Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Live Stream Highlights of 4/28 to 4/29/2017…

I just included a Twitch link this time because all the vids have copyrighted audio. It’s to a collection, so it does include last week’s stream as well. Before you ask, it’s the background music. So it’s a good thing that I’m not live streaming that game for a while.

On Friday nights’ stream, still lost track to all my deaths. But I did manage to get to the third chapter of the game. It was mainly my “tank” style of gameplay. So yeah, my bad on a lot of it. And this stream was a victim to a “Reigokai Rule” as I’m now officially calling it. The Reigokai Rule: If Reigokai posts an update during the stream, the stream is put on pause until the streamer (me) is done reading the chapter(s). So yeah, that rule is now official.

Next is Saturday Night’s stream. I was five minutes late on starting and then I ended up ending it early. Why? Simple, the game broke me. I will admit that it’s a fun game and all, but I should had just played it for myself like Izerio had originally intended instead of streaming it. I ended up too frustrated that I pretty much rage-quit at the end. I had just gotten to the next boss fight too 😦 But I just couldn’t try to go through all of that again. I understand why it’s on Izerio’s favorites though. It’s a good game. Just doesn’t fit someone who uses tank-based play styles.

In other news, it’s time for me to search for a new game. It was decided at the final Destiny live stream that it was going to be Fallout 4. Now, I’m going to leave some things up to a poll. Who should I play as?

Those my friends are the main choices. I don’t feel comfortable trying to play as Coy or Yuki in that game. So it’s mainly The Oracle whom recently was introduced in the current LGDK/LSPL crossover special (taking place before the main story of either) and was actually whom I used for the Destiny Streams… and then there’s Lost Justice, a character heavily inspired by the Fallout world and old spaghetti westerns (Also Coy’s father). The third option is just there to test you guys 😉

Also, there are three different Fallout 4 builds created by the YouTube channel FudgeMuppet that I’d like to use:

The Gunslinger, one that’s inspired by the Old West. Likes to travel alone.

The Preacher, a rifleman build that’s based on luck and the word of god

And last but not least, The Pirate. Warrior of the sea who is dependent on his sword, a literal cannon, and both chems and booze.

Again, I’m leaving this to your discretion  peeps. I want you all to feel involved. The last choice is something I wanted to try as I prefer not to travel alone. But as for the faction… please leave which one you want me to side with in the comments. Minutemen are excluded as my main play-through is going for the hard to get “good ending” that can only be done as General of the Minutemen. So it’s either the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, or even the Institute. Either way, I’m going to end up as the Nuka-World Raider Overboss and eventually take over the Commonwealth. Something I can’t do on my main.

In other news, my new hard drive I purchased for my PS4 came in. While writing this, I was copying data from my PS4 so I didn’t lose anything. Now I gotta get the firmware update from the site, put it on another USB stick, and install the new hard drive.

And now for the last bit of the post. I will try to have a new chapter out this weekend. But for now, I got a lot to do. Thanks for putting up with me.


5 thoughts on “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Live Stream Highlights of 4/28 to 4/29/2017…

    1. I got everything downloaded already, it just took longer than expected. Though I’m going to have to swap hard drives again because of a Trophy error. I forgot to sync my trophies before doing the swap 😦 But once I fix that error, going back to the bigger one.

      No I haven’t, though I probably should. Steven King has a few good novels, such as “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” and “the Green Mile”. He also has all those horror stories, but that’s not my taste. I hear there’s a movie to the Dark Towers series coming out this year, so I’ll watch it. Also, I’m half surprised that you didn’t vote for the Oracle? Then again, I did make Lost Justice out to be one hell of a gunslinger.


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