Live Stream tonight and… a chapter tomorrow?

Yes on that second part, we may have an actual chapter tomorrow. As in Chapter 26 of LGDK. Sorry to everyone wanting an LSPL chapter, but that one REALLY needs for the muse to hit me.

Still, tonight’s Live Stream will be at… 9:05 pm EST. I have a reason for it. But tonight we are starting Fallout 4. I’ve been waiting to do that game. It’s not the real reason I stopped with Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, that game just broke me.

As for the character, Drum-roll please?

*ba dum, tist*

Wrong drum role! Anywho, the winner is Lost Justice by two votes to the Oracle’s zero. So it looks like this post-apocalyptic adventure will be going to the character most inspired by the Fallout games.

As for the build, there was actually a tie between Gunslinger and Preacher. I guess no one love pirates? Still, as I know for a fact that Dark Jackel voted before anyone else, I’m going Gunslinger as he did vote for it. But as I prefer companions, I made a slightly modified version of Fudge Muppet’s build. All I did was remove Lone Wanderer and switch it with other stuff, the rest of the perk points remain the same.

As for factions… no one commented on which one I should join. I already stated that I’m refusing to do the Minutemen. A settlement will always need my help, thus making these streams probably longer running than even the Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist streams. I’m probably going to go Brotherhood in the end game, though I will still do some Railroad for Deacon’s perk and the Balistic Weave. This build may not use Armorer, but I may wanna invest points into it after level 50 anyway. Besides, I made a work around for good armor to last me most of the game. As for Power Armor… this build may not really use it, but I can get some from the BoS and unique pieces from Automatron. I have all the DLCs, I may do Automatron to increase my level before completing the main game.

Enough on that. Tomorrow, I need to deposit some money into the bank to buy that SAO game that came out last fall. There’s a good deal on it right now.

See ya’ll at the stream!


4 thoughts on “Live Stream tonight and… a chapter tomorrow?

  1. Sorry I can’t attend, like always work and life is an asshole but good luck and don’t die too many times. Don’t want to reach double digits the first day do you?

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