Change in plans for tonight’s stream?

Well… I got messed up. You see… I couldn’t donate plasma on Wednesday because we had to have the car sent in for repairs. My sister has a funeral in West Virginia that she has to go to this weekend, her father passed away. So yeah… I had to go in on Thursday, and I had to go early morning. And I have to go in early morning tomorrow in case my sister decides to head out then instead of Sunday.

Basically saying… the live stream’s been rescheduled. Instead of the usual 3 hour format starting at 9:00 EST, it will be a two and a half hour stream starting at 8:30 EST. You all have been warned. The stream will end at 11 so I can try to have just over 5 hours of sleep. I’ll see if I can make it the usual stuff tomorrow. See you all there.


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