Fallout 4: Axe Murder edition. May 12-23 2017 live stream highlights…

The 3rd live stream was actually divided into two parts due to the game crashing. So I’ll highlight on each part. In the first part… nothing impressive happened. I did get my first two deaths (I re-watched both parts to confirm this), but it wasn’t from my arch nemesis Gravity. This was all because I wanted to get to Goodneighbor as fast as possible.

The second part on the other hand… I managed to make it to good neighbor and had no deaths at all. Fortunate on my part. I started the Silver Shroud quest line in order to get the Silver Shroud Armor. What Izerio didn’t know is that if you complete the quest line and manage to save Kent, he will periodically upgrade the armor. To learn more about this, click on the link. Before going to Hubris Comics, I was sure to fetch Cait from the Combat Zone. The reason why, I needed her to pick the lock stopping me from getting Grognak’s axe. And trust me, that weapon is pretty damn useful. Anyway, I got the axe and the costume and returned to Goodneighbor to get the Silver Shroud armor. But when I returned to Sanctuary… something happened. There were two Minutemen there, and both of them were wearing the hat I was seeking. I couldn’t believe it, and it was a chance I refused to let slip by. I followed them out of Sanctuary and tried to pickpocket the one in back, but it turned out that I couldn’t pickpocket the hat. So I had no choice. Dark Jackel said that he felt we switched genre when I used the axe against the ghouls at Hubris Comics. Well… it switched a second time. From post-apocalypse, to fantasy, to horror. I became an axe murderer to get my Militia hat. And then I did the first two hits as the Silver Shroud before doing the interview with Piper and ending the stream.

On the fourth episode that started late and ended even later… I did something I rarely do. I made progress. I completed two major quests that night. Well… three really. First I finally rescued the Synth detective Nick Valentine. This of course unlocked the Far Harbor DLC… I think. And then… we went after Kellogg. But yeah, rescuing Nick had my third death overall. On the way to Fort Hagen, I ended up with the Art and Synth Art random encounter. I was glad I quick saved, because I killed the real Art the first time around. After Dogmeat attacked a few innocent Radstags, we finally got there. It wasn’t an easy fight to get to Kellog, I will tell you that much. And despite the build I was using being Gunslinger… I ended up using the Axe. I slaughtered Kellog. And then before I left, I decapitated the corpse. My way of making sure that he never comes back.

Also during the stream… we ended up with a few unruly visitors. After I banned the first one, a new one came. Izerio made the suggestion of making Dark Jackel a mod. In turn… I knighted them both as mods. If you two are reading this, you earned it. You have been to practically all my streams so far. I consider you two as friends already. And if you’re reading this too Lime, I consider you a friend as well.

Anywho, that’s it for the live stream highlights. Jackel, be sure to watch the vid at where you left off. Don’t want you to get too confused come Friday. And yes, I will try to have another chapter of LGDK out. But if Dark Jackel manages to pull out another chapter of A Living Will… I’ll try to get a chapter of LSPL out instead.

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