Highlights of the third 5D’s Campaign live stream #BlackWingsMatter

I know I should have done this with the first part, but the normal day was my birthday. Anywho, this live stream wasn’t anything too special apart from finally getting a face to go with the voice. I started the first 8 minutes without audio because I forgot that I had my mic muted. Thank you Lime for telling me about it. Not to mention that I wasn’t sure where I left off from the second part. I swear, last week’s stream was better due to the increased attendance via other readers of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. I’m just glad that Reigo-senpai (Reigokai) didn’t complain about my slight advertisement for the stream.

Anywho, there were no actual losses. I actually regret that because it would had made the stream last longer. Also I ended up having to take a bathroom break before the stream was over, which by itself was embarrassing. Let alone the audio from the first 8 minutes being non-existent. It was my worst stream so far, which was embarrassing. Not even enough close calls, the spleen of the cards kept being in my favor. And sadly I couldn’t do anything about the quality so Dark Jackel could properly watch it. Overall, worst live stream ever.

As for writing, I will try to get something out this week. Don’t forget, I did have that drama with my driver’s license last week and this Friday I will have to take the actual test to get my Ohio driver’s license. Here’s to hoping I pass.


The playlist share messed up on the vid 😦


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