T.O.G. Chapter 01 – I’m Going to go to the Brawl?

Author’s Note: And here’s the first chapter. Taking place in no other but Akihabara. Anywho, please enjoy?

The Oracle and the Gunslinger Chapter 1 – I’m Going to go to the Brawl?


This… was my first travel between worlds. I started to feel motion sickness from it. I noticed a dumpster and headed straight there. I lifted up the bandanna covering my face before vomiting. This felt intense.

“This was your first time traveling between worlds, so don’t feel bad.” (Oracle)

I took the flask out of my Bunk-man’s hammer space and poured some whiskey in my mouth before spitting it out. I just had to get the taste out of my mouth.

“So… that’s what this feels like?”

I had to ask.

“In a sense… it’s no different than when heroes get summoned from other worlds. However, my transfer circles are different from summoning circles. As it doesn’t take as much mana, the ride is a little rougher.” (Oracle)

Go figure…

That’s what I was about to say, but then I got a better look at our surroundings. We were in an alleyway, which explained the dumpster. However… the buildings were much different than what I’ve gotten used to. These were more modern, made of concrete. And I could hear traffic, cars going by. For a moment… I thought I was back in old world Libertonia.

“Where are we?”

“Akihabara, near the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. We’re in Japan.” (Oracle)


I felt like I’ve heard that name before.

“Inarihime’s homeland.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Well… that was about a thousand years ago, so the country’s changed a lot from when she lived here.” (Oracle)

“I’d say…”

Seriously, I remember Ritme. When the legendary half-man and Hero known as the Ox King founded Ritme, he had Inari help base it’s culture on her own. It was like medieval Yamato, or at least how it was in the period dramas. So naturally I associated all three together. But this Japan… was too modern. Which leads to the question…

“So… why are we here?”

“Oh, we’re here to observe.” (Oracle)

Wait… we’re here to observe?

“Observe… what exactly?”

“Someone who’s precious to the next hero of my original world.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“You need to find other words to say. Anyway, a Hero will be summoned to my original world in about… eleven years. Making the year in this world two-thousand and six AD.” (Oracle)

“Okay… but what does that have to do with the person we’re observing?”

“He’s going to die in six years. The reasons are the events of this day.” (Oracle)

“Wait… ya mean to tell me that we’re observing a dead man? Why?”

I used the term ‘dead man’ because his fate is to die.

“Because he will be reincarnated to my world when he does, but it will be seventeen years before the Hero is summoned.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Again you use those words? Anyway, he will be reincarnated to my world. And his fate there will be to assist his little sister… from his past life.” (Oracle)

“Now that sounds like the name of a novel that weirdos would read because it has an incest-like theme.”

It does.

“True. But for now, we must observe him. In the mean time… let’s go on a date.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

Before I knew it, she took me by the hand and dragged me around Akihabara. We went to a few book stores and read some of the ‘manga’ as it’s called. Luckily for me, Japanese is basically the same as Ritme Runes as Inarihime made it Ritme’s official written language. I will admit some of it was interesting. I thought our outfits would make us stand out, but apparently Akihabara is full of people called ‘cos-players’. So that’s what the locals assumed we were. We also went to a karaoke bar and sung a few of the local songs before we went to something called a ‘maid cafe’. It was weird to see waitresses dressed up as maids with short skirts and calling me ‘master’. Actually… most of our visit to Japan was awkward thus far. And the Oracle was enjoying her parfait.

“So yummy~” (Oracle)

“I’m glad you’re having fun, but ain’t we here on a mission?”

“Oh, I know. But we had to kill some time before we observe.” (Oracle)

Is she trying to piss me off?

“Ya could’ve told me that earlier.”

“True, but then we wouldn’t have gone on this date~” (Oracle)

She’s REALLY trying to piss me off.

“So… do ya get yer jollies by forcing married men on dates?”

“Not really. I just wanted to tease you a little. But… our mission will be starting around the time that I’m finished with this parfait.” (Oracle)


This felt like it was going nowhere fast. However, this land of Japan was a nice change of pace for me. What cars I did see looked very advanced compared to even old world Libertonia. I did ask many things while we were walking around. So far, this land is a peaceful one where carrying weapons is illegal. It was a good thing I put my revolvers in the Bunk-man’s hammer space. I don’t know how she managed to hide that huge sword that was on her back, but I didn’t question it either. She is a magic user after all. Apparently I was able to speak the local language because she used some magic on me while I wasn’t paying attention. Which was good, I hate language barriers.

Not long after she was done with her parfait, we started walking around again. She dragged me into a photo-booth and had me take pictures with her. I was amazed by colored pictures, which I didn’t notice were a thing here. And then she had me follow her into another alleyway. My sense of danger went off… even though it was low.

“Apparently we’re being followed.” (Oracle)

So she noticed too?

“Yeah… so why don’t ya bastards show yourselves?”

Right there, multiple hoodlums came out of the woodwork. They were wearing dark gray gakuran-style uniforms. By the age range… I’d say they were close to seventeen. One with bottle-blond hare and a few piercings in his left ear and eyebrow spoke.

“Alright ya foreign bastards, give us your money and we’ll let ya off easy.” (blond)

“Boy… do ya even know who you’re trying to rob?”

Of course he didn’t, but it’s been a long time since I could say something like that. I’m too infamous in my world…

“Yeah, some chuuni bastard dressed up like a cowboy.” (blond)


That was a term I haven’t heard before.

“Hell, what kinda name do you have with that stupid outfit?” (blond)

Even with my face covered, I smirked as I answered.

“Lost Justice.”

Right there, they were all laughing. Some of them had to support themselves with the walls.

“Oh my… that is the most chuuni name I ever heard!” (blond)

“Boy… do ya want me to kick yer ass?”

“Whatever, my boys will make short work of ya.” (blond)

One of the unnamed thugs stepped forward. He had a wooden sword in his hands and did a pose as if he were trying to threaten me. I sighed and pulled out a collapsible baton from my pocket. Hey, I wasn’t gonna be completely defenseless.

“So he does have a weapon? Make short work of him.” (blond)

The thug nodded at the blond’s words. I just sighed before sword boy tried to rush me. I dodged his strike and hit him on the back of the head. But before hitting him, I flipped a switch on the baton. It was electrified, so he was tasered. The other thugs were silent as the blond spoke again.

“That was an electric baton?” (blond)

“What? Did ya think this would be easy?”

“No, that’s dirty.” (blond)

Was he serious?

“Really? I think that ganging up on a guy’s dirty. So is trying to use a weapon on a man whom is assumed to be unarmed? Boy, when someone plays dirty… then ya play dirtier.”

“Why you–” (blond)

“There’s more. Look, ya don’t like it when others play dirty, right? So how about we go one-on-one, mono a mono? What do ya say?”

He looked like he was getting angry. I wished he could see me smirk.

“Are ya looking down on me?” (blond)

“It depends. Do you wanna do this man-to-man?”

I had replied with a taunting tone. So far, this boy reminds me of myself when I was his age. I would easily get worked up if the right buttons were pressed.

“There are rules that must we must abide, as in all of us. When challenged to a man-to-man fight, one must accept it. Boys, don’t interfere.” (blond)

Hook, line, and sinker. This boy does remind me too much of myself. I re-collapsed the baton before putting up my dukes. He put up his dukes and charged at me. The first move of his was a left hook, which I dodged before giving him a few right jabs. His face was hit, but he smiled. He tried to through a few left jabs, but our experience levels were different when it comes to fist fights. I don’t know how many years this boy’s been fighting, but I’ve been brawling a lot longer. Other than barroom brawls, I’ve had more than my fair share of fights growing up. And most of them were against that hotheaded brother of mine. I dodged his blows before giving him a powerful right. It seemed like a critical hit as he slammed into a dumpster.

“Ya done, boy?”

“Old man… you’re pretty good.” (blond)

“Old man? I’m about… twenty-one.”

I had to think for a moment as I was frozen for nearly two-thousand years.

“Really? Ya fight too well.” (blond)

“Well… yer not too bad yourself.”

“What’s your name?” (blond)

“When asking someone else’s name, ain’t it proper to give yer own?”

“My name… is Fujiwara Katsu.” (Katsu)

So he actually told me.

“Mine’s Abel Mechana.”

“Well Mechana-san, thanks for teaching me how weak I really am.” (Katsu)


Despite the bruises on his face, he was looking at me with admiration. Not too long, we heard a ringing. Katsu then pulled a device out of his pocket. While he was talking, the Oracle whispered in my ear that it was a mobile phone. I haven’t heard of such a device before, but it seemed useful. But Katsu’s expression told me that the call was not a good one.

“That bastard!!!” (Katsu)

“Wait… what’s wrong?”

“Some punk who hates me kidnapped my little sister. He told me that I better come alone or else he’s going to hurt her.” (Katsu)

I couldn’t believe that, that move’s too cowardly! I wanted to do something, but the Oracle grabbed my shoulder. She then spoke to him.

“What are you going to do?” (Oracle)

“What do ya mean? I gotta go.” (Katsu)

“But you are in no shape to do so. Especially after fighting with my bodyguard.” (Oracle)

“So Mechana-san’s a bodyguard? That explains why he’s so tough. But… what can I do?” (Katsu)

“We all have rules that must be followed, those were your words. Now tell me, what the kidnapper abiding by those rules?” (Oracle)

“No…” (Katsu)

“In that case, the rules are out the window.” (Oracle)

Even I was confused for a bit. However, it seemed like Katsu had an epiphany.

“You’re right. It may be cowardly on my part, but that bastard started it by being cowardly himself. As Mechana-san said, when someone plays dirty… then ya play dirtier.” (Katsu)

“Boss… what are ya gonna do?” (thug)

“I’m calling the cops.” (Katsu)

“WHAT!?” (thug)

“Ya heard me, that bastard went too far. There are rules that we must follow, and he broke them. I don’t care what happens to me… but no one harms my little sister!” (Katsu)

The Oracle gave me a look that told me that it was time to leave. After we were a distance away, I spoke.

“So… when are we observing that older brother?”

“Oh, that was him.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

“You heard me. The Hero’s name is Miyuki Fujiwara. That was her brother Katsu Fujiwara.” (Oracle)

“Wait… ya mean to tell me that the future Hero of yer world’s just been kidnapped?”

“Yes. You see, Katsu Fujiwara was a delinquent. However, he made many enemies. One of them was a son of a politician, Miyuki’s kidnapper. He went too far and Katsu called the police on him. So the kidnapper’s life is going to be ruined because his father’s political career is suffering from his arrest being made into nationwide news. And in six years, that guy is going to murder Katsu by running him down with a truck.” (Oracle)

“Crap… ya mean to tell me that I altered history or something by beating that boy up?”

“Actually, what you did was make sure that things happen the way there were supposed to be.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“You’ve heard me. That’s what was supposed to happen.” (Oracle)

“But… that boy’s gonna be hit by a truck?”

“Five out of ten victims of trucks actually get reincarnated in another world. In truth, those five out of ten trucks are actually tools of other worldly gods. But it was Katsu Fujiwara’s fate to be reincarnated into the boy named Niko to help his sister from his previous life when she gets summoned.” (Oracle)

“But… why?”

“That’s because Miyuki Fujiwara’s brother complex is so strong.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“I was merely kidding. Though she is in love with her elder brother, he would never fall for her. Hence why fate will make it so he’s not in a body related by blood. Though there’s going to be competition for Katsu when he becomes Niko. A childhood friend in that second life… and my daughter.” (Oracle)

“Yer daughter?”

I was tempted to use the words that I normally use, but those didn’t come out for a change.

“I forgot to tell you, I was once engaged to the king of a country called Wintergreen. However, it had to be broken for political reasons. Sadly, I was with child. After Ana was born, I became the Oracle. I had given everything up, including my name and daughter. But that’s a story for another time. Besides… my daughter’s feelings will be conflicted when it comes to Niko due to a certain boy from another world. But if I say anymore, it would be a spoiler.” (Oracle)

Wait… what!?

“What a rip.”

“It feels that way, but I shouldn’t talk too much about the destiny of others~” (Oracle)

I don’t know why… but I feel that she had a point there.

“Then don’t start talking about it too much.”

“Oh, and here I thought you would ask about your own destiny?” (Oracle)

And she’s annoying…

“As someone who agreed to travel with ya in order to defy destiny, why would I ask about my own? Besides… a certain bastard with a mustache and a top hat already told me.”

“True… I hate that guy. He finds things too amusing and likes to interfere too much.” (Oracle)

“Didn’t we just interfere?”

“Technicalities, Lost. We did, but things are still going as they should.” (Oracle)


I was already tired of this. We walked around for a while until she stopped. I noticed that it had gotton late.

“Shall we stay here for the night?” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

She had lead me to a Love Hotel!? Seriously!?

“It’s cheaper than staying at any of the regular hotels.” (Oracle)

“But… I can’t.”

Seriously, I couldn’t stay at a place like that with another woman. I love Nagisa too much.

“It should be fine as long as we don’t do anything improper. So no need to be self-conscious~” (Oracle)

“Are ya trying to piss me off?”

“Not really, I just think your reactions are funny. Anyway, I need a shower. Wearing these clothes does cause a sweat.” (Oracle)

She then dragged me in there and ordered a room. After getting to the room, she headed straight for the shower. I looked away the whole time until she came out in a bathrobe. And then it was my turn, which I asked her to look away. I will admit… showers are nice. Especially when the soaps and shampoos are the pump kind. After getting out… I felt so refreshed.

“Showers are the best…”

“Agreed. Beer?” (Oracle)

She offered me a can, something I hadn’t seen in years. I popped the top and took a swig.

“Beer’s the best when ya drink it ice cold after a hot shower.”

“That I would agree on. Anyway, I have some food.” (Oracle)

She then pointed to some things in plastic wrappers, which was another thing that I hadn’t seen in years. She handed me some Yakisoba Bread, which had a unique taste. I remembered eating some actual Yakisoba in Ritme, but this was convenient.

“Where did ya get this?”

“There’s vending machines in the hallway. Anyway, eat up. We have to leave for the next world in the morning.” (Oracle)

“That’s right… we already did what we had to do here.”

We did. That thing with that Katsu boy, where we were supposed to observe and I ended up fighting him. I had forgotten about it in the shower.

“Don’t worry, we may be returning to this world in the future. So you can take in the sights then~” (Oracle)

“I have a feeling that you’re making fun of me…”

“It’s okay. Anyway, time to sleep~”

She then took a side of the bed and fell asleep after putting the cover on. That lead to one question.

“Where am I gonna sleep?”

After Note: And that was the first chapter of “The Oracle and the Gunslinger”. Nothing too exciting, I know. And yeah, the Oracle enjoys teasing Lost Justice. I know, it was probably some spoilage about “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!” there for those who didn’t read it yet. I REALLY need to get back to work on that one. The only problem is getting into the mood to do so. With “Let’s Go Devil King!”… it’s more of a slight writer’s block. But it’s nothing that I can’t get through.

The live stream highlights will be posted later. Still waiting on Dark Jackel’s Sunday Digest though…

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  1. A big part of me hoped that after the lines, “Seriously, I couldn’t stay at a place like that with another woman. I love Nagisa too much.” it would then say, “Not to mention how badly she will freak out when she learns this.” or “Plus, I don’t want Nagisa to start hunting you down as if you were the worst evil in the universe.” Yanderes, they find a way. Never question this usually unspoken fact.

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    1. The Oracle’s always confident as she always has an idea on how things are going to turn out. And yeah… that was originally a joke when writing the “history of Lost Justice” chapters. I decided back then “like father, like son” 😛

      Thanks for spotting the error. I’ll fix it with “Yer daughter”. Sometimes it’s hard to write characters with accents. Also… be expecting an email from me later, I have something that needs to be asked in private. Don’t worry about urgency though.


  2. OK, I didn’t expect the Oracle to be, in reallity, ‘Her’ mother. O.O
    I unintentionally stole Coy and Lost’s catchphrase when se mentioned it, though Lost didn’t say it.

    – I noticed that it had -gotton- late.
    I noticed that it had (gotten) late.


  3. I copied the trucks theory XD. It was funny. Where did you get that from? Did it came suddenly to ur head. Maybe it applies to in real life. Someone should try it


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