Current Status…

Well… it’s all done. Not all of it… just the hard part.

I managed to get dad cremated, which cost me $700. I need to get his death certificate for the military reimbursement though. And… I need to call about getting his ashes interred at a VA (Veteran’s Association) Cemetery. That within itself should be free.

There’s more I need to do. But for what I’ve done… it was hell. First, I was only given 10 days to clear out his shop (garage) via a binding contract. The Chapel Hill Business Center has many offices and looks like it used to be a storage center, most of the old storage sheds being converted into mechanic’s garages and other businesses. But the front buildings are different, there’s a lawyer who has his office a few doors down from the main office, and he was the one witnessing me sign a contract saying that I would get the stuff out of there on the 17th (I visited first on the 7th).

So I had an idea, that’s where dad left the truck. It was a dark green 98 S10, which I’ve seen one (don’t know the year) at a car lot at the corner of my street before that was also the same green. I wanted that truck, but didn’t have the money and it was sold months ago. So I found it amusing that dad left one the same color behind. And the best part… the title was signed off by the previous owner and notarized, but dad never signed it. So it was an open notary, meaning that I didn’t have to go through probate for it. Anywho, I decided to fix it up so I can move. Problem… many of them. First, I had to get it towed to my step brother’s work so he could fix the gas leak. He needed to fix two of the tow trucks before he could get to it, so I decided to help. I was awake until 5 in the morning a couple weeks ago to fix the second one. And then… we couldn’t tow my truck because he was tired as he didn’t have sleep the night before that, so I understood. The next day… we had to wait on my step dad to pick up a car that he left behind for my step brother to fix. The old bastard didn’t show up until it was too late. But my step bro managed to get some of his co-workers to get it the next day and we fixed the leak in the line… but there was a misunderstanding as I didn’t hear something correctly when given the price. And he didn’t count the fact that I stayed until 5 in the morning to help him towards it, calling me a “Cheap Jew Bastard” over wanting to include it. He considered my help as volunteer work. Well… the REAL reason was because the tank leaks, meaning that there’s still a gas leak. When I argued that the job’s not finished… I ended up paying him anyway as I didn’t really wanna fight with him. So now I travel with a gas can and put a little bit of gas in the tank before traveling. I’m ordering a new tank tomorrow from eBay, there’s a well-trusted seller of aftermarket parts selling them with a damn good discount. Hopefully I can get him to install it, even with dad’s tools… my driveway is in no shape to operate a floor jack… let alone, use jack stands.

Anyway, I got sick the day after I got the truck on the road. I managed to get the temp tag for it, but I was ill. It took me the whole weekend after to finish clearing out that garage. The hard part was getting someone to tow the old 50’s Ford tractor that dad was working on for one of his old buddies. I tried to call the guy, but kept getting his answering machine. Turns out that he was in jail again, so I had to pay for the tow. Luckily for me… the guy I hired was an old friend of dad’s, so I wasn’t charged too much when I had to have him tow the plow accessory for it as well. All of it’s cast-iron, so it’s heavy. And yes, I’m charging the owner for storing it as well as the tow bill.

After getting the garage cleared out (on time), I had to get the rest of the stuff from his house. Turns out… there was way more than what the landlord thought. Dad had a lot of stuff, mostly furniture. So on Friday, we ended up renting a U-HAUL to get the vast majority. Trust me, it wouldn’t all fit in my truck as it’s just an S10. Even though renting the U-HAUL truck itself was 30 bucks, we ended up paying almost $80 because of a bunch of BS. Trust me, I’m never renting another U-HAUL. Anywho, we had it rented for 4 hours and barely made it in time as it was very hot and humid. But we managed to get it back in time. I had to make a few trips on what’s now yesterday for the remaining few things. And… we’re still trying to get everything into the house. Heck, I gotta rearrange my room for some of the furniture that I picked.

All I can say is that he wouldn’t be my dad if he didn’t give me at least one last headache. As I was the only one to claim him, I ended up with everything. Trust me, I needed the tools and REALLY needed a car since my Chevette had to be scrapped back in November. But… I also have regrets now. I spent 16 years hating the guy, and it turns out that he’s supposedly been sober for 11 of them. I had a chance a few years back to get back in touch with him, but my stubbornness was inherited from him. He has changed from the jerk he was when I last seen him. He turned a new leaf and all. Not to mention that he was in bad health for years. If I had taken that leap of faith… I could had reconciled and helped him. He was going around on a scooter for crying out loud. As I’ve been unemployed, I could had helped him out in the garage by doing the things he couldn’t.

But… you can’t change the past. I’m just glad that he had friends to help him out (which were also the people he was renting from, he was friends with the landlord’s husband in high school) because he couldn’t do much. They cared for him, and it upset them that he died when they were out of state on vacation.

Anywho, I should be going to bed soon. I got a busy day after waking up. I will try to have something out by this weekend, it depends on how this week goes. I can say that there will be no live stream though. To everyone who’s been talking to me and encouraging me though this hard time… thank you. Especially to Dark Jackel and surprisingly… Truck-kun. You guys have been a help.


4 thoughts on “Current Status…

    1. Well… I did miss one donation when I was sick. Bright side, dad had some scrap metal that he never dropped off and I pretty much got the money I missed out on from that missed donation. And… I sold some of the furniture already. But that money’s going to getting a new gas tank on the truck, it needs it.


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