Destiny Live Stream Highlights and more…

First of is Friday night’s stream. I managed not to die at all, but then again… I was pretty much being a WN MC cheat by having equipment that can be warn at any level. And… all of it was 25 light away from being max light. It was just my SRL Circuit Armor arm, chest, and leg pieces and I was wielding an Iron Gjallorhorn from the beginning. Of course I kept with the beginner Warlock’s bond and both primary and special weapons, but those changed to slightly stronger ones later. Still, I restarted my Warlock just for the stream. A few of my friends were against it, but it was something that I wanted to do. And I don’t like playing Warlock, but it’s a good idea in Destiny to have one character of each class. Normally I try to have a character of each race as well. But I decided to go with having another Awoken this time. My first Awoken was actually my Hunter, which is the class I main. And the one that I’ve cleared things with the most.

Back to the Warlock. So far she managed to clear all that I’ve needed her too in the first stream. Sadly Reigokai did a double post that night for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu as well as one for his own original novel Double Edge Hero. You guys know what happens, I will stop the stream as soon as he posts a chapter. It’s not good for business, but Tsuki ga is important.

Now on to last night’s stream. Started later than I wanted it to like the first one. Bright side, no Tsuki ga update to stop the stream. Sadly Lime arrived just as the stream was about to end. I’m sorry Lime. Anywho, I managed to get close to the end of the Vanilla story before midnight. And surprisingly no deaths as well. Even though Dark Jackel has some problems with my character wearing the Petra Venj mask. And wondering if I was really strong enough to do the missions as I’m almost ten levels under the recommended level. Which leads to my next point…

I’m going to be playing on this character outside of the streams. I’m not going to be doing the story behind everyone’s back, this character was made to show everyone the story mode. I’m mainly going to be doing the multiplayer to level her up. This way she’s going to be either at the recommended level or above. I’m going as far as level 20, then she’s back to live streams only. But again, I’m doing doing story behind your backs.

Also… I’ve been thinking about changing live stream platforms. I’m thinking about live streaming from YouTube. As everyone has problems with the Twitch App, it might be better if I start doing YouTube as it’s app seems to have less problems? I want everyone’s opinions before doing it though. Or at least some opinions. I personally don’t have the Twitch app on my phone, so I don’t really know how it works. I’ll get it later to see how it works, but then I’m removing it because I already have too many things on my phone.

Now for the “and more”…

I’ve finally fixed some links on the WordPress. I put the links in chapters 23, 24, and 25 of LGDK to each other, which I’ve thought I’ve done a while ago. I wanna try to get a chapter done… but I’m sure that my friends on Destiny will want me to do the Vault of Glass raid with them as it’s supposed to be the weekly raid. I’ve already done Crota’s End, which was this week’s on my Hunter. I still need to finish it on my Titan though. As my Warlock is mainly for you guys, I won’t be able to do it on time with her as the reset is on Tuesday.

I REALLY need to stop talking about Destiny and get back to work on my stories. And read what’s been added to my recommended reads that you guys posted. Not to mention this week should be starting the new anime season. I still got stuff that I need to finish from this season. So yeah… I’m gonna be busy. But still, I would like everyone’s opinions.


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