More News…

First off, I did it! I passed my driver’s test for the second time in my life. So now I have that drama out of my life.

As for this week’s chapter… I got nothing. I got busy because it’s Destiny’s last week before Age of Triumph. I ended up busier than a bee trying to do things before they can no longer be done, get weapons before they get re-rolled, etc. Not to mention reading. I feel bad.

As for tonight’s stream, it’s still a go. More Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist. Tonight starts the Zexal campaign. It was one that I didn’t really care for when I first did it because Zexal was my least favorite at the time. I stopped watching at the 9th episode of the dub because it was so terrible. But when I watched the sub… I liked it a LOT better. I just felt that Yuma’s dub voice was too annoying. That’s the thing about Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s better past the first series if you watch the subs instead. Especially Zexal. Trust me, the dub of that particular series stinks. Not to mention the dub removes all of Gagaga Girl’s lines. I hate 4K Media Inc. (formally 4Kids’ dubbing studio) because of things like that. Hell, I couldn’t even get past the first five minutes of Arc-V’s dub because of all the name changes and the voice acting for certain characters. That’s how bad they dub.

If I manage to finish up the Zexal campaign, then next weekend I’m streaming Destiny. As in all of the campaigns and then the DLC ones. I’m only doing Main Story missions, so side missions are not going to be shown. I’ve decided on remaking my Warlock for some growth correction. No, there’s really no stat growth system in Destiny, but it’s hard to max out the other sub classes once you hit level 40. The only reason I maxed out the others for my Hunter is due to only having the vanilla game from Christmas of 2015 to February of 2016. I didn’t even see the reason to have Taken King until I played the vanilla game and found out there was a level cap for those who didn’t have it. And then there was that one incident where I downloaded a code generator and ended up having to reinstall everything on my computer… I regret my stupidity from back then. But hey, we all make mistakes.

Anywho, I got lots to do before tonight’s stream. I just hope that Reigo-senpai doesn’t post an update for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu while I’m streaming again. Because you guys know that I’ll stop the stream to read it. And yes, I’m lowering the video quality back to default to see if Dark Jackel can actually watch the stream.

Well, that’s all for now. If I suddenly get the motivation to write tonight, you might have a chapter for tomorrow night. That’s all for now.


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