This Weekend’s Destiny Live Stream Highlights… and more?

First let’s get to the first episode which was Friday Night. Nothing new to report, other than finishing the Vanilla story and all of Dark Below’s story. And of course… my first death. This would lead me to an enemy greater than the RNG gods themselves, Gravity! I fell off a cliff because my sparrow took the turn so fast and Warlock’s don’t have the best jump out of the three classes. One of the reasons I hate playing Warlock.

I even showcased a Strike, something I was originally against because my connection lowers while I live stream. Surprisingly, I ended up with a decent fire team and we beat Will of Croata, so take that Omnigal!!!

And let’s not forget… there was the fact that Izerio had to tell me that there was no mic at the beginning of the stream. I had forgot that I muted my mic while playing APB: Reloaded earlier that day. But that within itself is another story.

Now for Saturday night’s stream. The stream was later than I wanted it thanks to reading a web novel recommended by Lime. And I’ve died at least 7 more times, but I’ve completed House of Wolves main story as well as started on The Taken King. Six out of seven of those deaths were due to Gravity. I tried to make it my b*tch, but failed each time. Seriously, Gravity sucks.

Still, I did get to show some Easter Eggs related to Halo. Cayde-6’s line about the cards (a reference to the character Buck whom is done by the same voice actor) and the cryo pod with a guardian who said “the last war was enough” being a reference to Master Chief. I wasted almost all my ammo for that first one though. In my opinion… WORTH IT!

Now to the “and more”. I haven’t got another chapter of LGDK or LSPL out, but I did manage another Original Short Story. A sequel of sorts to Spoiler Rising (which was about Spoiler-san). I’ll be posting that later in the week. If anyone’s noticed, I finally fixed the chapter links for the last few chapters of LGDK. Now they link to each other. I haven’t really added that last chapter to the ToC yet as I’m still trying to come up for a name to that arc.

As for what I’ll be live streaming after Destiny… it’s been decided. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The game that was originally on the PS2 and original Xbox, I’m playing the port provided by PSN. Izerio financed that one as they wanted my to play it. So in response, I’m streaming that after I’m done with Destiny’s story mode. I’ll play a little of it before streaming though, just to get used to the controls. And it also made me change things on my Donations page. I now take PSN money card codes. More will be explained when you click on the tab.

Anywho, that’s all for now.


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