No chapter today…

Sorry, it’s for multiple reasons. First, was Adam West’s passing. I will always miss you, 1960’s Batman! Second is GTA Online, I ended up playing it this week because I was curious about the new Gun Running update. It might actually be the final update as Red Dead Redemption 2’s coming out Spring 2018. Still… did they have to make the Duke O’Death a free car for those of us who had the game last gen?

If you guys wanna read something in the mean time, Dark Jackel has updated Anbai Hero. It’s a somewhat cringey chapter because it’s the villain’s PoV. However, there is a bit of good news at the end of the chapter.

Tonight’s Stream will be at 9:00 pm EST, as per usual. Hopefully, I won’t have to split up the stream again in order to fix a glitch. Apparently, there are people who haven’t used a VATS-based gunslinger build before, such as someone who wandered into the stream last night. Hopefully I won’t have to use Power Armor too much tonight.


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