Reminder of this week’s Live Stream…

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the first live stream of the week. And we’re doing Fallout 4. But before I get into details, I managed to write a paragraph for an actual LGDK chapter. So there is a possibility of a chapter out on Saturday.

Anywho, time to get back to business. There are two choices on who to play as for the live stream: Lost Justice and the Oracle.

Those my friends are the main choices. I’ve already explained why I’m not using Coy or Yuki in the highlights of the last stream. Spoiler, looks like we already have two votes for Lost Justice.

Now, there are three different Fallout 4 builds created by the YouTube channel FudgeMuppet that I’d like to use:

The Gunslinger, one that’s inspired by the Old West. Likes to travel alone.

The Preacher, a rifleman build that’s based on luck and the word of god.

And last but not least, The Pirate. Warrior of the sea who is dependent on his sword, a literal cannon, and both chems and booze.

As I don’t like traveling without a companion, I’ve already made my own modified Gunslinger build. One that doesn’t require me to get the Agility bobblehead. Though I’m thinking about changing it as I actually know where it is. Besides, I’d rather have Mysterious Stranger when it comes to perks. So it would be a waste of a perk-point to invest in Agility. The main reason I’m even mentioning this is because Gunslinger is in the lead as I type this.

As for faction, please leave which one you would rather me join in the comments. Even mention if you don’t care, I like feedback. I also like cookies, but I won’t ask you guys for those 😛

Anywho, any faction other than the Minutemen please? As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m already going for the hard-to-get “good ending” as their general that doesn’t require the destruction of the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad on my main. So the choices are the BoS, Railroad, or Institute.

That’s all for now. I’m gonna get back to writing.


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