T.O.G! – Prologue

Author’s Note: Before you ask… I’ve ended up starting yet a third novel. This one… is a spin-off of sorts for LGDK. Starting both Lost Justice (the lone gunman) and the Oracle (a character that was introduced in the current LGDK/LSPL crossover). It’s not a romance novel, Lost’s married to Coy’s mother. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new endeavor starring the two characters I use for my live streams.

The Lady Oracle and the Gunslinger! – Prologue.

It was yet another day in Boromarl. It was noon and I was already drinking. My current location, the town with no name. It’s where my legend started. And right now… it’s one of the few places I can hang my hat. In truth, I miss my wife. But… I’ve failed to retrieve our children from that kidnapper. I killed that bastard if that’s what you’re wondering. However… an interference happened right before I put a bullet between his eyes. The most powerful man in Anthill Bay is trying to make sure I can’t return there. I don’t blame him, but right now his authority is what’s between me and my children. I can’t make any careless moves.

Anyway, right now I was sitting at a table in the back corner, with my feet on it while smoking a cigarillo with the brim of my stetson blocking people from seeing my eyes. Other than my boots, there’s a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass on the table. It’s no secret that this is where those seeking to employ my services can find me, I normally stay in this saloon. But on this day… something strange happened.

A woman walked into this bar, but she didn’t look to be a ranch hand or a harlot. She wore a blue robe with a high collar that had the sleeves in a lighter shade, the front of it was open to reveal some armor. The robe itself was fashioned shut at the waist by a belt and it looked somewhat tattered. She wore pants, the boots themselves looked armored. And a strange bangle on her left arm. The only skin exposed were what’s above the neck, her skin being porcelain white. But her eyes… they were green but it was almost as if they were glowing. Her hair was a pale shade of green, but it was so pale that it almost looked like silver with a shade of green. She had orange lipstick upon her lips and two markings across her eyes in the same shade of orange. The real thing that caught my attention was her the sword on her back. It was a two-handed double-edged blade that I could easily tell was enchanted.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that she’s an adventurer. But… adventurers rarely come to the town with no name. There’s all kinds of people here, from mercenaries like me to bounty hunters hoping to find their next pay. No one really like to look too conspicuous… says the guy who would stand out in any other place but here. But as I do have a reputation, mostly those who want to hire me even approach me. The woman was talking to the bartender Earl, who’s also the mayor of the town with no name. She laid some money and a note on the counter before leaving. After she left, Earl walked up to me.

“Lost… there was a woman here for ya.” (Earl)

“Ain’t there always? Did ya tell her that I’m married?”

“She ain’t here to get in your pants, she wants your services.” (Earl)

“So she’s a client?”

“That’s right. She left this for ya.” (Earl)

He then handed me a note. It said to meet her in her hotel room after dark, she would explain the details there. All I could do was scoff… until I saw the post script. It said, “I know you’re scoffing, Abel Mechana”. How could she know that? Not to mention… my name. Only two people outside of the country of Ritme even know that name. That would be my brother and old Billy Bob, and they knew be back in the Old World. And those two are partly responsible for my current situation.

“Thanks, Earl.”

“Whatever, just don’t get yourself killed. Also, try to wear something nice for a change?” (Earl)

Earl went back to the bar while I scoffed. I had a room in this saloon that I only use for sleeping, so I headed there. In truth… the dresser and wardrobe are empty. I only had a few changes of clothes, and I normally kept them on me. The Device on my left arm… is something called a Bunk-Man. It’s something that most people wouldn’t wear in this day and age, a wrist-mounted personal computer. The reason is that these things symbolize that you’re a ‘Bunkin’ as the term goes, someone from one of the bunkers from the Old World. However, they have a feature similar to the cards handed out by the Adventurer’s Guild. A hammer space that you can store things in. I pulled out a black pair of pants, some black boots, a black trench coat with silver lining, and black gloves. I also had a silver scarf, a gift from my wife Nagisa back in Ritme. She’s a Coyote half-man. I could get into details about half-men, but I don’t feel like it.

After getting changed, I added the finishing touch with a red bandanna over my mouth. I normally wear it in front of clients and while on the job to hide my face. And as per usual, I’m wearing my brown stetson. I know it doesn’t look too good with black attire, but it’s the only hat I got. After walking out of the room, Earl gave me a nod of acknowledgment. I guess that Black looks good with anything?

Even with the normal dry air and heat, it’s actually winter right now. We don’t really get snow in Boromarl, but it does get very cold at night. This outfit is actually my winter wear, though I wear it at other times as it’s one of my better outfits. All the note said was after dark, and it gets dark earlier this time of the year. So dusk had started when I paced my way to the hotel.

When I arrived, I told the person at the front desk that one of the guests was expecting me. I didn’t know their name, but the room number was six according to the note. After refusing help from a bell boy, I walked up the stairs and stopped in front of the door. After knocking four times, a female voice asked me to come in.

It was dark with the exception of the lantern light. The client was sitting on a sofa. Not long after entering, she got up and finally spoke.

“So, you’re the infamous Lost Justice?” (woman)

“That I am. And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?”

“I have no name, I had to give that up a long time ago.” (woman)

“What are ya? A shrine maiden from the Demon Realm?”

It would explain why she looks so pale, though I can tell that’s she’s not a Demon-folk.

“No I am not. But most refer to me by my role, I’m an oracle.” (Oracle)


“I am a messenger of the gods and spirits.” (Oracle)

“Well miss… Oracle, why would a messenger want me?”

“I know of your plight, Abel Mechana. A man out of time and out of place, you seek to defy destiny and the very Deity who had chosen your children.” (Oracle)

I felt a little angry when she said those words.

“Watch your words, Oracle.”

“I do know more, including the fact that William Robert Host holds the woman you once held dear in a frozen slumber.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

How did she know that, is she psychic?

“I am not a psychic. Being an Oracle, I know of things to come and things that have been. Including that you wanted to ask that.” (Oracle)

Okay… I’m starting to get a little creeped out here.

“I’m not sure if what you said was true or not, but don’t dodge the question I did ask.”

“I want to hire you.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“You say those words a lot, just like your son will.” (Oracle)

“My son will also have that habit?”

“He will. Anyway, you seek knowledge of the gods in order to defy the Deity’s will. If you work for me, I can give you a better understanding on how they think.” (Oracle)

“Wait… but ain’t ya a messenger of the gods?”

“There are many who defy the gods. The gods however… just find it amusing that mortals try to defy them. Some even welcome it.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“It’s the truth. Not all gods like the devout, some of them find those people to be mundane. Besides… we both have a common being that we do not like.” (Oracle)

“And that would be?”

“The Stranger.” (Oracle)

Wait… what?

“That bastard?”

“Yes, though he himself is not a god. He does find mortals amusing and tries to toy with them. Every time I visit this world… I despise him even more.” (Oracle)

“This world… ya don’t mean that–”

“Like Inarihime, I do not come from this world.” (Oracle)

So she knows Inarihime?

“What do you know about that fox woman?”

“Like me, she does not grow old. And like her, I’m sure that I’m younger than you. I also know that she’s a former messenger of the god Inari back in her home world.” (Oracle)

Wait… what? I didn’t even know that much.

“She was just like ya?”

“Not really. I work for many different gods through the multiverse to deliver their messages. That kitsune was just a mischief maker. Not to mention I was once human.” (Oracle)

“Wait… you’re not human?”

“I’m human in shape only. But I was once a mother. Due to circumstances, I had to give up my daughter for her sake. That’s why I became an oracle. But due to an incident coming up in a few years… that me will have to give up that world as well.” (Oracle)

“Wait… now I’m confused.”

“The flow of time between worlds is different. Some times a day can be a year in one, in others a year could be a minute. I’ve been to a few where time flows in the opposite direction. Hence why I was given immortality.” (Oracle)

“You’re an immortal? Then why would ya wanna hire me?”

“Immortality and invincibility do not necessarily mean the same thing. Even gods can die.” (Oracle)

So it’s possible to slay a god? Not that I wanna slay one, but it is interesting.

“Are ya afraid of dying?”

“Not really. But I do tire of traveling alone. This is where you come in. Besides, do you really want to turn down an adventure like this?” (Oracle)

I had to think about this. This offer… it was literally out of this world. I don’t know how often other people get to have an adventure in other worlds, but this was enticing. But… I do have other commitments.

“Since ya know all about me, then ya should already know that I’m trying to find a way to get my family back together.”

“That I do. However… even if you do stay here, the difficulty in that endeavor will not decrease. No matter how I see it, you will be doomed to fail if you stay.” (Oracle)

Wait… am I supposed to be destined to fail?

“Ya know of my defiance.”

“Even if you keep struggling, the end result will be the same. That is with your current knowledge of things. As I have said before, you will learn plenty if you accept my offer.” (Oracle)

Damn her… she’s right. Even if I came in guns blazing, there’s no way I can fight off Boss Walton and his whole gang. Especially when they have a better feel of the terrain.

“But I’m a mortal man. I know that’s a tall one coming from a man who’s almost two-thousand years of age, but that was due to me being frozen.”

“Due to my profession, I do have an excellent grasp of time. Let’s say that you travel with me for a year? Well… that it’s been a year for you. I can navigate enough between worlds for you to return a year later by this world’s flow of time. Thus making it so your timeline is not out of sync.” (Oracle)

That… was a long description. However… it does work out if she’s telling the truth.

“Okay… but why would ya need me? I know that it ain’t because of a fear of dying.”

“Simple, there are things that I cannot do that have to be done. So I need a proxy to do those things for me. A partner in crime if you will?” (Oracle)

Is that so…

“Fine, though I don’t really trust your method of keeping my time in sync.”

“Well… there’s another way to assure that it stays that way.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“There’s a method to make you immortal, one that can be undone. If we were to do that while in this world… then it can be guaranteed that you’re timeline in this world is unaltered. Well… your physical one anyway.” (Oracle)


“Will it hurt?”

“It will. You may be unconscious for hours though.” (Oracle)

Let me think about this… it does have it’s advantages. I mean, this way if I were gone from here for a year, then my body would age only one year when it’s undone. So that means that I can do this without having to find another explanation of why I’m not my actual age. Besides… going on this adventure has more advantages than disadvantages. Not to mention some time away might do me some good? Yeah, let’s go with that.

“Fine, but what about payment?”

“You are a mercenary after all. In this world… I have over a million gold saved up.” (Oracle)

A million gold!? Most people couldn’t earn that in their life time.

“That’s… a little too much.”

“I didn’t plan on giving it all to you. Do not forget, I may need money for other things when our contract is up. So I’m offering you half a million.” (Oracle)

“That’s still a little… never mind, I’m gonna need the money in order to do what I need to.”

“Well… it’s only been six months since you killed that Shadow. So you’re going to need a lot of money if you want to defy the Deity’s will.” (Oracle)

“Ain’t that the truth? Anyway, I’ll go with the temporary immortality.”

“Okay… but this will hurt. First… I need you to take off all of your upper body clothing.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

“Just trust me.” (Oracle)

I took off the trench coat, scarf, and my black sleeveless shirt.

“Please tell me that this is all?”

“Good enough. Now… don’t move.” (Oracle)

She opened her right hand, like she was going for a chop. However… she had thrust it into my chest. It penetrated, I could feel her hand on my heart. And then… she ripped it out.

“Wait… what…”

I passed out, thinking that I was going to die. But when I came to… it was morning.

“Rise and shine…” (Oracle)

I quickly reached for one of my revolvers and aimed it at her.

“What the hell did ya do to me!?”

“I told you that it would hurt.” (Oracle)

I looked down, there was a scar from where my heart was removed. It looked like just another addition to the many scars I have on my body. However… I placed my hand on it and couldn’t feel my heartbeat. Seriously, I had no pulse.

“What the hell…?”

“It’s an ancient method of immortality. It requires the removal of one’s heart. Do not worry, your heart is in a safe place. And it’s still beating.” (Oracle)

“But… how does that work? I mean, the heart’s supposed to pump blood through the body in order for the body to function.”

“It’s more of a dimensional displacement. But mainly, your body is running off of magic right now.” (Oracle)

“Like a zombie?”

“Not really. Unlike an undead, you’re still breathing. You’re alive.” (Oracle)

“Great… now I really am a heartless bastard.”

“This has nothing to do with your emotions. Now, we have a lot of things to do before we go to the next world.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“You really need a new catchphrase. Anyway, you need to get things in order before we leave. This is including sending messages to Inarihime and your wife Nagisa.” (Oracle)

How much does she know?

“I’ll get on that.”

“Good. Now, I’ll take a rest.” (Oracle)

She then flopped down on the bed and passed out. Oi, it’s not a good idea to do that around a half-naked man! She’s lucky that I don’t really have such thoughts. And… that I’m extremely loyal to my wife. I put the rest of my clothing back on and left for the saloon. Earl was there, cleaning out a beer mug.

“You’re back. Did ya finally cheat on that wife of yours?” (Earl)

“No, I did not. Just because I wasn’t back before dawn don’t mean that I had sex.”

“Too bad. Though that woman ain’t really my type.” (Earl)

“She ain’t mine either. Anyway, I’m gonna be away for a long time.”

“So it’s a long job. Don’t tell me that she’s gonna be our next prime minister?” (Earl)

“Nope, it ain’t another revolution. She just needs a bodyguard for her travels.”

“With that huge sword on her back?” (Earl)

“Hey, even a swordswoman needs a hand sometimes.”

“Whatever. Just don’t die while you’re away.” (Earl)

But… I thought I did die? This reminds me… I need to ask her if that’s a curse she used on me later.

“I’m a heartless bastard, I ain’t gonna die that easily.”

“Sadly, that’s true.” (Earl)


I clicked my tongue before leaving. The first thing I had to do was buy ammo for my revolvers, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be away. I went to the general store and bought out their current supplies of .357 magnum and .38 Special bullets. My magnums can use both types. I also bought some ready-made meals in case of emergency. I then wrote letters to both Nagisa and Inarihime. For Nagisa… I wrote that I’m taking a job that may make writing difficult for a while. For Inarihime I wrote everything that’s happened. I handed them off to the local Shadow that was staying in the town with no name. Later, I waited for the Oracle in the lobby of the hotel.

“Are you ready?” (Oracle)

“I got my affairs in order.”

“Good.” (Oracle)

We then left the town with no name on foot. After we gained a distance, she put her hand on my shoulder. I then saw it, a circle appeared under our feet. It had strange ruins on it, so I knew this was her magic.

After a flash of light… we were at a different landscape. She then spoke.

“Lost Justice, welcome to another world.” (Oracle)

After Note: And that friends is the first chapter of TOG. Originally… the Oracle was just a character that makes appearances in other people’s novels. A loaner character I created that has ties to both LGDK and LSPL. I’ve offered using her to a certain fellow author first. But I came to realize… I need to actually use her too. I mean… I had plans for using her in LGDK and some parts of LSPL. But mainly… people have only known about her because she’s the female character I use for live streams. I finally admitted that the Warlock that I used for the Destiny live streams was her in the final one.

As for Lost Justice… I’ve always wanted to do more with him. He was the obvious choice when I decided to use him for my Fallout 4 live streams, he is based on the Sole Survivor (and to some extent the Courier from New Vegas). That… and the fact that he beat the Oracle in the poll I made before doing the Fallout 4 streams. But writing wise… I wanted to do so much more.

I mainly came up with this new novel idea on a whim after reading the newest chapter of Wind on the Lowest Plain by Dark Jackel. And… I REALLY needed something to post that has nothing to do with the live streams. Well… the characters may be the ones I use in the streams, but that’s beside the point. I needed something story wise. So I ended up writing this.

I cannot guarantee when the next chapter of TOG comes out. This is another side project like LSPL. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this prologue?

First Chapter

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  1. By the way, have you ever read Matthew Stover’s Acts of Caine series? I have a feeling it would be right up your alley. Plus, the scene where Oracle made LJ effectively immortal was very similar to a scene from Caine Black Knife… 😉


  2. Returned after a while away and 2 new chapters (new novel) appeared! 😀

    A little typo:
    – That would be my brother and old Billy Bob, and they knew -be- back in the Old World. 
    That would be my brother and old Billy Bob, and they knew (me) back in the Old World. 


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