LGDK/LSPL Special: Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 1

Author’s Note: Remember how I refused to tell you guys which series this special was for? News alert, it’s actually a crossover. And it takes place seven years prior to both LGDK and LSPL’s main stories. So yeah, enjoy.

Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 1

It had been a normal day within the Kingdom of Wintergreen. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a battalion of the castle’s best knights were riding into battle. Their destination, the summoner’s ruins. Their reason… someone was using them without permission from the crown. This within itself was a taboo by the church of the spirits. The summoner’s ruins were forbidden unless it were an emergency. Nothing in any world is free, and there’s a steep price for using them when it’s not time.

When using the summoner’s ruins, it should only be done by the grace of the spirits. Only then does the price not matter. If used in times of need, like when the dawn of the demon king is nigh… the spirits receive permission from the judge, jury, and executioner of the deceased to summon one who has died within another world to arrive in this one to be a Hero. The spirits themselves then use their own mana to receive the Hero at the ruins. The rest is done by royalty to be a beacon for the Hero to find their way.

If the ruins are used when it’s not time, then the price does matter. The steep price is life force. As in lives have to be sacrificed in order to summon. And those lives do not have to be from the summoner themselves. Thus making it a taboo for using the ruins when not in a time of need.

In this world, there’s a mysterious being known as the Oracle. The Oracle is a special person who can predict times of calamity. It is also the Oracle who tells the royals when it’s time to use the ruins. But less than an hour before, the Oracle had a vision of the events to come. She saw the rogue mage Tobias Gray, who hated the kingdom, activating the ruins. The lives sacrificed would be those of a village he had captured with the help of mercenaries. If action was not taken, then something terrible could happen.

When she told King Victor Wintergreen, he rallied his knights and they rode off. Time was of the essence here. They arrived at the ruins and fought their way through the mercenaries. But when they arrived, it was too late. Most of the villagers had be sacrificed, and Tobias was about to summon something. But when the summoning was complete, there was confusion. It had not been an unstoppable warrior, a terrible monster, or anything that was expected. Due to his blunder, Tobias fled the scene. What was summoned, was a child no older than ten years of age.

The child was human, and not human at the same time. He looked the part, but had features normally associated with beastmen. Such as a tail and ears of a canine. Also, the child looked weak. The transfer to this world had taken it’s toll on him.

“Is that a beastman, Sir Fredrick?” (King)

“I… honestly don’t know, sire. Beastmen normally look more like beasts. This child looks too human.” (Fredrick)

“Well… what should we do with it?” (King)

The king of Wintergreen was confused. But his confusion was justified as well. Due to the actions of the rogue mage Tobias Gray, many lives were lost. And they were all wasted in order to summon some child of an unknown race. There were a few survivors, but more than half of the villagers had expired.

“We should probably take it back to the castle. The Oracle is still there, maybe she will know what should be done?” (Fredrick)

“As much as I hate how the child was brought here, you are right. It didn’t ask for this, no one did. This child is as much of a victim as the villagers.” (King)

The king and his men took the child back to the castle when they left the summoner’s ruins. The child was weak, so time was running out. When they returned, the Oracle had a surprising revelation.

“This child… he’s a child of destiny!” (Oracle)

“WHAT?” (King)

“However… his destiny is not in this world.” (Oracle)

“Whatever do you mean?” (Fredrick)

“That’s what I wanted to ask, Sir Fredrick.” (King)

“In the world where this child is from, he’s destined to become a Hero to fight against the demons there. Already chosen by that world’s god. If he’s not returned, calamity will occur in this world.” (Oracle)

“But… how would not returning this child bring us calamity?” (King)

“This child is marked by the god of his own world. Even though our own world is separate, it does not matter in the eyes of a god. An angry god’s wrath is nothing to be underestimated.” (Oracle)

“Then how do we return the child?” (Fredrick)

“I will consult with the spirits. But for now, we must be sure to restore it.” (Oracle)

The Oracle was correct on that part, the child was too weak to even speak. So the king had the child taken to a guest room and had the palace healers and maids look after it. By the order of the Oracle, the child was not to be told it’s destiny. After a day, the child had awoken.

“Where… where am I?” (Child)

“It’s all right child, you are safe.” (Fredrick)

Sir Fredrick was the one who answered the child. A maid had left to get the king, so Sir Fredrick took his time to explain things. The child was confused.

“Another world?” (Child)

“That is right. An evil mage summoned you here by mistake.” (Fredrick)

“But… that’s just impossible.” (Child)

“It is possible, child. However, it is also a taboo.” (Fredrick)

“A taboo?” (Child)

The child’s canine ears twitched when he heard that it was a taboo. Like the fur on his tail and the hair on his head, they were a dark ginger color. His eyes, the color of gold. His clothing consisted of a simple pair of blue jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt that was fashioned together by simple buttons, clothing not normally seen in this world. The boy had boots, but they were an unfamiliar design to this world as well.

“There is a steep price that has to be paid, but it is better for you to not know about it.” (Fredrick)

“All right.” (Child)

“Wait… you’re not going to ask?” (Fredrick)

This had confused Sir Fredrick greatly as children are normally the most inquisitive people out there.

“If it’s something that I’m not supposed to know, then what is the point in asking?” (Child)

“Child… you are different from most of the children I have ever met.” (Fredrick)

“Then I take it that you never met a half-man before?” (Child)

“A half-man?” (King)

The king had just entered the room when Sir Fredrick declared that the child wasn’t like the others. After seeing the king, the child tensed up for a bit. However, the child seemed less nervous after doing some thinking.

(This king… he looks like he’s from Portnew. However… I don’t sense any hostility. And this room is too nice for anyone from Portnew to have a half-man sleep in. Not to mention… he doesn’t seem to even know what a half-man is.) (Child)

The child then finally accepted Sir Fredrick’s story.

“By the Deity… you don’t know what a half-man is? Then I’ve really ended up in another world.” (Child)

“No, but is your race related to the beastmen?” (King)

The child had a sour look on his face. But he had to forgive the king, he didn’t know any better.

“We half-men don’t like being called beasts, your highness.” (Child)

“Oh… my mistake, child.” (King)

“It’s all good, you didn’t know.” (Child)

Both the king and Sir Fredrick were surprised by the child’s reactions. The child seemed calm and collected so far, excluding when the king entered the room.

“You are well mannered.” (Sir Fredrick)

“I was taught that I shouldn’t be rude to important people.” (Child)

“Whomever taught you that, had to be wise.” (King)

The child then looked downwards. It’s expression was not a happy one either.

“Is there something wrong, child?” (Fredrick)

“To be honest… I don’t like to think about that person.” (Child)

“Is there a reason?” (King)

“Before I answer… this has to be the most polite interrogation in history.” (Child)

Both Sir Fredrick and the King had a bewildered expression on their faces before realizing that it did seem more like an interrogation than anything else.

“We’re sorry child, we are just very curious.” (Fredrick)

“It’s alright. The person who taught me that is the priest in charge of the orphanage that I… used to live in.” (Child)

“Used to live in?” (King)

The king of Wintergreen could not help but to feel sorry for the child from another world when he answered.

“I… ran away. That man hates me for being born a half-man. To be honest… he’s not particularly fond of boys. But I get the worse of it because of my race.” (Child)

Both the king and Sir Fredrick were appalled by the fact a priest from any religion would judge a child just because of both gender and race.

“That priest should be lucky that he’s not one of my subjects.” (King)

“Certainly.” (Fredrick)

“Well… I do live in an independent city, so I don’t think you could do anything about it. (Child)

The two of them went blank at those words.

“An independent city?” (Fredrick)

“Yeah, one that’s not ruled by a country. It’s because it’s located at the exact border between a kingdom and a republic.” (Child)

“But… who protects the city if not ruled by a country?” (King)

The king was very intrigued.

“The citizens do. We don’t have an army or anything, but we do elect a sheriff as well as a mayor. Not to mention we can fight if needed. However, both countries have a non-aggression treaty when it comes to the city as well. Neither side can invade as it would also count as having land in the other country due to the location. Not to mention both of them will defend it against any other country to avoid foreign powers from having a foothold.” (Child)

The king and his adviser went blank again.

“So basically saying… both countries protect it out of their own interests?” (King)

“That’s right, your majesty.” (Child)

“Simple politics, child. If there were a city between the borders of this land and another, I would do the same thing.” (King)

Before anything else could be said, there was a knock at the door. Sir Fredrick answered it to reveal that a little girl with light green hair was on the other side. Her eyes were a pale blue and she wore a dress the color of lavender. She looked no older than the other worldly child that was already in the room.

“Ana, my daughter?” (King)

“Father, I have finished my daily lesson in magic. My instructor says that I’m almost ready to learn chant-less magic.” (Ana)

The king then picked her up and hugged her out of joy. As the other worldly child had a confused expression on his face, Sir Fredrick decided to explain it.

“His majesty’s daughter is a prodigy when it comes to magic. So far she’s more skilled than most adults at it.” (Fredrick)

“I see…” (Child)

After being put down, the princess then noticed the child.

“Father… who is this boy? Better yet, what is he?” (Ana)

The other worldly child grimaced at the last part.

“Right. Ana my daughter, this child is currently a guest here. So please be nice?” (King)

The princess then walked over to the other worldly child and introduced herself.

“I am Princess Ana Wintergreen.” (Ana)

She then bowed in a curtsy.

“My name’s Coy. I have no family name, so sorry.” (Coy)

He had answered while scratching the back of his head. This had been the first time anyone even answered the princess in this manner.

“By your manners, I can tell that you’re a plebeian. However… have you never seen royalty before?” (Ana)

“I can’t say that I have. I am sorry if I come off as being rude, but I have never been face-to-face with royalty before.” (Coy)

“At least you’re honest. I would like to talk to you some more… how about accompanying me for tea?” (Ana)

The king immediately had a vein pop out on his forehead because his beloved daughter had invited a boy for tea, but Sir Fredrick defused the situation.

“I think it’s a splendid idea.” (Fredrick)

He then gave the king a look that normally means trust me. As Sir Fredrick had never led the king astray before, the king had no choice.

“I will allow it if it’s in the garden.” (King)

“But sire, the boy hasn’t even replied to her highness yet.” (Fredrick)

“Sure.” (Coy)

Now that things were in order, Coy followed the princess to the courtyard while the king questioned Sir Fredrick.

“What are you planning by thinking that it’s a good idea for my daughter to have tea with some boy from another world?” (King)

“First sire, please get your words in order? Second, the boy might let down his guard a lot easier with someone around his own age? It would be a lot easier than interrogating him.” (Fredrick)

“I see… a splendid idea to get more information on his world. But why do we want more information than we already have?” (King)

“You can never be too careful, sire. Do not forget what the Oracle has warned us about, that boy has to be returned to his own world. Other than fearing the wrath of a god of another world, there’s no telling what that boy knows. Some of his other worldly information could be beneficial for us.” (Fredrick)

“I see… exploit him for all he knows.” (King)

“Not exactly…” (Fredrick)

“What do you mean by that?” (King)

“Some of his knowledge could be useless. Do not forget, it ‘could’ be beneficial. There’s no guaranteed that it is. Besides…” (Fredrick)

“Besides… what?” (King)

“Other than some comfort for the boy, the princess could use some interaction with children her own age. Other than prince Issac, there’s no one her age to talk to.” (Fredrick)

The king looked conflicted, but relented.

“You have a point. However, that child will be returning home soon. Maybe we should look through the orphanages and get my daughter a personal maid?” (King)

“Wise as usual, sire. I will get on that as soon as that boy is sent home.” (Fredrick)

And while the king and Sir Fredrick were talking about that, Coy was having tea and crumpets with the princess.

“So… there’s no such thing as chant-less magic in your world?” (Ana)

Coy had sipped his tea while she asked this. As soon as he swallowed and set the cup down, he answered her.

“Yup. Not to mention that our magic cannot be spoken in the common language there either. It’s chanted in something called ‘the mage’s language’ instead.” (Coy)

“I see. Can you do any magic?” (Ana)

“I’m afraid that I cannot. Other than the half-man race not having that good of an aptitude for magic, I’ve never learned any.” (Coy)

The princess who is very interested in magic then had a depressed look on her face.

“That’s too bad…” (Ana)

“Well… I do have a piece of technology I can show you.” (Coy)

“Technology?” (Ana)

“Well… a product from technology. Have you ever heard of a photograph?” (Coy)

“A photograph?” (Ana)

“There’s a machine that’s called a camera. It captures the image of whatever’s in front of it’s lens. It’s used by people called photographers to take photos. I don’t know the process, but I do know that photographs are the end result.” (Coy)

He then reached inside of his pocket and handed over a strange piece of paper. The princess looked at it bewildered before returning it.

“It’s like a painting… but in better detail in exchange for colors?” (Ana)

“I don’t know how cameras completely work.” (Coy)

“I’m sure not even royalty where you’re from even knows. I can tell that the one child was you when you were younger… but who is that human with you?” (Ana)

“That’s… my sister.” (Coy)

“Your sister!? But… she’s full-on human?” (Ana)

“Well… there’s a story behind that.” (Coy)

Coy then explained the traits of the half-man race to the princess. She had found herself immersed in a race that was very unique. One that if bred with another, the child would most likely be born a half-man. But on occasion, the child is born of the other race with no trace of being half-man at all.

“That’s very unique.” (Ana)

“I know. But… the fact that we were twins with one of us being born human is what got my sister taken away.” (Coy)

“But… why?” (Ana)

“All I know is that twins being born of two different races are considered miracles in my world. The church took her away because of it.” (Coy)

“I’m… sorry.” (Ana)

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault. Don’t forget, this happened in another world.” (Coy)

“But… what are your plans?” (Ana)

“Maybe try to find a way to make some money until I’m old enough to become an adventurer? This way I can go on a journey to find her. As for if or when I do, I’m not sure.” (Coy)

“But… do you even know why you were left at that orphanage?” (Ana)

Note, Coy had explained the stuff from his past that he already told the King and Sir Fredrick earlier.

“Nope. I don’t even know if my parents are dead or alive. Nor do I care. All I know is that I have one relative left, and that’s my sister. Family shouldn’t be separated, that’s what I believe.” (Coy)

“I see… to be honest, I don’t even know my mother’s face.” (Ana)

“You don’t?” (Coy)

“All I know is that my father loved her, but was forced to marry another for political reasons. My stepmother… hated me. But she died last year from illness. My brother though… he was doted on by her.” (Ana)

“You have a brother?” (Coy)

“I do… but he doesn’t like me. He spends his time training to become a warrior that will surpass father.” (Ana)

“Why?” (Coy)

“He believes that she died because she was weak. She was a princess of Stonefall, a very arrogant country that believes might is right. And that royalty must by the mightiest of all. Father is one of the strongest warriors of the land, but he’s still kind to his subjects. If there’s a village falling on hard times, he helps them out. It’s his belief that all are treated equally in the eyes of the spirits.” (Ana)

“The Spirits?” (Coy)

“Instead of a god, we are governed by the spirits. They are the ones who guide us.” (Ana)

“A place without a god? I better not repeat what I’ve heard when I do return home, the church there are strict when it comes to the Deity.” (Coy)

“The Deity?” (Ana)

“All I know is that it’s the god of my world. No one knows it’s gender, or it’s face. But it was the Deity who remade my world nineteen-hundred years ago. I don’t know what happened, but I do know that the people from before did something wrong. It’s not even mentioned what they’ve done, but it’s believed that not knowing will stop that mistake from ever being made again.” (Coy)

“That… seems heavy?” (Ana)

“More than you know. Still, we’re not here to talk about religion or beliefs. I will admit, this tea is good. And this garden is quite pretty.” (Coy)

Coy tried his best to change the subject. But he was right, this garden was beautiful. There were all kinds of flowers that he had never seen before, and the garden itself was very well maintained.

“That’s because the gardeners are some of the best in the kingdom. Originally… this garden was going to be a wedding present to my mother. However, that wedding never happened. So when I was born, my father gave it to me.” (Ana)

“Talk about a doting parent?” (Coy)

“More than you will ever know… no offense.” (Ana)

“Hey, I don’t mind being an orphan. And even if your father dotes on you too much, it’s because he thinks you’re irreplaceable.” (Coy)

Before the princess could reply, Coy noticed a new smell among the countless smells in the garden. He surprised her by getting up fast and looking at the corner.

“Coy… what’s wrong?” (Ana)

“There’s a monster.” (Coy)

“But… that should be impossible?” (Ana)

“It wasn’t here a moment ago. Ana… we should probably run.” (Coy)

Ana could only nod while being confused. The maid had left before Coy even got up, which was odd. So this was not normal. But right before they could run… a goblin appeared from a bush.

“Goblin!?” (Ana)

The Princess couldn’t help but to scream in surprise. Not to mention… it noticed her from the scream and rushed at her. But Coy reacted faster and broke the chair he had sat in a moment ago over it’s head. The goblin dropped it’s club and Coy grabbed it.

“Princess, stay back!” (Coy)

Coy then bludgeoned the club’s original owner to death. Ana being a princess who grew up within the castle walls… had never seen anything like this before. This was her first experience seeing combat.

“Is it… dead?” (Ana)

“It’s not breathing. But where did it come from?” (Coy)

“I don’t know…” (Ana)

Before anything else could be said, inhuman screams could be heard through the castle.

“Princess… I think this place is under attack.” (Coy)

After Note: Another news flash, it’s a two part special. The second half is in the works. And yeah, this is chronologically the Oracle’s first appearance.  Why I left her appearance ambiguous? Because how she looked in Destiny is after this special. Anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed this crossover special? And possible ship? Just kidding about the latter 😉

Also, the live stream will happen tonight at 9:00 pm EST. Time to fire up a new game.

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  1. I see I read LSPL just in time… 😉

    Couple things I noticed:

    “She saw the rogue mage Tobias Gray, who hated the kingdom activating the ruins.” I think you need a second comma after “kingdom”. Unless he doesn’t have the kingdom, and just hates them activating ruins. 😋

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    (To) be honest… he’s not particularly fond of boys. 

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