This Weekend’s Destiny Live Stream Higlights… and more

Well, this week was only one live stream. Sadly I had a major stomachache and didn’t feel like doing one last night. But… I still got one of the streams to highlight.

This time I’ve completed the story to Taken King. As for deaths… I just made it to the double digits. Bright side is that the last one of those deaths was from actually fighting the enemy, not my arch rival Gravity! But yeah, a warrior’s death for a change. Well… two of them against Oryx. The second one was more of a Warrior’s death because it was from a sword.

On a side note… I stayed up all night with my stomachache trying to figure out this error with Google Chrome. You see, Microsoft had just released an update to Windows 10 called “the Creator’s Update” last week. But… for some strange reason Google Chrome was acting up. Those extensions buttons you see in the top right corner next to the URL bar weren’t working. Neither was the thing with my name on it at the top. I spent the whole night trying to uninstall and reinstall Chrome to fix it. And let me tell you, it wasn’t fun. And yes, I did uninstall it and then run that Malwarebytes program, didn’t work. Hell, Chrome had an issue for me where it would freeze and the Task Manager said it was running. This would happen when I would sign in to Chrome or try to add an extension. I tried installing Revo to uninstall Chrome, but that freezing thing would happen and the uninstall wouldn’t happen until I closed Chrome through the Task Manager, despite the program already being closed when I would try to uninstall.

After giving up on those ideas, I decided to take at least two other approaches. First was using Windows’ recovery feature to go to a restore point, but that failed. I was still having those issues with Chrome. Then I tried something I normally wouldn’t do, I chose to go back to the previous Windows 10 build in the recovery settings. But when I installed Chrome this time… those issues/errors didn’t happen. And when I looked it up online… I was the only person so far with those Google Chrome errors in the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. Go figure? The only reason I was pressed was due to the fact that I use Chrome for almost everything I do. It’s not like Linux where I have the option to use Chromium (the browser that Chrome’s based on) instead. But yeah, I downgraded Windows 10 to the previous version to use Chrome in full functionality again.

Today is Easter Sunday. Speaking of which, Happy Easter too all of you!!! Lime, I’m not saying “Zombie Jesus Day”. I told my mom about how you said that and she got offended. I didn’t mention you by name, but my family’s Christian. We don’t try to force our religion on other people like most Christians do, but some things do offend us. And no, we don’t get offended by homosexuals. We have friends who are gay. It’s just… you’re not the one who had to hear her try to explain the difference between zombification and resurrection. I’m so glad that she doesn’t know how to attend a Twitch stream or look at the content I post on YouTube.

Anywho, I thought about doing an Easter special. Sadly… nothing comes to mind that induces diabetes. Things… more mature come to mind, but nothing sweet like that one chapter of LGDK. As I’m about to take a nap right now, I’m not brainstorming.

In other news, I ended up watching the season finale of SAO Abridged while on YouTube after listening to almost every Epic Rap Battle of History to get myself motivated to write. Yes, I do have some of those on the mix I listen to while writing. Still, you guys should really watch SAO Abridged. It’s actually better than DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. Hell, most people think it’s better than the actual anime. And yes, it’s on YouTube. So you can even watch it on your phones.

Anywho, I’m off to dreamland right now. Again, Happy Easter everyone. May you all eat candy and get either diabetes or cavities. I already have the latter.


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