LSPL Chapter 8 – It’s a Trap?

Author’s Note: What sorcery is this? Another chapter of “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!” a day after posting one? Sorry folks, it’s true. Actually… I’m already working on the 10th chapter. I’m saving the 9th for this weekend. So in the mean time, enjoy the 8th.

LSPL Chapter 8 – It’s a Trap?

Right now… we’re all at the tavern. Why you ask? Because we normally hold meetings here between me and the other captains. What? We actually have a small pirate armada in our possession. Of course my ship, the Cry of Freedom is the flagship. I only refused to be called Admiral because I never wanted the job. So everyone else just calls me “Head Captain”. I seriously hate how everyone depends on me to lead them.

Anyway, we had the tavern cleared out for the current meeting between me and the so-called “envoys” from the Wintergreen Kingdom. The Princess, Chloe, and Miyuki were at one side of the table while me, Clef, and Casey were at the other. The only others here were servers and the tavern’s owner to serve food and drink. And yes, I gave them a stern warning not to poison any food. If they die, we’re in hot water. After a bit, the Princess finally spoke.

“It’s been a while.” (Ana)

“I’d say… though I lost count on how many months it has been.”

“It’s been half a year, Niko.” (Ana)

“Really? I guess that I’ve just been too busy to care?”

“I can tell.” (Ana)

This is getting more than awkward. Actually… it was more awkward earlier when she ran up to me and started beating on my chest with her face in it while crying. I could hear people say “Head captain made a girl cry”. Ugh… it was embarrassing. That’s why I ordered for the meeting to take place here.

“So, why does Wintergreen’s crown want our humble island?”

“Other than expansion of territory, we would like it if our ships could sail without worrying about being attacked by pirates.” (Ana)

“Hmm… is that all?”

“I see that you’re no longer just a simple fool. We also need more soldiers to assist with the war against the demons at sea.” (Ana)

“So you figured that you could just come waltzing in here and offering both pardons and freedom to get what you need? As no one knows the sea like pirates, you figured that we would be a better prize than just building up your own navy?”

“It’s either that or we take Libertalia by force.” (Ana)

I could only laugh. She looked at me like I had lost my sanity.

“What’s so funny?” (Ana)

“Simple, do you know the full name of this isle?”

“I do know that it’s Libertalia.” (Ana)

“Yes, and no. This isle is the Free Nation of Libertalia. We serve no monarchs or tyrants, we live by freedom, for freedom, and of freedom. There’s not a man, woman, or child who wouldn’t risk their lives to keep that freedom. Do you think that a blockade would frighten us?”

“How about making an enemy of the crown?” (Ana)

Really? Time to set things straight since the bluff didn’t work.

“A crown that sold me into slavery? I think the crown’s already made an enemy of me.”

Silence was there for a second. But the Princess looked confused.

“You think we sold you into slavery?” (Ana)

“How else do you think I woke up with these on after dinner that night?”

I then raised my arms to show her the shackles that I’ve worn for the past six months. I never removed them, only severed the chains leaving a few links. They were a reminder of what happened to me the last time I trusted Wintergreen’s royal family.

“We didn’t know. You suddenly disappeared without a trace, we’ve been looking for you ever since!” (Ana)

“Really? Well… you didn’t look hard enough.”

I can’t even help but to be savage here.

“Do you think that we would betray our own nobility without grounds? My father panicked when he found out you were gone. We’ve even offered rewards for information on your whereabouts, but there was none.” (Ana)

“It’s true, Niko. Even Princess Ana’s been worried about you.” (Chloe)

“Chloe…” (Ana)

I don’t believe it. No, I don’t want to believe it. Do you think that blushing is gonna fool me? You’re a princess, so I know that you’re a good actor.

“I have proof.”

They all looked at me.

“What proof?” (Ana)


“Yes, aniki!” (Casey)

Casey then left for a bit and returned with a small chest full of documents. I opened it and grabbed the one on top.

“This is my proof. A copy of my bill of sale. Signed by your brother, Prince Issac Wintergreen. And given the Wintergreen Royal Seal as well.”

After taking over the ship that became the Cry of Freedom, I searched through that fat noble’s documents. I found this among them. And when the girls read it… they all look disgusted.

“That damn brother…” (Ana)

“That prince…” (Chloe)

“That creep…” (Miyuki)

“See? I was betrayed.”

I smirked when I said that. Sadly… it wouldn’t last long.

“Niko, we need this document!” (Ana)


“It’s proof that my brother went too far. If father sees this, there’s no escape for Issac this time!” (Ana)

“What in the hell do ya mean?”

“Niko, I will explain it. When you went missing, the Royal Seal was also missing. And when it was found, it was in the possession of two royal guards that were found dead. No one knows why two royal guards had the Royal Seal in the first place. But with this document, we finally have a connection.” (Chloe)

Wait… does this mean that this was all that bastard prince’s fault? Was I so suspicious of both the King and Sir Fredrick that I didn’t think of it?

“It’s yours.”

“Niko, we also need you to come with us.” (Ana)


It was all I could ask.

“We need you as a witness to testify against my brother.” (Ana)

I will admit, I wanna see Issac get what’s coming to him. But…

“I refuse.”

They all looked confused.

“Why refuse?” (Ana)

“In case you didn’t notice, I’m the leader of the Free Nation of Libertalia. If I were to leave with you, they might see that as a betrayal. I cannot betray my citizens’ trust.”

It’s true, they all look to me to lead and protect them. So I cannot betray their trust.

“Hey… didn’t we originally come here to get Libertalia to join the Wintergreen Kingdom?” (Miyuki)

“Yes, Hero Miyuki.” (Ana)

“If Libertalia joins the Wintergreen Kingdom, then Niko could come with us without betraying the people. Right?” (Miyuki)

That former imouto… she’s spent too much time reading manga and watching anime.

“Did you not hear me earlier?”

“Yeah, that you cannot leave because you don’t want to betray the people’s trust.” (Miyuki)

“Before that.”

“When you thought that the Wintergreen Royal Family betrayed you?” (Miyuki)

I REALLY wanna give her an iron fist right now…

“Wrong! I already said that we would rather die fighting for our freedom than submit to a crown.”

Since tactic number one (answering a question with a question) failed, it was time to go back to my bluff.

“Is that all?” (Ana)

Wait… is that princess using tactic number one against me? I CALL CHEATS!

“What do you mean?”

“Niko, I know that you have used both the people of this island and the so-called betrayal of the Royal Family as reasons to refuse. However, there’s something else. I can tell.” (Ana)

Damn… I forgot how educated she is. Well, there’s no reason to hide the reason other than trying to keep away from that little sister from my past life.

“I found my cause.”

“Your cause?” (Ana)

“Yeah, my cause. I want to end all slavery.”

It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop. After a bit, the princess spoke again.

“You… wish you end all slavery?” (Ana)

“That’s right.”

“But… why?” (Ana)

Stupid royalty.

“When I was aboard the slaver ship, I learned things. Clef, weren’t you a gladiatorial slave who was betrayed by your master before the final fight for your freedom?”

“That’s right.” (Clef)

“And poor Casey here… show them.”

“Yes, aniki.” (Casey)

Casey then turned around and removed his long coat. As much as I wish he didn’t wear a shirt no different from a sports bra… it was enough to show his scars and burns. And it was enough to cause them to gasp.

“Did you think that all slaves are meant for labor? Think again. Casey, he has been abused by his masters! There are some real sickos out there! No one should have to suffer because of the sadism of others! My cause… no, the cause of all of the people of Libertalia is to make sure to end this corrupt system!”

I thought that speech was pretty good however…

“That cat beastman’s a boy?” (Ana)

“I couldn’t tell…” (Chloe)

“It’s a trap! A real trap!” (Miyuki)


“Wait… you’re more concerned about Casey’s gender than my speech!?”

“Niko, this is too surprising.” (Ana)

“We were listening…” (Chloe)

“But it’s a trap! I never met a real one before!” (Miyuki)

By the spirits… how does one trap steal the show over my damn speech!?

“Aniki… can I put my coat back on?” (Casey)

I can tell that he’s shaking because of their gawking at him. Damn, even I wanna hold and comfort him right now.

“Please do?”

Casey then put the long coat back on and sat down. After he did that… the girls were staring at me.

“What now?”

“I knew you were a fool… but why do you have that boy dress as a girl? Are you some strange fetishist as well?” (Ana)

Damn it!!!

“I’ve been trying to get him to wear boy’s clothing!”

“It’s true, the captain’s been trying to convince him to dress appropriately…” (Clef)

“But it’s so much easier to move around like this.” (Casey)

Thank goodness, they’re trying to defend me.

“Niko-san…” (Miyuki)

Damn it.

“What did we tell you about using those honorifics?”

“Sorry. Anyway…” (Miyuki)


She’s REALLY trying my patience here.

“Can I hold Casey?” (Miyuki)

Casey who was taking a drink spat it out.


“I never met a real trap before, especially a cat-eared one! I wanna hug him! Better yet, I wanna dress him up in all kinds of cute clothes!” (Miyuki)

Oh you gotta be kidding me!?

“I will admit…” (Ana)

“It does seem tempting.” (Chloe)

Wait… don’t you two to start awakening to something strange!

“Aniki…” (Casey)

Oh no, he’s shaking again!


“But why?” (Miyuki)

“Don’t you see you’re scaring him?”

I then started to pet Casey’s head, it normally calms him down.

“Can we at least pet him too? It’s not fair that you’re hogging him all to yourself!” (Miyuki)

“Stop! Look, Casey’s a free man. So you can’t force him to do anything! You can ask him, but it’s his choice whether or not to comply.”

That should settle it.

“In that case, can I pet you Casey?” (Miyuki)

“No! Only aniki can pet me!” (Casey)

Oh come on!!!

“Everyone! We’ve already gone off topic too much!”

“Right. What were we talking about again?” (Ana)


That damn princess already forgot what we were talking about in the first place? Ugh… I’m gonna have an aneurysm before the day’s over.

“You know what, all negotiations are off the table. If you wanna try to take Libertalia by force, feel free to try. I no longer care.”

Seriously, this was one of the reasons I liked getting away from them. Even though I liked the time we original spent together, there were things like this that caused me to wish them away.

“Wait!” (Ana)

Now what!?

“Yes, Princess?”

“We are sorry about getting off topic. That was meant to be a joke.” (Ana)

Really? She was trying to make a joke?

“A joke? Do you consider my cause a joke as well?”

“No, I do not. However, slavery cannot be abolished overnight. But it shouldn’t just be us you should be fighting if you want to end it.” (Ana)

“Really? Then who should I be fighting?”

“The demons.” (Ana)

Wait… the demons?

“Why them?”

“They force those who do not bend to their will as slaves. To be honest, it’s worse if you’re captured by them. It’s true that we have some cruel humans… but they will not think twice about using those captured as livestock.” (Ana)


“What?” (Ana)

“Look princess, I know that the demons are cruel. It’s in their nature. However, I cannot focus on them until our side abolishes slavery. It’s why I fight.”

“Then what about the merchant vessels? Or the military ones that you have attacked?” (Ana)

She’s really going there?

“How many merchant vessels do you think have slaves? And I’m not just talking about merchandise as well. Or the military vessels? Don’t you dare tell me that there’s no slaves on board to take care of the minimal jobs that the soldier won’t?”

“Well…” (Ana)

“Until you can give a satisfying answer, I refuse to hear what you have to say.”

It’s time to stand my ground here. However… that damn lookout came barging in.

“Captain! Emergency!” (lookout)

“What now!?”

“Monsters! There’s monsters heading this way!” (lookout)

““““““WHAT!?”””””” (all of us)

We then ran outside to see something that we couldn’t believe. There was a Kraken attacking the blockade. Not to mention sea serpents in the water.

“What the hell!? This area’s normally monster free!”

“We’ve been followed.” (Ana)


“Truth is that we defeated two of the Four Devas. However, the third one is a siren who is based on an island between the kingdom and the demon continent. We were about to set sail when father asked us to come here because of the pirate dangers. I can only assume that Diva wanted to get rid of us before we could get to her sea fortress?” (Ana)


“She’s one of the Four Devas, the leader of the sea demons.” (Ana)


This was not going well. I never wanted involved with the war against the demons. But it looks like it found me no thanks to a certain group.

“What should we do Captain?” (Clef)

There was no choice. If they get rid of the Wintergreen fleet, there’s no reason for them not to attack Libertalia.

“Clef, prepare the Cry of Freedom! Casey, get the other captains! We’re helping the Wintergreen Fleet!”

“Aye, captain!” (Clef)

“Yes, aniki!” (Casey)

They immediately ran to do their tasks. I then turned to the girls.

“Princess, get your ship back to your fleet and tell them that we’re allies for now!”

“Fool, you dare order me around?” (Ana)

“Do you want the help or not!?”

Time’s wasting here. If we don’t help them, the fleet itself is in a huge danger. And even if they manage to survive, they will be weakened to the point where we can get rid of them. Either way, that fleet’s in trouble if they don’t get help fast. So there was only one reasonable answer.

“Fine. Chloe, Hero Miyuki, let’s go!” (Ana)

The three of them immediately rushed back to their own ship. I hurried to the Cry of Freedom as fast as I could. When I got on board, Clef greeted me.

“We’re ready to set sail, Captain.” (Clef)

“Good. Raise anchor, unfurl the sails, we’re having Takoyaki tonight!”

Yeah… I kinda introduced Takoyaki to Libertalia. We ended up seizing a fishing boat full of slaves that had happened to catch some octopus. I ended up making it and it’s become a staple of our isle.

“““““Aye, captain!”””” (Crew)

Yeah, they love Takoyaki. But for now, we gotta get rid of those sea demons that are a mutual threat for both Libertalia and the Wintergreen fleet. I ordered the flagman to signal my orders to the other ships. To get out of this mess, we’re gonna have to cooperate with the same guys that tried to blockade our isle. So the order was to not fire on the Wintergreen fleet. Hopefully the Princess can get the orders not to fire on us through before we got in range.

“All right! Time to show those Wintergreen landlubbers what pirates can do!”

After Note: And that’s the 8th chapter peeps. I know, it’s lackluster. But… it only makes you want the next chapter more. You want it now? Too bad, chapter 9’s coming out this weekend.

Still… poor Niko can never win.

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