T.O.G! Chapter 02 – Nidome no Barbarian?

Author’s Note: I managed to get the chapter out after all. I still got some things to do, so please be satisfied with this for now? This chapter… it shows some of Lost Justice’s darker side.

Warning: This chapter is better suited for those over 18 years of age. It has offensive parts, stereotyping, blood, gore, and insinuations of rape of persons under the age of eighteen. Reader discretion is advised. Also… the author shares no political views shown.

The Oracle and the Gunslinger Chapter 2 – Nidome no Barbarian?

That… is something I never wanna do again. That damned Oracle… is she trying to seduce a married man? She got me to spend a night at a love hotel and took the bed while only wearing a robe. She’s just lucky that I love my wife… and that I’m EXTREMELY scared of what Nagisa would do if she ever found out even this much. As the term “yandere” would be the best way to describe my wife… it was a term that I would learn later on. Anyway, I got dressed a little before sleeping on the sofa. No way was I gonna share a bed with another woman. And the following morning…

“Ready to go?” (Oracle)

Ya kidding me!? I’ve been ready!!!


“Then let’s check out first, we don’t want the locals to have the mystery of a man and a woman getting spirited away from a love hotel.” (Oracle)

“Spirited away?”

“It’s a famous term in this world, mainly here in Japan. Normally when that happens here, it’s most likely because some idiotic god or moronic kingdom summons someone. Don’t ask, but over ninety-five percent of other world summonings happen to the Japanese. And usually within the age group of fourteen to twenty-one.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Don’t ask me, but that’s usually the story. Though there have been cases of people older getting summoned. So far… the oldest case has been a grandmother. I don’t quite know all the details on that one though.” (Oracle)

Okay… there’s more that I want to ask. But… I feel like I don’t want to know.

“Let’s just get a move on.”

“Sure~” (Oracle)

That woman… oh well, I have a feeling that she may find more ways to be annoying down the road.

Anyway, we checked out and then went to another alleyway. I asked her why, and she said that transferring to other worlds should not be seen in one like Earth where knowledge of magic wasn’t well known. All I could do was sigh and hope to not toss my cookies again.

After the transfer circle took us away, we ended up somewhere I didn’t expect. It looked like we were in the lobby of a court house.

“Where are we?”

“In a space between worlds. There’s someone who I must talk to, a special judge.” (Oracle)

“A judge? What make’s ‘em special?”

“You’ll see~” (Oracle)

If I didn’t know any better… I would swear I was with Inarihime right now.

I followed the Oracle inside of what seemed to be a darkened court room. We ended up sitting in a spectator’s bench while someone was standing in front of the judge’s stand, what seemed to be a spot light on them. The person looked to be an old king, with the crown and mantle and all. But the judge… looked to be a little girl. She was wearing a judges robe and her blond hair was curled like an old judge’s wig. But I was snapped back to reality when I heard them speak.

“Your honor, what do you mean that I’m being punished?” (King)

“You heard me. You recklessly summoned a hero using a method that killed hundreds in their world. Not to mention you planned on betraying them after defeating the Demon King. Even though the latter failed, your kingdom is still responsible for the deaths of almost four-thousand people.” (Judge)

“So what? They are in another world, so why should I care?” (King)

The little girl judge then face palmed.

“This is why I hate people like you… you don’t give a damn. You think that only the human race in your world is supreme, when in reality all are equal. You’ve hunted down your world’s elves to near extinction because of an old wives’ tale of their livers being a medicine for anti-aging, enslaved all the dwarfs because of their weapons being superior to anything made by man, and don’t get me started on what you’ve done to your beast people! I hate to say it… never mind, I don’t, but you’re worse than trash!” (Judge)

Oh by, that king is pissed.

“You dare talk to a king–” (King)

“I DARE! I am Pauline, the judge, juror, and executioner of the deceased. You are not helping your situation, puny king. To be frank, there’s no redeeming you. Not even the sob story of how your wife and daughters became goblin seedbeds can move me against my current judgment. And for the verdict, you’re not getting a reincarnation or sent to heaven. Enjoy the fires of hell!!!” (Pauline)

At the moment she slammed her gavel, a trapdoor opened beneath the king. Fire arose from it before the king fell down it as well. I actually felt some fear from the spectacle.

“This is why I hate the overly arrogant, especially nobility. They think that they’re entitled because their ancestors had founded kingdoms and such.” (Pauline)

Note to self… don’t piss her off. And now she’s looking this way!?

“Well… if it isn’t the Oracle? And in time for my break as well. Wait… is that Abel Mechana there with you?” (Pauline)

“Yes, your honor.” (Oracle)

“No need to fear me… yet, Abel Mechana. There’s still a long time before it’s your turn.” (Pauline)

What was with that “yet”?
“All right… yer honor.”

It makes me wonder… did she judge my parents?

“If you’re wondering, I did judge your parents. They have ascended to the heavens because of their ways.” (Pauline)

I DIDN’T EVEN ASK YET!!! I’m glad that they ascended though…

“Your honor, I believe there’s a reason you asked to see me?” (Oracle)

“There is, but let’s discuss that in my chambers.” (Pauline)

She slammed her gavel again and then the scenery changed to what looked to be an office. The wooden furniture smelled like… cherry? You can make furniture from cherry wood!? The room was something you would expect of a big shot, a desk, seats in front of it for business reasons, a small coffee table with a sofa on either side of it.

“Sit down on the sofa while I bring some refreshments.” (Pauline)

The little girl judge then went to a small refrigerator and grabbed some… cans of beer? THIS DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT! Not to mention… WE’RE ALREADY ON THE SOFA!!!

She then set down some coasters before setting the cans on them. I couldn’t read the language on the cans, but I still picked on up and opened it. I did have to lower my bandanna first, but the beer tasted… heavenly?

“Now… for why I requested you.” (Pauline)

The little girl judge said after taking a swig of her beer, which looked wrong. She then continued.

“It’s related to that pathetic excuse of a king. You see, the fool had his eldest daughter summon a hero with a… terrible method.” (Pauline)

“Wait… you don’t mean…” (Oracle)

“Sadly I do. It was one of the ones that require the life energy of hundreds of people. Seriously, I thought the Higher Gods had told the fool running that world to tell the people to change the method. But of course, the small-timers always think that it doesn’t matter. But the gods of Earth are not happy when the people of their realm are massacred due to situations from other worlds.” (Pauline)


I had to ask.

“To be honest, most worlds consider themselves as ‘Earth’. However, there are alternate names that we call those worlds. The ‘Earth’ that Pauline was just referring to was the same one we just left, where the country of Japan’s located.” (Oracle)

Well… you learn something new every day.

“In that case… what’s it’s name?”

“It will be explained later~” (Oracle)


“That does not matter right now. The point is that the foolish small-time god running the world of the fool I just judged is in a lot of trouble. And they cannot fix it because gods are not allowed to interfere directly. The summoned hero has become too powerful for any of the residents to handle. This is where you come in.” (Pauline)

At least we’re back on topic. But…

“Don’t tell me that you expect a messenger of the gods to interfere?” (Oracle)

“Sadly, this was a request of the Higher Gods. That hero has murdered more than the acceptable limit, far exceeding the people killed by his summoning. Not to mention he’s raped and pillaged in his rampage. He needs to be put down.” (Pauline)

Wait… if around four-thousand were killed when he was summoned… then this guy’s truly a monster!

“Well… looks like we have our work cut out for us, Lost.” (Oracle)


“Yes, as in the both of us. As the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead knows that you’re with me, then you have no choice. It was requested from the Higher Gods after all, so there’s no way out of this.” (Oracle)

Damn my luck!!!

“Don’t worry, killing the hero will not go against you when it’s time for your judgment.” (Pauline)

Well… one bright side, right? Whatever, time to resign myself.


“Good, now please get to it when you’re finished with your drinks. My break’s almost over.” (Pauline)

Hey… she didn’t even say that as a question! It was a demand, there’s no question mark!

After Pauline left, the Oracle spoke.

“Take your time with that beer, Pauline’s going to be busy for a while.” (Oracle)

“Ya know… ya could’ve said that before I drank about half of it?”

Seriously, this beer is too good.

“Either way, it looks like we’re going to have to kill a hero. One who only wanted justice for how the world that summoned them had wronged them. Do you think you can do it?” (Oracle)

“All I know is that a bullet to the head can kill any man.”

It’s true. It doesn’t matter the defensive stats of an individual, a well placed shot to the head will do the trick.

“It’s true… but you are only being paid to guard me. Wouldn’t going on the offensive break your rules?” (Oracle)

“Depends on the situation whether or not it’s breaking the rules.”

“Oh… the situation? Do you have loopholes in the very rules you abide by?” (Oracle)

“As I said, depends on the situation.”

I’d rather not get into details, but I do have some loopholes that I created for my own safety.

“In that case, it’s time to work.” (Oracle)

All I could do was sigh and finish the beer. The alcohol wasn’t even strong in it, but it did have that heavenly flavor. It’s official, the next time I get one of those beers… I’m savoring it.

I then followed the Oracle again until we were in a good enough space for a transfer. Bright side… I didn’t lose my lunch from the transfer. However… the scenery would make anyone else lose theirs. We where in a city… that was in smoldering flames. I saw heads on stakes, and I even saw stakes that were shoved through people. The smell was intolerable at most, it made be glad that my bandanna blocked out most of it.

“If I didn’t know any better… I would say that Vlad the Impaler went through here.” (Oracle)

“Vlad the Impaler?”

“Some noble in Earth’s history known for his brutality, Vlad III Dracula. He would slaughter towns, impaling some of his victims with a stake being shoved through their anus and leave them on display for all to see. He would even make some of the survivors eat with him, the meal being bread dunked in the blood of their family and friends.” (Oracle)

All I could do was make a very disgusted face under my bandanna. That Vlad guy was a complete psychopath!!! I never want to meet him!

“That’s… just wrong.”

“The story of Dracula, the legendary vampire on Earth were based on him. Well… in most versions Count Dracula is Vlad the Impaler. It’s too much to get into detail right now, we have a job to do.” (Oracle)

I nodded and followed her through the castle town. If I didn’t know any better… I’d say demons had run amok here. I’ve only fought demons a few times after waking up from my cryo-sleep. Trust me, I never want to go through that again. And this so-called “hero” might had been better off being the Demon King instead. Ugh…

We had no problems getting to the castle. Nor did we have any walking through it. But when we reached the throne room… I was even more disgusted. There were two cages in the middle of each side of the room. In them… were an older woman that I could only assume was once the queen, and a girl who didn’t even look past her teens in the other. They were going through a terrible fate, being the seedbeds of goblins. On the throne, was a man I had mistaken for a barbarian. He wore a dark loincloth, and brown leather armor on his arms and legs. His chest was bare, which I thought was a dumb idea considering. Leaning on the throne was a battle-axe. And the man who owned it was choking a young girl that looked no older than ten.

Just… what the hell!? He looks barely older than the princess in the one cage! That little girl’s naked, and dried blood was on her nether region!!! Someone, call the police!!!

“Who dare disturb Igor?” (barbarian guy)

He’s named Igor? Why do I have a sense telling me communism?

“I am the Oracle, and my guard here is called Lost Justice.” (Oracle)

“So a witch woman and cowboy disturb Igor?” (Igor)

“I am a messenger of the gods. Igor, stop this madness before it gets worse for you!” (Oracle)

“Gods? Igor don’t believe in such nonsense. If gods did exist, then Igor would still be at home with family! There are no gods! Just like Igor was taught back home!” (Igor)

“So… an atheist was summoned by these dumb asses?”

“Igor is from the Soviet Union, a collation of communist states.” (Oracle)

That was the Oracle’s answer? Just… how did I know it? I mean… I stopped caring about communists back when I woke up from cryo-sleep.

“So witch woman knows about Igor?” (Igor)

“Yes, I do. And I know what they had done to your hometown by summoning you.” (Oracle)

“Then you know that this is justice! They killed Igor’s friends, family, and neighbors! And why? Because they wanted henchman to do dirty work!” (Igor)

I… can kinda sympathize with him. He then continued.

“Igor is mad, they summon Igor, kill kin, and then try to kill Igor! But as they say in motherland, might is right! Igor showed those swine that they are weak!” (Igor)

“But isn’t that enough?” (Oracle)

I kinda agree with the Oracle as well, this should had been plenty.

“No! They are reason why citizens of Pripyat are dead!” (Igor)


“Let me explain yet again. Pripyat was a city built for the employees of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. When Igor was summoned in the Earth Year 1986, the result was that a nuclear reactor malfunctioned. Only thirty-one deaths were direct from it, but over time… the death poll was over four-thousand. All those lives… they were spent to summon Igor.” (Oracle)

Nuclear!? I thought bombs were dangerous, but power plant accidents are just scary. All those people… dead from radiation poisoning. Yeah, I’d want revenge if I were in Igor’s boots. However… he’s just as dangerous.

“So that’s how Igor’s family and friends die? From power plant that was meant to help people!? Igor needs justice!!!” (Igor)

“Wait just a minute! Ya had to have killed way more than four-thousand people in yer rampage? Ain’t ya becoming more like those ya sworn vengeance against?”

“Igor won’t stop until they have paid tenfold!” (Igor)

Yeah… he’s totally lost it.

“So that’s yer answer? Keep killing ‘til ya feel better?”

“Igor will keep killing, plundering, and forcefully taking girls until debt is paid!” (Igor)

“In that case…”

As I couldn’t stand it any more, I pulled out a revolver and fired three shots. The first two were for the former queen and first princess, the third being for the second princess. They had had enough, this was a mercy kill. After the queen and first princess were dead, the goblins switched to eating their corpses. Igor… he didn’t like that.

“Why you… you will pay!” (Igor)

Igor then grabbed his axe and rushed towards us. I fired the final three casings in the revolver, but it didn’t slow him down. Luckily, the Oracle did some of her lightning magic and starting zapping him. He was too busy holding her off, so I took that time to reload the revolver.

“My power… can’t hold out much longer. Lost… you better do something…” (Oracle)

“On it!”

It was time to use one of my skills, “Dead-Eye”. It’s a skill that accelerates one’s thinking process, the world slowing down around me. I only had one chance, so I wasn’t going to waste it. With Dead-Eye, I can use the skill “Lone Gunman”. Lone Gunman allows for one critical shot with a gun. This was my only chance. I decided to be a little merciful though, and aimed for his right leg. The shot hit, blowing the leg off. Igor then fell to the ground as the Oracle’s magic ended.


I then aimed for the hand that had dropped the battle-axe. It was just a normal shot, but Dead-Eye gives better accuracy. (AN: Come on Lost, you just used V.A.T.S.!!!)

“OUCH!!!” (Igor)

Really? He didn’t yell that when I shot his leg off yet he does when a bullet goes through his hand?

“So… was that your loophole?” (Oracle)

Time to explain it to her.

“Yeah, that is. Since he tried to attack us, I had to attack. And those mercy kills… were the bait.”

“Clever. But… how do you think we should deal with him?” (Oracle)

For some odd reason, the cruelest thing came to mind.

“Do ya know healing magic?”

“Sadly… I don’t really use that. I do have a passive skill that heals me though.” (Oracle)

“That’s just useless here! Oh well, looks like I’m gonna to have to use it.”

I then walked towards Igor. Actually… I just wanted to grab his Battle-Axe. That was when I asked said something to him.

“How about I make it so that bullet hole in your hand don’t bother ya?”

“What?” (Igor)

I then raised the axe so over my head and then struck at full force. I removed his right arm, but didn’t stop there. No… I amputated the other arm and leg as well. I heard him screaming, but I didn’t care. I then grabbed a syringe from my Bunk-Man’s hammer-space and injected him with it. The wounds were staunched from it.

“What… did cowboy inject Igor with?” (Igor)

“An Insta-Medic, an old chemical that don’t expire. It heals those injected with it and even fixes broken limbs. However… it don’t restore lost limbs.”

It’s a creation of the Old World, one that revolutionized healing. During the final great war, all Libertonian soldiers were issued them in their field supplies. Though medics were still deployed as they carried more than the rest. Anyway, you can consider Insta-Medics the precursor to Healing Potions in my world. Sadly… the only places you can get them are the Bunkers. They can still be made though, it’s just that they’re considered taboo because of them being Old World creations.

“Ooh, is there more?” (Oracle)

“Can you learn from grimoirs from my world?”

“Believe it or not, I can. However… why do you ask?” (Oracle)

I smirked and pulled out two illegal ones from the hammer-space.

“Because people of the Old World have no affinity for magic.”

It’s true, we don’t. I guess that is our punishment for being in the safety of the Bunkers when the world ended? Either, we have no ability to learn magic. That’s why for those descended from the Old World folk have to use magic tools. Those who have blood of both the old and current word have less magical capacity than those who are purely from the current world. The only way around it is to accept being in the current system, where you can allocate skill points into magic capacity. However… those skill points are better used for magic defense and other stats. That’s why I stick to the old system without magic or jobs.

And yes, my Dead-Eye is from the old system, though it’s a skill that can be inherited.

Anyway, I handed the grimoirs to the Oracle, and her reaction was priceless.

“Wait… WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE!?” (Oracle)

Finally, I got her to overreact. A smirk formed beneath my bandanna.

“I took them in place of a payment.”

What I handed her were the two gender changing grimoirs. If I were caught with those… I would be in prison for a long time.

“Wait… I see what you want to do. Lost, this is evil. However… I guess we should take advantage of not getting into trouble this time around?” (Oracle)

She then read the grimoirs. Once you look at what’s written, you automatically learn the spell. However… the grimoirs lose the magic after being read once. That’s why they are so expensive.

“So… ready?”

“Yes~” (Oracle)

She then pointed a finger at Igor.

Da maschio a femmina!” (Oracle)

In a flash of light, Igor’s gender changed. Instead of the bulging biceps, two supple breasts were on the chest. The six-pack was replaced with some belly flab. And… the hair had more body to it. I will admit, Igor made a decent woman. The face was even attractive to an extent.


Oh… that girly shriek was so different from those masculine shouts of rage from earlier.

“You had not only murdered, but you raped and pillaged as well. And a lot of your victims… were little girls.” (Oracle)

“So? Little girls are normally virgins. What is point of women who are mostly lose?” (Igor)

My turn.

“The point is that it still ain’t right. Ya made women in their teens and up into goblin seedbeds. So, it’s yer turn.”


“Ya should’ve thought of that before ya went too far!”

I grabbed Igor and threw her into the cage that the first princess was in. The goblins saw their new prey and pounced on Igor. As Igor’s new body was smaller than it was when she was still a male, the loincloth slipped right off.

“NO!!!” (Igor)

The goblins got right to business. But… I decided to be a little merciful and pulled out a time bomb from the hammer-space. I set it for… six hours from now.

“Let’s let them have their privacy?”

“Sure~” (Oracle)

After she agreed with me, we left the castle while Ignoring Igor’s screams. I decided to keep the Battle-Axe anyway. After putting it in the hammer-space, I finally got the details through the Bunk-man.

Weapon Name: Diplomacy

Weapon Grade: Ancient Class

Effects: Weight reduction for wielder, less stamina consumed for striking, causes bleeding damage”

“Wait… what!?”

“What’s wrong, Lost?” (Oracle)

“Who would name a Battle-Ax ‘Diplomacy’?”

“Oh… I’ve heard of that weapon. It’s an axe that once belonged to a mighty barbarian king. However, it was taken after his tribe was subjugated hundreds of years ago. The now-former Royal Family normally bestows it upon the vanguard of the Hero’s party. I can only assume that because of an issue with the holy sword, Igor killed the previous wielder for it.” (Oracle)

“But that don’t explain the name!?”

“Oh, it was named that because when the original wielder was asked about diplomacy, his response was beheading the emissary who asked. His words were ‘This is my Diplomacy!’, is how the story goes.” (Oracle)

“That story sounds stupid!”

Seriously, it does sound stupid. But… I can’t change the name of it as it’s a weapon from a different world.

“Whether the story is stupid or not, it is how it happened.” (Oracle)

All I could do was sigh and follow her. We had to find a place for her transfer circle. The next place… what back in Pauline’s domain.

“And why are we here?”

“I figured it’s better to see this job through. Besides, aren’t you curious about how the rest of that royal family’s going to be judged?” (Oracle)

She had me there. So we silently went inside of the courtroom and sat down to witness.

“What do you mean we’re being punished? Wasn’t what that monster had done to use more than enough!?” (princess)

Oh… this young lady’s a firecracker? I almost wish that I had some popcorn.

“On the contrary, you had murdered many people not just in your world, but from his as well to summon him.” (Pauline)

“Why? They are just monsters!” (princess)

“No, you are the monsters. Even your little sister who secretly laughed each time he talked about going home and telling his family about his adventure is guilty. So… join the king in hell.” (Pauline)

She then struck her gavel, causing the trap door from earlier to open. All three females screamed as the fire had risen and they fell down. I tried not to laugh.

“Next!” (Pauline)

A new person appeared in front of the judge’s stand. It was Igor. However… he was still a female? As the leather armor on her arms and legs were originally meant for a male… they were sliding. Not to mention that she was having to hold up her loincloth. Oh well, not my problem.

“Igor, you are to be judged. It’s sad that your friends and family died because of some arrogant and irresponsible people, but you went too far in your revenge. Murder, pillaging, rape… and even that of little girls!? You have many charges against you.” (Pauline)

“Igor had done a lot in name of vengeance. So Igor is ready for punishment. Revenge on kingdom is worth the price.” (Igor)

“So… no complaints?” (Pauline)

“None, even fate of this is response for Igor’s crimes.” (Igor)

Igor then grabbed her own breasts. Hey, at least cover your chest after becoming a woman!

“I see… sorry, it’s hell for you as well.” (Pauline)

She then struck the gavel again and the same trapdoor opened. Igor didn’t even scream as she fell down it.

“It’s nice when people actually accept their punishments. Oracle, Abel Mechana, good work.” (Pauline)

“Just please don’t ask that of us again?” (Oracle)

Please don’t?

“Heh, you two really didn’t like that? Consider the axe you had taken as payment, Able Mechana.” (Pauline)


I didn’t wanna argue with beings barely below the gods, so it’s just easier to accept things as they are. Just like I had to accept how dark I really can be. But for my own sanity… I hope that I don’t get another free pass for that to happen any time soon. However… why did I go that far? Because Igor is a communist? No, that had nothing to do with it. It was because he crossed more lines than I ever will. I can only pray that I never go that far again.


After Note: Yeah, you were warned. This chapter isn’t descriptive, but it does insinuate things. This has to be the darkest thing that I have written, I didn’t even like some of the parts that I did write. However… this was to show the darker side of the multiverse that TOG, LGDK, and LSPL share.

I will admit, Igor was a Soviet stereotype. And it might offend people. And yeah, the fact that he admitted to forcefully taking little girls was highly offensive. I am not saying that the Soviet Union was full of communist child molesters though. Don’t forget, anyone out there can possibly be a sex offender.

A big inspiration was Nidome no Yuusha, I wanted to do something like that. However… unlike the MC of that novel, Igor snapped at the betrayal and started revenge without going back in time to before it happened. Those he took his vengeance against knew what they did. And of course he didn’t care about a perfect revenge, he wanted all in that kingdom to suffer for what his friends and family went through. To be honest, I think his pedophilia could had been from his snapping as he was half-crazed when he was introduced.

There was a reason why I chose Pripyat, I wanted a real world tragedy from history to be where Igor was summoned from. It was Igor’s summoning that caused all those deaths, something that he would later carry on his shoulders. Part of his insanity was from thinking that it was his fault. It was that and knowing that someone else caused all those deaths to summon him. Also, it was choosing the Chernobyl Disaster that caused me to create him anyway.

Last things. For starters, I also wrote this chapter to make the axe “Diplomacy” cannon. It has to do with the Fallout 4 Live Streams I was doing. I started using Gragnok’s Axe and Dark Jackle joked about renaming it “Diplomacy”. Sadly, that weapon cannot be renamed, or else I would had done it. As this novel is about the characters I use for my live streams, I decided to make it cannon.

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        I’m just not sure if they actually need to be pandas, since that feels a lot like a throwaway joke that got tagged on. 😐

        By the by, don’t underestimate the Melcine. I will accept that they probably can’t access Pauline’s court *directly*, but they wouldn’t qualify as an Upstart Race if “The Melcine can’t come here” meant “Therefore, we are safe from the Melcine.” 😉

        It may not come through in the hints I’ve given so far, but all 15 races are monstrous and dangerous on a terrifying scale. It’s just that the existence of the 5 Transcended races tends to keep them from running roughshod over everything. It’s very Xianxia in that respect. ;P

        Liked by 1 person

      2. With the exception of… you know what Igor did to the second princess, their actions they would take are similar. Even if the reasons were different.

        Okay… I wonder what the pandas are gonna be named due to how they became an upstart race. The Panda-mick? You have so many panda puns out there that I’m sure you will come up with something. I’m sure that the Symphony are still giggling over that race’s history. Reminds me… I had a race that I kept hidden that has yet to make it into my works. The problem is how to introduce them, they were one of the many races that immigrated into the LGDK world after the Deity took over. However, they were uninvited guests who never show themselves… to “inferior beings”.

        Trust me, I’m not. I was mainly saying that so there is a place for our duo to take a break. Besides… I think the encounter will be interesting.

        I can’t wait until you do a full thing on the upstart races. The more I learn about them, the more I enjoy.


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