the rules.” (Pauline)

So that god’s name is Sigmund? Does that mean it’s a male?

“I do know them, but I do not know what you are talking about?” (Sigmund)

“First rule, you are not to interfere with the matters of the deceased without my permission. Deciding the fate of the dead is my job. All of the higher gods have agreed with this.” (Pauline)

“Where’s your proof?” (Sigmund)

“Exhibit A, Shiro Wantanabe. You had chosen him and two of his classmates for a banned program of eternal reincarnation across multiple worlds. Not to mention manipulated his memories and exposed him to danger in his previous reincarnation.” (Pauline)

“Wait… I’m evidence? Shouldn’t I at least be a witness?”

“Who says that you can’t be both?” (Pauline)

“But… never mind.”

I decided to just give up before I got even more lost.

“In my defense, I did that to free him from revenge.” (Sigmund)

“Yet by doing so, you had exposed him to danger.” (Pauline)

“I… I cannot argue with that.” (Sigmund)

“You should had known better. This is why you will never be anything more than a small-time god. At least Freeda wouldn’t had let that happen, and her world was destroyed by an all-out nuclear war.” (Pauline)

“Wait… a nuclear war?”

“That’s none of your concern. Gods are not to interfere with matters of their world’s residents. But as Sigmund does not rule over any worlds, you do not fall into that category. But the deceased fall under my jurisdiction.” (Pauline)

“But… may I please defend my actions?” (Sigmund)

“As I am a judge, I have to allow it.” (Pauline)

“The worlds that Shiro Wantanabe, Yuto Sasaki, and Kuromi Yoshida were all reincarnated to had fallen stagnant. Not to mention all had demon kings to face.” (Sigmund)

“But those worlds do not fall under your jurisdiction.” (Pauline)

“Even so, something had to be done!” (Sigmund)

“Sigmund, I understand that you were only trying to help. However, gods have rules that must be obeyed. No matter how good one’s intentions are, rules must be followed.” (Pauline)

“Even if those worlds must fall into ruin?” (Sigmund)

“Even so, rules are rules. If progress is to be made, it’s up to the residents of the worlds. Not gods who have nothing to do with them.” (Pauline)

“But what gives you the right to judge me? You are not even a god.” (Sigmund)

Pauline smirked before pulling out a scroll.

“It is true, but the Higher Gods have declared this matter under my jurisdiction. Sigmund, you have violated many rules. Other than messing with the affairs of worlds that you have no authority in, you had also taken it into your hands to meddle in the affairs of the deceased. Other than that one who calls itself ‘the Deity’ who had taken over Freeda’s world, I also have the signatures of all the Higher Gods. No one is happy with what you have done, Sigmund.” (Pauline)

“But… this cannot be happening!?” (Sigmund)

“Be thankful that they left out the part of you lying, that is one taboo that the Higher Gods hate.” (Pauline)

Wait… he lied? But when did he… never mind, I remember.

“Does this have to do with him telling us that his name cannot be pronounced in any human language?”

“It does. Gods are allowed to hide the truth, but lying is a different matter.” (Pauline)

“I see…”

“So, what’s going to happen to me?” (Sigmund)

“The Higher Gods have deemed you unworthy of your godhood. So you will be reincarnated as a mortal. If it were up to me, I would put you under the same program that you tricked those humans into volunteering. But sadly I do not have that authority.” (Pauline)

“I see. Well, it was fun while it lasted.” (Sigmund)

“Just report to the higher gods while I clean up this mess?” (Pauline)

“Yes, your honor.” (Sigmund)

I couldn’t see him, but I felt his presence had disappeared. This was the most surprising thing that I had ever witnessed.

“Shiro Wantanabe, I will be seeing you in my chambers.” (Pauline)

Before I knew it, I was transported from the room with the panoramic view of the universe to a darkened room. It had the presence of a courtroom, but I could tell that it wasn’t one. A moment later, a single light had shined on the judge’s stand. And Pauline was sitting there.

“Okay… what just happened?”

“I’m sure that you had figured it out, but I will explain it regardless. Sigmund had committed at least three or four taboos that a god must never commit. First off, he lied to you and your classmates. Secondly, he had you go on a banned program on eternal reincarnation. And last, he exposed you to danger. Thus three strikes, he’s out… wait, I almost forgot that he interfered with worlds that are outside of his jurisdiction.” (Pauline)

So it looks like the gods do have rules after all?

“I think I get the gist.”

“Good. Now, there is the matter of you and Yuto Sasaki.” (Pauline)

“What about that?”

“Unfortunately, you two along with Kuromi Yoshida have to at least live one more life before I can remove you from that program. As the three of you are connected by fate or destiny, you will be born into the same world all over again. I’m sure that you remember the time differences?” (Pauline)

“Apparently it’s something like one day in the last world equals a year in the previous one?”

“It’s a close enough estimate. In truth, the time difference between worlds is unconfirmed. It all depends on the god ruling over it. Like two people born from two different time eras in one world can possibly be reborn in the same era in another world. Or the one from a latter era being born first.” (Pauline)

“It doesn’t really make any sense?”

“It’s not supposed to. Now, that bond you have with the other two will allow you to be born in the same era again. It really depends one which race. That bond allowed you to be reborn as an elf last time so that you would meet again due to elves having their aging slow down when their around seventeen years of age.” (Pauline)

“That makes too much sense.”

“What can I say, god logic is hard to understand. Still, the next world you three will be born into is under the jurisdiction of that Deity weirdo. Some parts of it are more culturally advanced than others. When compared to your original world, the most ancient parts are medieval Europe while the most advanced would be considered prohibition-era America. Therefore you will be relieved of your duties of progression. Also, you will be relieved of your duties as heroes. The Deity already has their eyes set on one of the residents. Though the Devil King will be a summoned other worlder from your original world.” (Pauline)

“Wait… the Devil King will be from my world?”

“That’s where the Deity is scouting. In that world, there’s more than meets the eye at hand. And due to the unpredictable time differences, they might be even someone you know? But still, getting involved in those affairs will be up to you. It will be your life after all, so live it how you want to.” (Pauline)

To believe… we’re finally getting out of that endless loop. But still…

“What about Yuto?”

“When you meet him in that world, what happens is up to you. But the fact that he has murdered you twice has to be brought to light when I see him. As you were put into danger due to Sigmund’s negligence last time, all of Sigmund’s crimes will have to be revealed to him and Kuromi Yoshida.” (Pauline)

“So… there’s no way around it?”

“Yuto Sasaki’s reasons for killing you will be up to him to reveal. Or you if you meet Kuromi Yoshida first in the next world. I am forbidden from revealing the secrets of one deceased to another.” (Pauline)

“Well, I got no complaints. I just hope that being ‘Villager A’ goes better for me this time.”

“Being ‘Villager A’ will be up to you. Do not forget, life will always work in mysterious ways.” (Pauline)

“Then I guess I’ll try being ‘Villager B’ this time? Either way, the matters between me and Yuto must be resolved eventually.”

“So will it be revenge you are seeking?” (Pauline)

“It all depends on how it goes down. Do not forget, I do have to consider Kuro’s feelings.”

“You still love Kuromi Yoshida, right?” (Pauline)

“Hey, leave my love life out of this. Even though her feelings for Yuto might be even stronger with possibly being his lover for two lifetimes.”

“I see. Now, any requests for your next life? After what you have been through, you are at least owed that.” (Pauline)

Let’s see… anything could happen. I could be reborn as an aristocrat? As Yuto will no longer have status as a hero, he wouldn’t be able to kill me immediately. But he’s had more experience in his previous two lifetimes than I have. Not to mention he was already crafty enough to poison his own wine as well the first time to fake his innocence. But most of the danger can be averted by not being alone with him in the first place. Maybe it could be to not be an albino again? No, as I’ve already been reborn twice as an albino Kuro would expect it to happen again. Wait… that might work?

“Can you boost my stats? I never really had the chance to increase them by much in that last life.”

“I can boost your luck to maximum. As that’s the one stat that cannot be increased through training, I figured it would be the most enticing?” (Pauline)


And with that, I was enveloped again by that light. In the life in the Deity’s world, I was reborn as a halfling. People called me the “Little Ghost”, but I became the best archer in that world. I ended up meeting with Kuro again during the Hero’s companion selection, but apparently my luck was good enough to not meet with Yuto. He might be a little sore because of his Hero Status being taken away or even Kuro finding out that he’s killed me twice already? Still, I was wearing a captured disguise ring to hide my albinism. I had decided to hide who I was from Kuro intentionally this time. At least until we met up with Yuto again so she could hear both sides of the story.

During our journey with the Hero who was a species called a “half-man”, he ended up vanishing on us. The strider who traveled into that cave alone with him claimed that he met his end. I could tell differently, but I couldn’t prove it either. As this guy kept wearing a mask, I thought he could be Yuto. But his stats were too weak for being someone who was under the banned reincarnation program. Little did I know that I would be meeting up with the Hero again in a country that was like the Japan of old. Or his wife, whom I had known in my first life. But that my friends, is another story.

After Note: And that was Chapter 25, folks. I know what you’re wondering, where Coy and Yuki are? And of course “WTF!?” as well. Well… let me explain it. This was originally meant to be a short series with connections to both “Let’s Go Devil King!” and “But she’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!”. I’ve wanted to do a whole “MC gets betrayed by both his best friend and god” scenario for a long time. But with LGDK, we don’t know if Coy was actually friends with Nanashi who had left him for dead. And the thing with the Deity is supposed to be mysterious. But as I started writing this… I started thinking how Shiro and Kuro could actually have more of a connection with Yuki and Coy better than the real MCs of LGDK even know.

In truth, I planned on this whole arc being similar to the “memories” that I wrote after the prologue and take place before the story even begins. Like Coy’s earlier adventurer days while he was in the Walton Gang and before he was officially chosen as the Hero. Hell, I could have made the whole “History of Lost Justice” arc in the specials part of this arc. Actually… I might as they count more towards the main story than the other specials do. I’ll decide that later. Still, this started as the prologue to a short series and ended up becoming part of LGDK. It wasn’t my original intention, but it just started to click so well as I was writing it.

Still, you can see how this has connections to LSPL as well. Mainly Pauline and the whole reincarnation thing. Yeah, they could have reincarnated into the LSPL world. But there’s a rule in that world, all reincarnated have silver hair and red eyes. So it would be even harder for them to reunite in that world and Shiro hide that he’s a reincarnated. But in the LGDK world, such a rule doesn’t exist.

Yes, I plan on having both Shiro and Kuro be involved in Coy’s scheme. Though neither one of them will know that the other is involved. Yes, Shiro could tell that the mage was Kuro when they became Coy’s first party. No, Kuro does not know that Shiro is the halfling  archer this time because of the disguise ring. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on doing anything that will kill them off. Don’t forget, Nanashi was in on Coy’s ‘death’ all on his own. As for Yuto, the conclusion will be made later.

This song was named after a hit by Chameleon Circuit, a band that sings about one of the best TV shoes of all time. As in Doctor Who. The song talks about the events that lead the 10th Doctor (played by David Tennet) regenerating into the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith). As through Shiro’s reincarnations, he gets “a new face”. That’s what the Doctor normally says when he regenerates.

As for the Live Stream, around 9:30 EST. Last stream of the weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! 🐼

    “Apparently it’s something like one day in the last world equals a year in the previous one?”

    Unclear. The “last world” and the “previous world” should mean the same thing… 😕

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    1. He was speaking as someone who has traveled to different worlds in succession. That’s why he said it like that.

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    (Kuro’s) parents were both doctors and she wanted to become a pediatrician.

    2- Being an albino is -not being easy-, but it’s nice when you have a friend to back you up.
    Being an albino is (not easy), but it’s nice when you have a friend to back you up.

    3- Be -quite-, Shiro Wantanabe. I am Pauline, judge, juror, and executioner of the dead.”
    Be (quiet), Shiro Wantanabe. I am Pauline, judge, juror, and executioner of the dead.”

    P.S.: I’ve been reading a translated WN with two characters nicknamed Shiro and Kuro, but with opposite genders, and now while reading this chapter, it was hard not to think about those characters when those names appeared. lol


    1. I don’t know why I put “Yuki” in place of Kuro. Still, thanks for checking it out.

      Usually Kuro is a male name. However, her’s was short for “Kuromi”. I had to look up a bunch of sites to find a female name for “black”. Shiro is more or less gender neutral.


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