L.S.P.L! Chapter 07 – A Pirate’s Life for Me?

Author’s Note: What sorcery is this!? A chapter of “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life?” after almost a year!? No, this is not a dream. So stop pinching your cheeks. Last night… I got in the mood to write. Anywho, please enjoy?

Chapter 07 – A Pirate’s Life for me?

How many months has it been? I didn’t really keep count. All I know is that the dinner I had at the castle was a trap. Seriously, it was a trap. Let’s go back to right that day…

I had passed out and woke up before dinner, during the etiquette lessons that the princess forced on me that I blacked out. I thought I had a dream where I broke the fourth wall too much… but that doesn’t matter right now. No, I remember that I passed out again during the dinner after drinking my wine. When I regained consciousness… I was in shackles. Seriously, I was shackled next to a metal bar with another guy.

He was darker skinned… or just had an Okinawa tan. His hair was black and long, but his eyes were golden and cat-like. I could tell that he had elven heritage by his ears, so a half-elf? I never really met many elves in my time growing up in Evergreen Village, they’re rarer than a white golden coin. But if you were expecting a bishonen character… be disappointed. He had a double-clef chin that looked like an exaggerated American. And a very manly-looking nose. Plus, muscles as well. He only wore a pair of brown hemp pants.

“Finally awake I see?” (big-chinned elf)

“I guess so… but who are you? Or a better question… what the hell’s going on?”

“I can only assume that they used drugs to keep you under control? My name’s Clef, the son of a dark elf and a cat beastman. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s only two reasons where in shackles. Either we’re criminals or slaves, so which do you think?” (Clef)

His name really was Clef? Are you serious!? Oh well, I can clearly guess which of the two reasons we’re shackled were.


“Correct. Though I was born into slavery, I escaped and got recaptured as a criminal slave for escaping. I was originally a gladiatorial slave, but my master had me poisoned before the final fight for my freedom.” (Clef)

“A gladiatorial slave? I can assume that you were tough to capture.”

“Yeah, but in the end there’s so much only one man can do against a mob.” (Clef)

“True. My name’s Niko. The last thing I remember was being at a dinner in the palace.”

“Palace? Were you a noble or a servant?” (Clef)

“I had just gained nobility, I was born both peasant and orphan. The King of Wintergreen gave me a title for training the summoned hero.”

Clef had to take a double take. He then spoke.

“I see… then it had to be other nobility who did this to you. I’ve heard from other slaves that it’s not uncommon for a peasant who received nobility to be targeted by those born into it. Usually ending up with the new nobility being abducted and sold into slavery.” (Clef)

That caused me to think… why was I sold? I tried to figure it out, but not much added up. Both Sir Fredrick and the King wanted me to marry the princess so they could exploit me for my past life knowledge. So it doesn’t make sense… wait, it does. If they couldn’t do it through kindness, they could do it by force. The only way for that to be legal would be if I weren’t even recognized as a person anymore. No, they could have had me abducted and then buy me later. Those bastards… those bastards…

“Those bastards are gonna pay.”

“That’s easier said than done. Don’t forget, we’re slaves here. Even if we escape, we’re still marked. So the only thing waiting for us is either recapture or banditry.” (Clef)

He had a point. Even if I escape, I’m no longer a free man. I will admit, I felt guilty during my time as a bounty hunter as a lot of the bounties I claimed were escaped slaves that wandered into Evergreen. However… I never cared. There wasn’t one of them who didn’t turn to banditry before I caught them.

Before I could think anymore, I finally noticed the smell. It was salty, like…

“Are we at sea?”

“Yes, we are. Apparently we’re being transported via sea route to wherever we’re to be sold.” (Clef)

That explains the rocking. Ugh… I feel like an idiot for not noticing sooner. But wait…

“Are we with a fleet or just a single ship?”

“A single ship. Apparently our slavers don’t want to attract too much attention.” (Clef)

Good. No, this is great.

“How many slaves are here other than us?”

“There’s many below along with the rest of the cargo. We’re just the main sale.” (Clef)

“And the cargo?”

“Sugarcane knifes.” (Clef)

Hmm… this reminds me of an old story from the west. A slave ship was overrun by the very slaves aboard because one picked the lock on their shackles and then freed the rest of his brethern. They then found sugarcane knives… or machetes as they’re also known to kill off all but the helmsman. Of course he outsmarted them by turning the ship the other way at night and eventually ended up in America. They were pardoned by the president at the time, but he only did that for political reasons.

“If we were to start a revolt, do you think the other slaves would go for it?”

“Considering the fact that most of them are probably criminal slaves, the possibilities are high.” (Clef)

“Good. Now… how about we start a revolt?”

Clef had to do a double-take at my words.

“If it weren’t for the fact that there’s no getting out of these shackles, I would. But do not forget, we also have these collars that prevent us from using mana or killing our master. Whom should be on board as he probably owns this ship.” (Clef)

I smirked before pointing at the keyhole on my collar. I had to bend a bit, but I managed to find it. There’s a little technique that I had came up with in case of this scenario. I focused some ki in the tip of my finger and then fired it at the keyhole. You can call it a finger bullet… but it’s actually useless for combat. The range is so lousy and the preparation time is to long for it to be used in a fight. I’d rather use my Bullet Number 2 during a fight as it’s faster and more powerful.

Anyway, my gamble paid off as the collar fell from my neck. Clef just looked in amazement.

“How did you do that?” (Clef)

“When your job’s Punching Wizard, you become very inventive on how you use both ki and mana.”

“A Punching Wizard? That explains more on why you’re part of the main sale.” (Clef)

I ignored that last part and used a couple more finger bullets on the chains attached to my shackles. I then freed Clef from his collar and restraints.

“As doing this takes up ki, do ya know who has the keys?”

“The man with the keys should be on the other side of the door. Since he was drinking earlier, he should be passed out by now.” (Clef)

“Good… let’s liberate the keys from him before liberating the rest and starting our revolt?”

“Niko… you’ve read my mind.” (Clef)

We both smirked before going to the door. We opened it slowly to see the man with the keys on his belt passed out with a bottle of rum on the table next to his chair. Unlike where me and Clef were locked up, this room had windows. I could see that it was night. We took the keys from his belt… when I noticed something else there.

“Is that a pistol?”

“I see that you do not get many foreign items in Wintergreen. That’s a Mana Pistol, a weapon dependent on mana. It’s normally carried by magicians as a back-up weapon. It cannot be used for spells, but it does fire off which ever element of mana you infuse into it. But be warned, they are prone to overloading and exploding in one’s hands if not used carefully. Also, it’s popular for those who can use mana but do not have an aptitude for magic.” (Clef)

It sounds both dangerous and convenient at the same time. I removed it from the drunkard’s belt carefully and then handed it to Clef. I will admit, it reminded me of a pirate’s flintlock.

“You know how to use them?”

“I was trained as despite my elven heritage, my beastman heritage gives me no aptitude for magic.” (Clef)

That probably expects the lack of beastman mages? What? I’ve actually met a few beastman adventurers that passed through Evergreen before.

“Then it’s yours. Now, let’s try to get further below.”

We carefully made our way below. I don’t know much about old ships, but by the size I could tell it was a frigate. It was to big to be a brig and too small to be a galleon. Anyway, we only had a few hangups on our way to the cargo hold. It was just small fries that couldn’t handle a few punches before passing out.

When we finally made it to the cargo hold, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were only a few humans, it was mostly elves, dwarfs, and beastmen. All of them looked like they lost all light from their eyes.


“I can only assume that they have abandoned all hope? I mean, I’ve seen it before. They haven’t been fed properly and they have been beaten.” (Clef)

Damn… I need to motivate them or else our revolt will be for nothing. I’m not one for speeches, but there’s a first for everything. I walked closely towards a beastman. Sadly… all the slaves here for male. But this guy would make a good trap. It was a cat beastman, but the hair was tortoiseshell.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“It’s Casey.” (Casey)

Damn, even the name is gender neutral.

“Casey, do you want freedom?”

Casey looked like the light in his eyes started to return.

“Yes… but there’s no freedom for slaves. We’re marked for life.” (Casey)

Damn, it’s starting to fade.

“What if I told you that there was a way?”

“A… way?” (Casey)

“How old are ya?”

“I turned… fourteen this year, I think?” (Casey)

“And how long have you been a slave?”

“I was ten when my village was attacked by slavers. I’ve had many masters… and all of them were perverts. They had their fun by whipping me, pouring hot wax on me… and a few even used me for nighttime duties.” (Casey)

Okay… that’s going too far! Just because a boy looks feminine doesn’t mean that they are to be used that way!

“What if I said that you can kiss all of that goodbye?”

“What do you mean?” (Casey)

“I too am a slave. However, I don’t like the thought of being forced to serve or forcing others to serve. However, there’s one way to freedom.”

“A way to freedom?” (Casey)

“Yes, there is. However, you must follow me. Not just you, all of you are welcome to this offer. I plan on taking over this ship. But, this will make me and those who follow criminals. I’d rather live freely as a pirate than being forced to be a slave. Follow me under the black flag, and you will get to live free.”

Yeah, it’s a cliché. Taking over a ship and going to piracy, sounds like something from either a video game or a movie. However, this could be my chance to make those who threw me into slavery pay. The Hero Miyuki will be too busy fighting the demons to be sent after us, so she will be far away as I make sure that Wintergreen pays for what they done to me. Hell, the chance for society to pay for what they done to all of us. I never liked the thought of slavery, and hated that it’s legal. I don’t care if this is a medieval world, I will revolutionize slavery into extinction.

“I… will follow.” (Casey)

I smirked as the light returned to his eyes. All of the other slaves had the light in their eyes return as well. All I could do was smirk as they all agreed to follow me. I handed the keys to Clef and he started to unlock their shackles and remove their collars. I then busted open crates until I found what I was looking for.

The sugarcane knife, or the machete as it’s more commonly known as is a blade meant for harvesting crops and cutting away brush. Compared to a sword, it has poor balance. Then again, it’s functionality is similar to an ax than a sword. It’s still used in my former world, as both a tool and a weapon. There’s even a legendary killer in western cinema who uses it on his victims, a legendary character that wears a hockey mask. But now’s not the time for that.

I had the slaves line up as I handed them each a machete.

“This is the tool that will lead to our freedom. It’s a farming blade, but also a weapon at the same time. Let our captors know the fear and irony of slaves wielding these blades to harvest their lives!”

They all yelled with vigor that wasn’t there earlier. We then started climbing up the ship, killing all in our wake. I normally had a rule against killing, but that was due to bounties being worth more alive than dead. I never killed anyone before, especially in my past life. But I also knew that life was cheap in this world. Miyuki my dear imouto, your onii-chan has fallen to a new low.

It didn’t take us long to take over the ship as part of the crew were asleep. We even captured the slaver who was selling us, a middle-aged man with a belly that bulged out of his shirt.

“What is the meaning of this!?” (middle-aged man)

“Simple, we’re taking over.”

“Slaves… taking over!? What madness is this!?” (middle-aged man)

“Madness? Slavery itself is madness. All men are born to be free.”

“You dare… my cousin is Stonefall nobility that’s related to Prince Issac of Wintergreen! If you don’t stop this madness, you will be punished!” (middle-aged man)

“So you’re related to nobility of two different countries?”

“That’s right! My cousin was Prince Issac’s mother!” (middle-aged man)

“That alone signed your death warrant. But I may ransom you… if you can explain how I ended up here?”

The middle-aged man finally realized the situation he was in. All his crew was slaughtered and he was the only one left. We didn’t even spare his captain.

“Prince Issac had you delivered to me–” (middle-aged man)

“That was all I needed to hear.”

I removed his head with one of the machetes from down below. It wasn’t clean, but it was good enough. Now I know that the royal family of Wintergreen betrayed me. I’m sure that the Count of Evergreen was nothing more than a fake title. I’m sure that even the offer and the wager with King Victor was phony as well.

“What now, captain?” (Casey)


I was slightly confused.

“I’ll explain it. You decided to take over this frigate. We all decided to follow you. So now you’re our captain.” (Clef)

Crap… I forgot. I was so absorbed in the mood that forgot that everyone was now following me.

“Does anyone know how to sail?”

“Yes, captain. Some of the slaves on board are from fishing villages.” (Casey)

“Good. Tell them to get us to a deserted island. We will need a stronghold.”

“Aye, captain.” (Casey)

I guess some people take to piracy easily? Either way, Casey went to relay the order. So that just left Clef…

“So Clef… do you wanna stay as first mate?”

“No, no one would respect someone mixed as first mate. However, I wouldn’t mind being quartermaster.” (Clef)

“Done. Now… let’s live under the banner of freedom and prove that we are free men!”

And like that, I ended up becoming a pirate. In the following months… things grew. First, we found a deserted isle that was normally used by smugglers. We took it over and ended up founding the Free Nation of Libertalia. I came up with the name from an old story about an anarchist colony founded by Madagascar pirates. We ended up building onto it by adding captured ships to part of the docks. Part of Libertalia is actually a bunch of ships attached to each other, floating next to the isle. Even though we attacked military vessels, we also attacked slave and merchant ships. Our people grew faster than I had expected. We even have brothels run by former sex slaves.

As for me, I ended up becoming infamous within a few months. I was not known by name, but as the “Silver-haired Wraith”. It was because I would wear a mask shaped like the upper part of a skull and most of my attacks were with my fists ablaze. My attire is a long coat that lost it’s sleeves a long time ago colored red over the rest of my former attire. And I started wearing a sash, though I also wear belts for my machete and some mana pistols. I learned from Clef that it’s easier to wear multiple pistols as it takes less time to grab another pistol than it does to fill them with mana. Speaking of Clef; Clef and Casey were known too, as “‘Cat-Eyes’ Clef” and… I don’t wanna get into Casey’s name on the wanted posters. It’s because despite not being a slave, Casey has become a trap. Seriously, he wears a mini-skirt and stockings underneath his long coat while claiming “it’s easier to move in this”. Just… why?

Either way, we are currently the three top people in Libertalia. Actually, we’re considered the leaders of the small island nation. I never wanted to lead a small nation, but it couldn’t be helped because of the respect everyone gives me. Personally… I’d like to just disappear. Harlots all over the island fight over me despite the fact that I refuse them all. Hell, the ones who don’t know that Casey’s a boy are jealous as he’s always at my side.

On the bright side, I learned many things about the world that I didn’t know before. Like the existence of Mana Cannons. They are similar to the Mana Pistols, but require a bit more mana and have a preparation time like the finger bullet that I used to escape those shackles. In sea battles, Mana Cannons are an indispensable piece of weaponry. If only this world had put more research into gun powder? Then there would be better range on ship guns.

Anyway, I still kept up with my morning training on the island. I would make a few laps and the other stuff. Clef and Casey would both join me as it helped them get stronger. Sadly neither of them have any aptitude for magic, so I couldn’t train them as Punching Wizards. But with some mana training, they were able to load their mana pistols much faster. And the ki control training made them good with martial arts. Casey was the most excited as they never imagined throwing a punch from a distance to attack and enemy.

“Thanks, aniki!” (Casey)

Casey has a bad habit of hugging me. The reason he even knows that word… it was a mistake on my part. I got tired of one of my close subordinates calling me “Captain” constantly and told him what aniki meant when I suggested calling me that. But seriously, stop with the hugging you trap!

“That’s enough.”

“Sorry, aniki.” (Casey)

I will admit, it was nice to be a big brother again. I’m just glad that Casey has no signs of a severe brother-complex like Miyuki. It was almost like starting over.

It was after breakfast that someone came running to the tavern. Just one of the many liberated slaves, the one guy who is supposed to be on lookout.

“Captain, there’s trouble!” (lookout)

“Calm down first.”

I handed him some water and he chugged it fast. Was he that thirsty?

“Thanks captain, but we have trouble.” (lookout)

“Then spit it out already!” (Clef)

“That’s right, don’t be wasting aniki’s time!” (Casey)

“You two are wasting more time by telling him not to waste my time!”

I try not to raise my voice too much, but with these two… it’s become a habit.

“There’s a blockade.” (lookout)


This was not good. Not good at all!

“There’s a bunch of ships baring the flag of Wintergreen.” (lookout)


I was so mad that I broke a table by slamming my fist down. I wanted nothing to do with those traitorous bastards. Even Clef and Casey took a distance, they had never seen me angry before.

“One of the ships is docking at the harbor.” (lookout)

“Is there any good news?”

“Well… the Madam at the brothel just gave birth to a healthy baby girl?” (lookout)

I had to ask…

“Whatever, we’re going to greet them.”

I then placed my skull mask and tricorne on and started walking out of the tavern. Both Clef and Casey were right behind as I walked to the harbor. When we got there, we noticed a beautiful frigate docked. It made mine look like trash. It didn’t seem like something meant for sea battles. The boarding plank was already set and some heavily armored knights came from the ship. What followed… I couldn’t believe how bad my luck was. It was three women that I was all too familiar with. First, was a beauty with bright green hair, pale blue eyes, and a huge bust. But instead of a lavender dress, she was wearing more of an adventuring outfit with tight leggings. The next was a maid with red hair and golden eyes that had a modest bust. She wore silver gauntlets and a piece of silver breast armor. And the skirt on her maid uniform was shorted to knee-length, revealing her silver grieves over the white stockings. And finally… a girl with long black hair and black eyes. Her bust… rather compact. Her attire was more like a princess knight with a rather short skirt… wear something longer damn it!!!

But yeah… the three young women were Princess Ana, her personal maid Chloe, and the Hero Miyuki. Princess Ana then opened up a scroll and spoke.

“People of Libertalia, I am Princess Anastasia Wintergreen of the Kingdom of Wintergreen! I have come here with the Hero Miyuki by the order of King Victor Wintergreen! We’re here to ask of you to surrender Libertalia to Wintergreen’s crown! If you agree, all pirates will receive a royal pardon for all of your past crimes. All escaped slaves will also be granted official freedom!” (Ana)

Everyone was whispering around. Not only would they get pardons, but also official freedom. Not all of them wanted piracy as a way of life, there were actually some farmers who took care of captured livestock from merchant vessels, carpenters who kept the buildings in good condition, etc. Hell, there were actually merchants who came to sell their wares here willingly. But still…

“That sounds too good to be true!” (Clef)

Thank you Clef, you stopped me from having to speak.

“I take it that you’re ‘Cat-Eyes’ Clef? You have my word as the Royal Princess of Wintergreen.” (Ana)

“What good is the word of a family of traitorous snakes!?”

I couldn’t hold it in there. Though I knew that I was gonna regret it…

“I beg your pardon?” (Ana)

“Ana-chan, it’s him!” (Miyuki)

“If you’re talking about the ‘Silver-haired Wraith’, then I know.” (Ana)

“No, it’s Niko!” (Miyuki)

Crap… I forgot about the “onii-chan radar”.

“There’s no way that the fool and the pirate who’s been causing a ruckus for Wintergreen’s ships can be the same person.” (Ana)

“Well excuse me, princess.”

I then removed the mask. Both Ana and Chloe were gasping while Miyuki was looking proud.

“Told you, Miyuki knew it was Niko!” (Miyuki)


After Note: and that was the long awaited chapter seven. The problem… was motivation. I actually came up with the idea of doing a pirate character back in June when I got Assassin’s Creed IV, but didn’t cash in on it because… you know. Dad died and I was stuck cleaning after him. I actually thought of turning Niko into a pirate, but couldn’t figure out a situation until after playing ACIV. If you played the game, you would know. Anywho, I wanted to develop Niko further for a long time now, not just a reincarnated who ended up meeting is former little sister. So I figured that I have an MC who’s an ex-gangster, one who’s a mercenary, might as well have one who’s a pirate. And I used Niko because I didn’t want a fourth novel that I unintentionally ignore.

I also have to apologize for the previous chapter, I was watching the move Deadpool at the time and ended up making him overly break the fourth wall to the point where he mentioned LGDK. I’ve regretted it ever since. So yeah… I’m sorry.

Anywho, I will try to have something else soon. Still working on a chapter for both LGDK and TOG. But I might write some more LSPL because I’m in the mood.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter (●ω<)
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    It was after breakfast that someone came running to the tavern. Just one of the many liberated slaves, the one guy who is supposed be to on lookout

    I think it should be "to be" on lookout?


    “Whatever, we’re going to great them.”

    Did you meant "greet" them? In any case, I think I saw a few off parts here and there, but nothing too noticeable. I can't even remember where. Well, thanks for the chapter again. It was worth the wait.

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    1. Thank you. Yeah, I wanna try to keep Niko this way. To be honest, slave harems are one of the most annoying cliches when it comes to Isekai novels. Seriously, it’s annoying. Still, good luck trying to implement it into your own works. As for your guess… just wait and see.

      I’ll fix it, and I fixed something so obvious last night that no one even cared to point it out. Anywho, thanks again for reading.

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