No, this is not a hoax, there is going to be a chapter for Saturday. It’s for TOG though, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve been busy since June since my father had died. I did get all of his stuff moved, but there’s still things that I need to do. For example, I need to get his ashes interred in a VA Cemetery, and his pick was the Western Reserve. After that, I need to finish the papers to get reimbursed for his cremation. And trust me… it would had been done sooner if I were well.

I have a broken tooth that’s been giving me trouble. Vodka and Ibuprofen have been my best friends because of it. For the record, I mainly use the Vodka to wash my mouth to numb the pain. The Ibuprofen only works after a bit. After I fill out the stuff for a medical card, I’m getting the broken tooth pulled. And if possible, the wisdom tooth that formed and caused that one to break.

Yeah, I did get the gas tank installed in the truck. But I need to get the exhaust fixed to pass an E-check so I can put actual plates on it. And… the fuel pump has been making a strange noise. Ugh… why me?

But yeah, a chapter is coming out on Saturday. As for the live streams… not until I get the current matters solved. Sorry, but I REALLY need to get them solved before I do anything else. But yeah, Lost Justice’s adventures in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth will continue when it’s all over. Sadly the footage from the last live stream will remain lost.

Anywho, see y’all Saturday. Or… whenever you see me commented on stories that have updated.

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