Fallout 4: Paint the town blue edition. Live Stream Highlights may 26th and 27th 2017…

First let’s get to Friday Night’s stream. I finally got further into Automatron. Would had completed it… but the stream started a half hour earlier and ended an hour earlier due to having to wake up in the morning 😦

It was hard to get to the Mechanist. Even harder to do the final battle. Reason why? Simple, environmental damage. When I played on my main before, I didn’t die from that. Thanks to environmental damage this time around… I had 6 more deaths, increasing the death count to 12. I know I mentioned I only died 5 times during the Saturday night stream, but I re-watched this to make sure. A couple of those times were due to actually getting killed by the robots, but that was it. In the end… Lost Justice managed to defeat the Mechanist’s robot army. And then he confronted her as the Silver Shroud.

Due to criticism I was actually using pistols more. It REALLY depleted my ammo. But hey, that’s what happens when you walk the path of the gunslinger.

As for Saturday night’s stream… I decide to finish with the Silver Shroud quest line. Lost Justice administered… justice as the Silver Shroud. I had to reload a quick save at Sinjin because I messed up the first time. I was glad that I had more than one rank of Critical Banker, though it only took one VATS enhanced shot to the head… with a hit of PsychoJet to kill him. Thus saving Kent Connolly from dying at the hands of that miscreant.

The reason why I wanted to do the Silver Shroud quests was because of the fact that this build doesn’t use Armorer. I needed a set of armor that can be enhanced without Armorer, so I went for the one outfit that doesn’t need Ballistic Weave. The Silver Shroud Armor can be enhanced by Kent… if you manage to save him. First at level 25, then 35, and finally at 45. Now that the quest is completed and Kent’s safe, I can go back to Goodneighbor when I hit those levels to enhance it.

As for the death count… it increased by 4. Thus making it 16 deaths in total. The first three were because I Quick Saved at the wrong place after killing Sinjin. And then I loaded an auto save that showed me the culprit. It was a Super Mutant Suicider, the kamikazes of the Fallout world. So when it loaded after the forth death… I was ready. Had two crits saved from Critical Banker, causing it to lose it’s head and sent the body flying. It’s not the game physics, Lost Justice is just that good.

Anyway, that was the highlights of the streams. On Friday night… I’m thinking about loading my main save and introduce you guys to my main character. I wanna show of my Sanctuary Hills and the Castle. Possibly even my Vault 88, despite it being unfinished. I already created my own lore for it. After the tour, we’ll continue Lost Justice’s journey in Post-Apocalyptic Boston.

I’m hoping to get this done before summer’s over. The reason why… one of my favorite video games is getting ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. One of my best friends introduced me to it a few years ago for the PS3. It was one of the things that made me slowly jump ship back to PlayStation. Well… I had already planned on it since the E3 where both current gen consoles were announced, I disliked the XB1’s stats. Anyway, Dragon’s Dogma is one of my favorite Action-RPGs out there. I just hope that Capcom can renew the licensing to use the armor sets from Berserk again, they had to them from the PC port because of issues. Then again… the PC port is a western exclusive.

Still… I’ve always wanted to live stream Dragon’s Dogma. It’s just that the method I had before is not really recommended. My video capture device was meant for recording movies played from a VCR, thus making everything laggy. I called the concept Lag-o-Vision. I’d rather just do it straight from my PS4. And the best part is… you can technically make two characters. One to play as and a pawn. So if I wanted to play as Lost Justice or the Oracle… I could do both. The problem would be deciding which one to play as and which is the pawn?

Fun fact, Nia from Coy’s party is based on a pawn from a Dragon’s Dogma fan fiction that went nowhere. Though she’s a forest elf in LGDK, the original was more based on a Dark Elf. And… she wore the Swordsman’s armor set (the one based on Guts’ armor from Berserk’s Golden Age arc). Trust me… this will be hard to write in LGDK when I finally introduce Nia. And reminder, her name is pronounced “ni-yuh”. But yeah, I just wanted to throw that in there.

Anywho, it’s still a long ways away before the release date for the PS4 port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’s announced. I just hope to have the Fallout 4 streams done by then. And… I’m sure that I’ll know who I want to play as and who the pawn will be by then. If any of you have a last gen console, Dragon’s Dogma is recommended. Only play Dark Arisen if you have save date for the original, you get all kinds of useful bonuses.


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