Adressing the lack of news and possible return soon?

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Well… there was that chapter of TOG a while back. Anywho, since I technically contributed to something in the literature department lately… am I back?

Look, I know that I’ve been away for a long time. Then again, I never expected the police to come knocking on my door back in June just to tell me that the father that I hadn’t spoken to in almost sixteen years died. Or that I would be the only one to claim his body. Trust me, I didn’t expect any of this to happen. Right now… dad’s ashes are still at my place. I owe my sister’s bff the money she lent to cremate him, but my sister wants me to get him interred before filling out the forms for the refund. Problem is… she’s been trying to get a hold of our only cousin with a fax machine so I can fax over the stuff to get his ashes interred. I’m not sure how hard, but she’s been trying. Personally, I’m still mad about the fact she’s been on my case about it and now that the ball’s in her court things seem to be getting nowhere.

Also… I’m trying to sell off his mobility scooter before the end of the month so I can use the money to fix up the truck he left behind enough to pass ECHECK so I can get license plates put on it. Ohio and it’s damn laws on environmental safety. But yeah, I need to get that sold so I can pay to do that… and possibly give my sister’s bff some of the money I owe her. But mainly, I need to get that thing sold. Mom’s been trying to talk me out of it because she’s scared that she may need it in the near future. She’s on welfare and just yesterday she got on Social Security, she’s actually good if she needs such a thing. But dad’s “looks pretty”. Trust me, this is a hassle.

But yeah, been too stressed with current happenings lately. I hope to get back to writing soon. As for the live streams… you might have to wait until November. You see… I got an upcoming job at the Ghoul Brothers Haunted House this Halloween season. And the work days… are pretty much the weekends and at times that I would normally live stream. But hey, it’s recent work experience, thus getting a job a little easier.

Anywho… Dark Jackel has currently released Anubai Hero’s 16th chapter. Believe it or not, it’s a crossover with my own “The Oracle and the Gunslinger”. One that I didn’t know was gonna happen until pretty much the day before it was posted. I didn’t even know that the man who caught Gan Zhu at the end of the previous chapter that caused it to end in a cliffhanger was Lost Justice. He asked me some random questions about the Oracle because I did offer to let him use her in the past. Trust me, I made that offer before she was revealed at the finale of the Destiny live streams (which in turn made her the first one of my original characters to be used it them). As you know, I use her as the female character in the streams while I use Lost as the male. And that TOG’s theme of them dimension hopping comes from the fact that I use them for games that are outside of their own universes. Anywho, yeah… TOG and The Anubai Hero have an official crossover. Expect the next part sometime next month because Jackel’s busy with a move.

But yeah, that’s the news for now. Still, thank you to Dark Jackel because starting the crossover actually caused me to contribute to writing recently. And has given proof to the fact that I’m not dead. Well… the constant comments I’ve been giving on certain light novels having their translations posted via WordPress is proof too. But, it’s proof that I’m still writing. Anywho, check out the crossover between The Anubai Hero and The Oracle and the Gunslinger if you guys haven’t yet. Or if you haven’t read either, start reading them!

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