Live Stream at 9:30 EST…

Blame a late dinner on this one. As for why no new chapter… I was pulled into a lot of Destiny with friends. And… I got some bad news when I went to GameStop today. I was going to pre-order the Limited Edition of Destiny 2, but they were sold out. It came with a few nice things, including booklets, post card-like pictures, and a few in game items as well. Not to mention the expansions. But they were sold out. I could always get the Digital Deluxe version, but I hate digital. It takes up more space on your PS4 than having the disc. So instead I ended up giving money to my mom and one of my sisters to make up for their Christmas presents. I got them sheet sets instead of these blankets they wanted, so we returned them and the money was used for the internet that month. So yeah, the latter is actually a better use of my money.

Still, I was pulled into a lot of Destiny, so I had just finally got that Warlock I’m using for the live stream to level 20. Not to mention one of my favorite PC games finally got it’s PS4 port. Problem is the port sucks. If you’re on PS4 and thinking about getting APB: Reloaded, don’t. I’m starting to think that one was better left on the PC.

As for LGDK… I just couldn’t get in the mood to write. So unless some miracle gets me to writing tomorrow, don’t expect a chapter. I want to write, but I’m having trouble “putting my thoughts to paper”. I just wanna get a chapter out T_T



I forgot to mention, I’m doing tonight’s on Twitch. I didn’t really get much feedback when I asked about changing to YouTube.


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