Current Status Update…

Well… it’s been a freaking hassle. But if he didn’t give me at least one last major headache… he wouldn’t be my dad.

I’ve been going through hoops for a week now. I was going to donate his body to science, but apparently it was too long. I found a place to cremate him for under a thousand… but being poor still makes it difficult. Trust me… it had taken everything in my power to not give up.

Then yesterday, something amazing happened. His landlord called me, she found me by calling the coroner’s office to ask if anyone’s called about him. They gave her my name an number and that’s how it happened. Anyway, she managed to have a copy of his discharge papers. Turns out he had an honorable discharge from the army. So the hoops I’ve been jumping through to get his records to find his discharge have not been in vain. Trust me, I was almost certain he had a dishonorable discharge. Anyway, she also managed to get me his social security number. Apparently he only had a few worldly possession left: A chair, a coffee table, an end table, and a cat. He also has a garage, but I will look into that soon. And an old pick-up that he didn’t get running, so I might have a vehicle if I can fix it.

Still, now I gotta fill out some forms to get the military to reimburse me for cremating him. My sister managed to borrow the money from one of her friends. We’ll pay her back with the reimbursement. If not, I will pay it back regardless. But yeah, a weight was lifted from my shoulders when the landlord got a hold of me. Anywho, I gotta get a copy of his death certificate tomorrow. I’m gonna need it for the cremation and such.

We were gonna do a gofundme, but it’s not necessary if I can get the reimbursement. Not to mention… he might still have some tools in that garage I could sell. Trust me, my dad always had a set of snap-on tools. He was kind of a fanatic for that brand.

Anywho, there will be no chapter for this week. I’m not sure if the live streams will be on this weekend either. And… I’m thinking about something important. Anyone know of Novels & Chill? It’s a site for web and light novel translations from Japan, China, and Korea. They also host Original Novels. I’m thinking about posting LGDK on there once I get back to it. Or LSPL, bot not TOG. As that one is… special, I only post it on my WordPress. The problem is that I have no art for LGDK or LSPL for cover art. I’ll worry about that when I’m done with dad’s ordeal though.

Right now, I just wanna get him laid to rest. I may have not talked to him in the past 16 years, but he’s still my father. Besides, this is the last chance I have to be the bigger man. And the chance to actually say goodbye to him. So yeah, I have to get that done.


4 thoughts on “Current Status Update…

    1. Thanks. I’ve been trying to get things done. So far I managed to get dad’s garage cleaned out before the deadline and I managed to get his old truck back on the road (for the most part). I also got him cremated. I still need to get his death certificate though for the military reimbursement though…

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