Some news…

I had a visit from the Akron Police Department today (technically yesterday because it’s after midnight). No, I’m not in any trouble… yet. They came to give some grim news. It turns out my father, Patrick “Bubba” Naska, whom I had not even spoken to for the past sixteen years has passed away.

Me and dad photo Me and dad_zpsmpnybvot.png

This picture was taken when I was just a kid. I know what you’re thinking, I’m going through hell right now because I posted such an old photo. In truth… I’m not really mourning.

There’s a reason for that. He left us when I was 10 years old. I haven’t spoken to him since I was 14. To be honest, I hated his guts to the point where I can’t even cry for him. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Both my brothers are from him. And they weren’t mourning when I told them the news. Look, my father was an alcoholic who has to have Akron’s record of DUIs. Hell, my mother was the only one of our mothers he married. And he didn’t marry her until I was about three. Yes, I am technically a bastard. But what he’s done to me isn’t really the worst of it.

My brother Rob, he was wronged by him and left the state to keep away. I moved to West Virginia because I was ashamed of the old man. My brother Anthony, didn’t even know that he was Patrick Naska’s son until after his stepfather who raised him died. He never met dad, but he did meet me through some bizarre string of events. It was through my cousin Rick, who was one of Anthony’s friends that he found me. It was due to his own investigating and found out that dad was married to someone who had the same last name as his friend. Because of what he found out about dad from me, Rob, and his other research that he decided to not meet with him.

My dad has done nothing but shame himself. His record of DUIs, he spent more time behind bars than raising me. Hell, Cleveland investigative reporter Carl Monday ended up following my father for an expose called “Under the Influence” back in 2006. I was happy to had moved to West Virginia before that even happened. My father also had a drug habit that started after he left us. To be honest, neither I or my brothers had any love for the man. We’re the only ones who didn’t take the news hard. Of course my mom’s sister and her husband didn’t take it hard either, they were surprised that he didn’t outlive them despite his life choices.

I know, I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. But this guy… I could never even attempt to make amends. There’s a lot more that I’m not even going to share. The one I truly felt bad for is my deceased grandma. She adopted him and tried her best to raise him with love. Even after the mistakes he made, she tried her best to get him mend his ways. But he never did. I feel bad for her because she probably wanted to see him up there, but he’s going the other way.

The man was full of faults. But, he did try to do some decent things as well. Even though every car he got my mother was a “bucket”, it ran fine and she never had to do without a car. He made sure that we had birthdays and Christmases. But there was so many bad things he did to outweigh the good.

I got notified because I am his next of kin. Though the police themselves tried to come the day before, no one answered because we were all probably asleep at the time. It was after they came earlier that I noticed that the medical examiner’s office tried to contact me through Facebook. They left a number and I called. I was asked about his problems, which I told them all I knew (the fact he only had one lung left and his alcoholism). Turns out he was found dead on the 19th. He had talked to a friend before complaining how the heat was bothering him and his C.O.P.D., but refused to go to the hospital. This was the day before. When they tried to call him the next day, he didn’t answer and had the police do a welfare check-up. He was found sitting at his dining table, slumped over it. When the paramedics came, it was already too late. He passed away all alone.

I was the only one who called the medical examiner’s office. I was told everything and given a few days to decide if I wanna make the arrangements or sign off on him to the city. As I wanna be the better person, I’m going to see what I can do. Even if I can’t hold a funeral for him, I wanna at least try to lay him to rest. I’m gonna see about funeral homes to get him cremated. Only if I have no other choice will I sign off on him and let the city deal with his body.

In the mean time, I don’t think I’ll have a chapter ready for this weekend. I’m sorry, but I do gotta deal with this. Thanks for understanding.


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