Fallout 4: Magazine Hunter’s Edition. June 2-3 Live Stream Highlights…

Because the game crashed, the 9th episode became a 2-part endeavor. Dark Jackel left before that happened and Aberdeuce (I forgot how to spell it, will be corrected later) attended. Anyway, as Lost Justice I ended up joining the coolest cats in the Commonwealth, the Atom Cats. More or less a hybrid of beatniks and greasers. I also boarded the NMS Northern Star and fought my way through Mirelerks and Norwegian Raider Ghouls to acquire the Agility Bobblehead and an issue of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vender. Meaning I now get better prices and Lost Justice has his agility maxed out.

In the second part… I ended up solving a missing persons case in Diamond City. The fact that the doctor did it was a little cliche. Sadly I had to accept the beginning of the Far Harbor quest line in order to get the money and finish the mission. Still a while before I go to Maine though. After that, it was back to the Dugout Inn to help a scheming bartender whom I swear is the descendant of Roman Bellic. I had to help a radio jockey gain some self confidence by helping in a staged bar fight and setting him up with a girl whom he was too nervous to talk to. Luckily they both had a thing for each other. But after that part… the radio jockey and I had to rescue Roman Bellic’s descendant from the Raiders he was supposed to bribe for the staged bar fight. Still… radio jockey gained some confidence, man.

Now on to Saturday Night’s stream. The main focus was to hunt for perk magazines, but I ended up doing some side quests as well. I even ended up with a robot that dispenses beer! Or I did until Dark Jackel reminded me that I won’t get the exp if I don’t sell it to Rufus at Goodneighbor. I liked that robot, it told “dad jokes”. But that was the main part, I helped that guy in Diamond City who claims to be a baseball expert by retrieving some baseball memorabilia. The funny thing about that one was that Jackel joked about using the catcher’s mitt to catch bullets. And when I returned to the jack-wagon to finish the quest… he said the same thing.

The only real high light about this stream… I got my 17th death in total. And it was the first one of the weekend. Man… I almost went a whole weekend without dying. But blaim the Assaultron that ambushed me at the library for that! When I try to do that quest for Daisy in Goodnighbor again… I’m wearing power armor and having Cait with me. I’m gonna try to do that quest on my main so I don’t get confused when I try it again Friday night.

And those were the Live Stream highlights. I’ll try to get something to post on Saturday. But for now… I still need to decide which faction Lost Justice is going to join. And no, not the Minutemen. I’m going for them on my main. I’m almost considering the Institute. Almost…

2 thoughts on “Fallout 4: Magazine Hunter’s Edition. June 2-3 Live Stream Highlights…

    1. Actually… the Railroad aren’t really evil, they are more or less neutral. All they care about is saving Synths and opposing the Institute, they don’t care about the people of the Commonwealth.

      Now if you will excuse me, I gotta read the latest Wind on the Lowest Plain.

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