Destiny: Everest Edition :P Highlights…

Well… I managed to start the stream on time for a change. And… I finally finished showing everyone the main story mode. Deaths didn’t make it to the triple digits… thank god. But still… I did die a few times in missions. Bright side, none of those deaths were in “Darkness Zones” aka the areas in missions where you have to restart if you die. And the Warlock that everyone watched grow up from “humble” (OVER POWERD) beginnings as a freshly resurrected Guardian is now an Iron Lord. Our baby’s done grown up T_T

Within doing the main story itself… my deaths were at 13 with 9 of them being from my enemy “Gravity-kun” as it’s now officially named. He’s the Truck-kun to my Spoiler-san. But… the death count didn’t end there. With plenty of time to spare… I decided to show everyone the hellish climb to the top of Felwinter Peak. Due to the design combined with the bad hit box in social areas… it’s hell. Actually, that’s where Dark Jackel himself came up with the name “Destiny: Everest Edition”. And it increased my death count. By the time I FINALLY made it to the top… my death count became 32 to 28. As in Gravity-kun got me 28 times.

Still, I managed to complete the main story and climb to the top of Felwinter Peak. Even got a screenshot to prove it. Not posting it because the proof is in the stream. Plus I had set a death flag without mentioning it until I made it to the top. My Warlock… is actually an OC I created in secret and only mentioned to Jackel as I gave him the offer to use her. Her name is The Oracle. She’s a being who can freely travel between worlds. I gave more details in the stream. And if anyone wants to use her, just ask. Just remember to keep her in my canon. In the past, I would use video games to create the appearance of characters as I can’t draw. Back when it was fan fictions… it was easier. As most of my current works are originals, I can’t. No, she’s not really a guardian or an Awoken. She was human. Details on what happened will come on a later date.

Now… for the next stream. By an unanimous vote… it’s going to be Star Wars: Bounty Hunter like originally planned. The other choice was Fallout 4, but both Dark Jackel and Izerio (who were the only ones there when I made the proposal) voted Bounty Hunter. But when I made the choice of Fallout 4 or GTA V after Bounty Hunter… GTA was shot down. So after Bounty Hunter, I’ll be doing Fallout 4. Still trying to decide if I wanna use the Oracle again or go with Lost Justice when I do it. The Oracle will be harder to do as I can’t start the game with a green-haired character. I’ll leave that choice to you the viewers when the time comes. But tonight, I’m streaming Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

Now for the story post for tonight… it will happen tonight. Before the stream, just so you know. It’s a special, but I won’t reveal if it’s for LSPL or LGDK. Find out for yourselves 😛 But in all seriousness, it was something I started months ago. I just finally finished it recently. And this site was meant for my writing, not for my streams. I just had better luck with my streams when I started advertising them on here.

Still, look forward to an update and a stream in the same night. OhMarioWV… out!

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