If anyone is wondering why I ended the stream early…

It’s simple, that game broke me. Seriously, it broke me. If you’re reading this Izerio, I know you bought the game for me to enjoy. Believe it or not, I did enjoy it for a while. But now I’ve reached the point of needing time away from it. It’s not a bad game, I understand why it’s on your list of greatest video games. It’s actually pretty damn good. But I’m the problem. I haven’t played any PS2 era games since… since I played God of War HD on the PS3 two summers ago. I still need to play the second one, but I lent my PS3 to my sister after her’s literally caught fire.

To everyone else, I know I’m being a big baby and a quitter here. But I’m sure that you guys know how it is to play a video game and get aggravated. It happens to the best of us. I’m not sure if what I did can be a called rage-quitting or not?

Either way, I’m done with Star Wars: Bounty Hunter for a while. Next weekend it’s Fallout 4. Not doing Survival as I know my death count will be… OVER 9000! Sorry, had to beat that dead horse of a meme there. But I will not be doing the Minuteman ending as that’s what I’m going for on my main play-through. Well… I’m trying to get that good ending where neither the Railroad nor the Brotherhood of Steel die on that one. It’s difficult and long. Not to mention… I don’t plan on conquering the Commonwealth as Overboss on my main. I plan on stopping after conquering all of Nuka-World and keeping the remaining Raider gangs there. Besides, that character is self-based. I do create at least one self-based character in games that allow character creation if possible to make the experience more immersive. I even made the Sole Survivor fat like me, and I doubt anyone wants to see a fat guy go around post-apocalyptic Boston trying to straighten it out.

For my live stream character, I’m still deciding if I wanna go with the Oracle like I did in Destiny or try out Lost Justice. As everyone knows, he’s kinda based on the Courier from Fallout: New Vegas and the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4… with some of “The Man with No Name” from Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy”. It’s just sad that there’s no ponchos in Fallout 4, then it would be easier to do Lost Justice. As you can’t make animal people, no Coy. And Yuki doesn’t exactly fit the “nuclear post-apocalypse” scenario. And don’t even ask about Niko, I’m not going to go through a game with an unarmed character.

More will be explained on the live stream highlights, I’m just going to do one on both live streams as it took forever to download Friday Night’s to edit it. And don’t get me started on the issues I had uploading it to YouTube. I accidentally picked last week’s Star Wars: Bounty Hunter stream to upload, so I had to upload the right video to avoid issues. So that took an extra hour and a half.

I think I just have too many issues? Either way, I’ll try to have something for y’all to read next weekend. And I’ll try to have a poll up on the live stream highlights about next week’s stream. For now… stay frosty, keep your stick on the ice, whatever saying floats your boat, have a good one.


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