Did I predict Destiny 2’s Dawnblade subclass?

Seriously, did I? I mean, remember my live stream of Destiny 1? I played it as a Warlock and at the very end of the series I revealed the Warlock to actually be my character known as the Oracle. In her end-game gear, I used the Young Wolf’s Howl, the sword you get from the Rise of Iron campaign. It’s a Solar-elemental damage sword.

I know, it’s far-fetched. However, The Simpsons seemed to have the ability to predict the future. This includes things like 9/11 and somehow Donald Trump running for President in 2016. And all that is coincidence. Well… this is most likely coincidence as well.

Anywho, back to the theory. The Oracle was a Warlock in Destiny and in my works she uses magic based on the game’s elemental abilities. No, grenades are not included. However, she does use use a flame-based large two-handed sword. Dawnblade is the replacement of Destiny 1’s Sunsinger subclass. Even if the sword is not huge, it’s still a flaming sword. When I finally get the chance to live stream Destiny 2, we all know what I’m gonna be using. But back on track, could this have been a coincidental prediction of the Dawnblade subclass? Personally, I think I’m looking into it too much.

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