What does the future hold…?

I’ve decided something. No, I’m not going to quit writing or live streaming, because then I would have nothing. I’ve decided what I’m going to do after I’m done with Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist.

This Sunday will mark the last episode of Arc-V (as in it being translated and posted on KissAnime). I figured it would be a perfect time to end the Yu-Gi-Oh streams. At least for now. But what am I going to stream you ask? I decided to remake one of my characters in Destiny and stream the single player campaign. From the vanilla game, to Dark Below, to House of Wolves, to Taken King, and finally to Rise of Iron. I’m making a new journey so you guys can see the game from beginning to end. No usage of Sparks of Light here, but I may cheat a little and transfer my Sparrow Racing gear that can be used at all levels so you don’t have to see too much of me fiddling around with armor. At least until I hit level 40 where I can change into a better set of armor.

The reason why I’m doing this starting the weekend after this isn’t only because of Arc-V ending. It’s because it will be the first weekend of Destiny’s Age of Triumph event. It’s the final live event before Bungie releases Destiny 2. So there will be even more content then what I’ve mentioned.

As for writing… I’ve been trying to get in the mood to write. I know what I want to do, just don’t know how to “put it on paper” as the saying goes. Not to mention this is the week where I may have a driver’s license again. But yeah, I’m going to try to have a new chapter for you guys this weekend. But remember, it might be the final Yu-Gi-Oh! live stream for a while.

Also, I’m contemplating on making a discord server. A place outside of my live streams for everyone to chat about novels. But I’m still iffy on it like I am with Patreon.

Anywho, I figured I’d do this quick update.






5 thoughts on “What does the future hold…?

  1. Lol, your writing problems sound like my writing problems. Except my idea of what the next chapter should be is even more vague. Somehow I’ve got to get it done by tomorrow too. Bleh. 😦

    But I have a new Chromebook to write on, so there’s that. 😀

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