The deed is done…

Finally, it’s done. Just over and hour ago, dad finally got buried at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.

I know, he died back in June. However… I got exhausted both mentally and physically trying to clean up his mess. First it was getting that garage space he was renting cleaned out before the next month’s rent was due. And then it was cleaning out the house he was renting from his friends. Not to mention other things. And getting his truck fixed (which I’m not done with).

Well, I finally got contact with the owner of the tractor he was fixing, the guy was in jail until recently. I’m gonna get paid for saving it and storing it. I also displayed his mobility scooter (which he did own) on the Facebook Marketplace, trying to get it sold. And now that he’s in the ground, it’s time to fill out the paperwork to get the refund from the military for cremating him. My sister’s BFF needs the money back that I borrowed to buy a new Dryer.

Anywho, the service was small, but nice. Only the friends he was renting from and his old drinking buddy and his wife showed other than me, my mother, and my sisters. Dad did estrange a lot of his immediate family. But he got buried with honors. They even had riflemen shoot off a few rounds and give me a flag. I didn’t get a bullet casing, but I told Linda (the wife of the friend he was renting from) that I didn’t need it. I watched his ashes get buried from a distance, and all of us except for mom walked over to the grave site. We talked about him as positively as possible. I was the last one to walk back because… I had a few things to say to the old man. I’m not gonna reveal them here, but I will admit that I finally cried while saying them. I hadn’t even shed a tear about him until then.

But yeah, I finally feel at peace. I told my brothers that the deed is done and they both asked how I was feeling. As I told them, at peace.

Now as for what I’m gonna do from here. Well… I’m gonna try to get back to writing. I can’t continue the live streams as my usual streaming nights are the nights that I’m working at the Ghoul Brothers haunted house. I’ll be the guy in costume standing next to the incubator from Jurassic Park. Yes, it’s the actual prop from the 90’s movie. If someone had told me back when I was a kid and watched that movie that I’d be wearing a costume and standing next to it… I probably would had thought “Cool!”. If someone told me ten years ago, I wouldn’t had believed them. But yeah, the opening night’s Friday and I won’t have a weekend off until November. So please, deal with the lack of live streams until then?

4 thoughts on “The deed is done…

  1. Well, good. I’m glad you got some closure.

    And good luck with frightening the marks! Just remember to duck if they jump toward you instead of back! 😉

    …Although, people with that reaction towards being startled should be responsible and stay out of haunted houses anyway. 😏

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    1. Yeah… though now there’s a new thing to do. Turns out dad had a personal bank account that has some money in it. I thought it was a shared one with the ex-wife after mom… but it was his. So now I have to go through probate for the money…

      Oh, we’ve been warned about that at orientation.


      1. Seriously? It happens enough that they even put it into orientation? Geez, people… 🙄

        Well. I haven’t been into a haunted house in years, but my first instinct is to drop back anyway. 😛

        Oh, speaking of jump scares, have you played the game Prey? My favorite game that I can’t play for longer than 15 minutes at a time because my paranoia makes it too stressful. 😅

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      2. Well, I doubt people would actually get scared enough to punch me. But yeah, it was in orientation because it happens in other haunted houses. The owner’s been in the business for years, but this is his first one. So for caution’s sake, he added it.

        Too bad you’re states away, I’d try to get you some tickets. It would be a nice experience for the little ones.

        No, never played it.

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