Fallout 4 Highlights 5/19 – 5/20 2017…

Nothing much to report about. The stream ended up late because of dinner being late. And when the stream started… I sadly ended up eating on camera 😦 We decided to checkout the railroad when right after joining… the game crashed. So the stream got split in two…

Since the save was before I officially joined the Railroad, I decided to check out the Brotherhood of Steel instead. I did that stupid mission at Arcjet systems and found the Junkjet while I was there. Too bad I didn’t have a teddy bear to load in it. I’ll be joining the Railroad later. Apparently Jackel wants me to destroy the BoS… but I’m actually thinking about making them the endgame faction. Seriously, I want to save the Railroad ending for when I play as the Oracle in a later play through. She will be using the Preacher build. The only reason I relented for the Gunslinger build was because I modified it to not depend on Lone Wanderer. I am no good at soloing it, even if Lost Justice is canonically a solo operator. Even if it’s not a Power Armor-based build, it’s still a good build.

As for Saturday night… I continued where I left off doing the tour of the Prydwen. I got my BOS T-60 Power Armor and cleared Fort Strong of Super Mutants. Not to mention I decided to put a Mining Helmet on Dance out of boredom. I found it and thought “he won’t wear his armor helmet, might as well”. I mainly need him until I can unlock his perk. But after taking the cannonballs away from the fort and taking everything that’s not nailed down from the Prydwen… I had received the distress call that starts Automatron.

Sadly I didn’t really do much. Doing the first mission after rescuing the robot Ava… I died three times to the same robot because I decided to go without Power Armor. As much as I don’t want to do it, it looks like I’m gonna need to wear it. But before I could… a settlement needed my help. And when I finally got back to Sanctuary… Rad Scorpions were attacking. My settlers were doing nothing and it was up to me to fight those things off. I decided to finally add guard posts and made Dance a guard instead of another salvage collector like I made most of my companions who stay behind. So yeah… nothing ended on a high note. My death count is now officially at six.

Anyway, that’s it for the high lights. I will try to get a chapter out for Saturday. Dark Jackel, Izerio, thanks for attending. Same to those who attended but said nothing. See ya’ll Friday. As for me… I’m still getting over the feels from the series finale of Samurai Jack.


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