Fallout 4: Cannot Tell How Many Times I Died Edition. Jun 9-10th, 2017 Livestream Highlights…

Let’s start with the 11th Episode from Friday Night. I did go back to the Boston Public Library and returned that damned book for that ghoul Daisy, and didn’t die this time. Well… I died later in the stream, my 18th death overall. But it wasn’t like the stream before!

Anywho, I also went digging under ground in “The Big Dig” with Bobbi No-Nose. But before I could go too far… I had to do a quest with MacCready at the Mass Pike Interchange to kill those Gunners that had been hounding him. It was my first death of the weekend not only because I didn’t Quick Save, but because Rust Devils showed up while I was trying to kill the Gunners on the ground stealthily. So yeah… my Power Armor was weakened. Anywho, I got them the next time around and fortunately for me the Rust Devils didn’t show up.

As for The Big Dig… I hate that one. Not’s not because of the subways full of ghouls, far from it. It was the Mirelurks, it just had to be Mirelurks. I HATE MIRELURKS!!! Anywho, turns out old Bobbi was trying to rob Hancock, so I killed her. Hey, Lost Justice would had killed her anyway. Still, I need to keep increasing my Approval Rating with MacCready in order to do his final quest and get his perk.

Now to the Saturday Night stream. Spoiler, I haven’t maxed out MacCready’s approval rating yet. And… I died yet again. Turns out Dark Jackel and Izerio were right, it was my 19th death 😛

Anyway, I started out with some minor missions I had yet to complete. First was The Lost Patrol for the Brotherhood of Steel. Izerio didn’t know that you get Paladin Brandis’ gun if you convince him to come back. I’m glad to have shown him something new. Anywho, I had to reload the save a few times because the build I’m using isn’t a Charisma build. But yeah, I convinced Brandis and got his gun.

And then I had to investigate missing supplies, which we all know that the white guy is more likely the perpetrator than the black man. Racial joke failure aside, he was doing it to feed the ghouls. Turns out he’s a ghoul sympathizer, something that’s not welcome in the BoS. I had to reload a few times because of MacCready’s likes and dislikes, but I had to convince the thief to turn himself in. Reason being, a unique piece of Power Armor. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Tesla power armor, but I needed the Exemplar’s chest piece even more due to the legendary effect. Besides, I still have the Tesla arms.

The final part was finding the treasures of Jamaica Plain. After fighting my way through ghouls, disarming laser trip wires, and finally killing two robots… I found it. It was a freaking time capsule full of junk. I did keep the junk away from the Workbench though, that’s stuff that cannot be found again. And I did get a World Series Baseball Bat out of it, but it’s weaker than the ax I carry, so it’s in storage. But after killing the first wave of ghouls, I had to return to GoodNeighbor as I finally hit level 25, thus allowing Kent Connolly to upgrade my Silver Shroud Armor. So yeah, Izerio missed the armor upgrade. And… me getting stripped because I didn’t change out of the armor first.

Still, that’s the highlights. A new chapter of “The Oracle and the Gunslinger: is out, so please read it? Now… to wait on Dark Jackel’s Sunday Digest…

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